Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome the New Year throw out the old

it's less than 10 hours to the countdown but i won't have internet access later. so..


2008 resolutions:

do well and finish uni
be a better daughter, better sister, better girlfriend & friend
♠ take better care of myself and my health
♠ start my own business
♠ be more responsible for my actions
♠ go on a holiday
♠ find the perfect pair of shoes
♠ just appreciate the smaller things in life

i am trying hard to be good. but just in case, i'm going to sin today, tomorrow is new year's anyway.

to everyone may this new year bring you merriment in ways undiscovered. new things to amaze and take your breathe away. joy and hope so that all you wish for may come true.

loopy love


and the question that's been playing in my head..

yay or nay?
the hair goes short. cropped to some funky style. hopefully not the same look circa 2000
quote BFFngJJ:
you look as if you got into a fight with a lawn mower. with the lawn mower winning in the end.

for those who know me well enough, know that i'm always doubtful about going under the scissors. no matter how much i end up paying it's really not worth it looking like utter piece of crap for 6 months. so is i'm taking a vote.
what say you?

Friday, December 21, 2007

it's just not enough

i worked the whole of this week. so if only i could go back to kl now and convert all the moo i earned. how happy i would be because what i earned this week could last me the whole entire holiday if i were back in kl. yes. with the current exchange rate the way it is now i have earned in one week what most people earn in a month.

but am i back in kl? no. i'm in melbourne.

sadly, that means the moo that i earned would only last me 2 weeks. yet i still have to pay rent. it's just not enough. i want unlimited funds i tell you!!

my lifestyle is slowly killing me...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

killing time - earning moo

ok since i'm bored at work and i hate just sitting around goyang kaki. surfacing symptoms of ADD i suppose. damn...

so i shall fill you in on my observations of the world from my little cubicle

the first has to be of this lady buying not one but 2 dog-exercise equipment sets. seriously
i felt like telling her. haven't you heard of the park? did you really need to spend $100 on equipment that your dog really does not need when the park outside is free?
feeling too rich? then pay me to walk your dog instead. i don't mind the extra moo at the moment.

then here was a conversation with my little sis that went like this:

littleChicky: so jie now you earning money. a lot ah?
me: ok a little bit enough to survive. why?
littleChicky: so now can you please buy koko black for me when you come back? i want one kg
me : ....

(1kg of that chocolate is nearly 200 ringgit. )

then, there is this conversation i had with Beefalicious on msn about the new man in her life:

beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
he calls me princesssssss
lyn~ says:
lyn~ says:
i think he needs glasses
lyn~ says:
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
it's damn sweeet lah
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:

i couldn't help cracking up at work. at least beefalicious seems happy.

i need the laughter anyway. it helps with the anger management. keeping in control and not losing my temper is difficult. dealing with idiots on a daily basis is difficult. dealing with people who deserve a kick in the shins is difficult when all the while i have to keep the temper in check and just keep smiling.

anger management class written all over my forehead.

yes i msn a lot because what am i suppose to do when there are no patients. BossDoc doesn't seem to complain. i also facebook too much and am writing this now.
all i can say is at least SeanDaMan isn't my manager.
in his words : msn?? FIRED!! FIREDD!! YOU THINK NO NEED TO WORK AH?

wow thank god BossDoc is not like that at all.
yay for me.. i suppose..



the surprise birthday party for the bear went well. i won't say that it went smoothly because i nearly ripped most of may hair out from the stress.

this part of my life i will call "cari hal". stress myself by planning and plotting a surprise birthday for the past one month when i could have just planned a simple dinner. i-so-the-smart.

in the end. (and only the end - not before) everything sorta fell into place. i had a happy bear on my hands. but a very tired- stressed out me.

i will put the pictures up soon. they're just so many, i'm just taking my time sorting them out.
work is not that exciting but it's still quiet tiring.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

the show must go on

the stage is set. the performance will be spectacular. i expect nothing less of myself.
a months worth of planning and it will be great!!

it will...
it will...
it will...

the show must go on...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and life so far..

there have been so many things happening yet i can't find the words on where to start or how to say them. maybe that explains the MIA from the blogespehre.

not that i'm calling myself a blogger. more a person who owns a blog to keep her thoughts.

the new apartment is fantastic..
there are a few kinks tho. not with the place but more between the people who live there
so far the resolution has been the silent treatment. not such a smart way to go about things, i know. but one of the few that works.

work is pretty much work. sometimes i think that the DocBoss wants a recepo that is more champion. at least i try to learn and keep smiling but i can't help it when i sometimes want to kick-punch the patients when they are silently killing me thru the stress i have to face due to their stupidity.
DocBoss says he understands but for my age he doesn't understand why my stress level is on an 8 on a scale of 10.

there is a lot more going on but i promise i will blog about that later. because they are still in the planning / plotting stage.


to my dearest BFFngJJ

this is just for you
i am currently blogging at work
there hope you're satisfied

Friday, November 30, 2007

moving places..

babyBEAR : baby... it's me we got it..

me: got what? what are you talking about?

babyBEAR: we got your dream apartment

i swear if he were here i would give him a HUGE hug..
but i'm stuck at work
so i jumped around a bit and had a HUGE grin plastered to my face

i think the doc is scared that he has a crazy receptionist on his hands
i don't care.. i'm happy

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the bear with dodgy drugs

BIGGERbear: you have a flu? take these

me: are you sure they're not expired?? where did you get them from?

BIGGERbear: bangladeshi shop

me: you mean an indian doctor is it?

BIGGERbear: no!! bangladeshi sundry shop
*huge grin (^___^)

in my head i was actually thinking : O MY GOD
i literally stared back at him speechless

this was a guy that i had complete and utter trust since the day i met him 3 years ago
that could probably be the whole reason why i took the meds last night
but instead of taking 2 as per his instructions, i took one
yes.. i admit i was afraid and skeptical

yes he is 9.5 years older then me
the one that i look up to since i entered uni
the one that i entrust all my secrets to and the one who i can always count on to watch my back
that even my mum trusts to keep me safe out of trouble!!
so truth be told, even he if gave me coke/lsd/whatever-illegal-drug there is out in the market disguised as flu meds i think i'd still take it

but this guy is twice my size therefore my theory would be that he needed twice the meds that little ol' me needed

i ko-ed the entire night
literally.. i was very groggy when i woke up this morning..
and was nearly late for work..

so when BIGGERbear visited me at work so i could process some documents for him, the first thing he asked was: so how were the meds?

i looked up at him half hungry, half sleepy and still slowly dying from not breathing properly
at least i had knocked-out peaceful sleep

i still can't believe i took dodgy drugs


also coz BFFngJJ would not forgive me if i don't post this:

darling!! thank you so much for one of the best presents i've received this year!!
i absolutely the beautiful swarovski bracelet that you personally picked out and posted to me all the way from manchester!! my favourite has to be the pink heart shaped charm

sadly i don't have a camera to take a picture of it :(

from melbourne to manchester...
much love to you huns!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still here.. still alive

i haven't dropped off the face of the earth
but i wish i had..
i myself don't understand why i'm being this so called anti-social when in fact socialite is include in my list of future occupations

i'm still here, still alive

just everything else inside me feels pretty much altered/dead
i don't know maybe i just need a change..

can anyone spell : H-O-L-I-D-A-Y?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally at the stairway of adulthood

contrary to popular belief that i would spend my 21st drinking till the sun don't shine and my liver cries alcohol, i actually spent it very quietly

most of the day was dedicated to house-hunting.. because the second option of living in melb uni's shiny relatively new tram stop just doesn't seem as tempting somehow..
maybe the lack of walls and amenities has something to do with it

a small note to the aussie government:
good for you.. your currency has gone up
so what about the students like me??
you know the rent has increased so much it's getting difficult to look for a decent place without wondering how i'm going to pay for the place without resorting to some dire means like say.. robbing the bank or prostitution..
i'm really that desperate..

and also getting dragged by Beavers to Box Hill to some rock-climbing equipment sale there..
although i haven't been to that place in ages i amazed myself by still being able to recognize the roads : pat on the back for me..

he paid me back in milk tea, takoyakis and my fav egg tarts..
all is good..

reason for the egg tarts : i like this specific portugese ones from this specific shop in box hill and only there..
the prob is the portugese ones always run out so fast
so i'm left with the cakey-based ones..
just have to deal with it i suppose.. better than nothing..

also during the house hunting i found a few great things:

1: beard papa opened in melbourne
it's at the corner of elizabeth and flinders st
i really like their passionfruit cream puff
i'm going back to try their chocolate souffle soon

2: i rediscovered my fav jap restaurant

they relocated a few doors away from their old place.. i was actually prancing in front of the shop when i found it coz i can't stress how much i love the food and how sad i was when they moved

seeing how excited i was the yucky-bear made reservations there for dinner..
( for him i think it's coz we had our first date there so he's like yay too)

i have to say, the dinner was soo good!!
i really love the food there.. and it's not too pricey too
we had ebi tempura (they make it in a special batter so it's different), okonomiyaki, sushi + sashimi moriawase, jap meatballs and chan-chan yaki ( a salmon specialty there )
accompanied with umeshu ( cold plum sake - which is super yummy) and this special jap tea
and for dessert: green tea and sesame ice cream
omg so full!! but everything is so yum!! i'm really not exaggerating about this place
i do think it's that fantastic

thank you smelly-yucky for the dinner. you so champion ok..

3: new pair of white flats
i wonder how long it's going to take me to wear out this pair... white and me just don't always go hand in hand..
i was tempted to buy 2 pairs but he stopped me saying think about the purpose.. you use flats more than heels anyway..
the puppy-wide-doe-eyed look doesn't work on him
i'm still dreaming about the second pair.. very cute open-toe black patent-leather
only 60.. but i can't really throw the iwannasave$plan out the window

when i have enough$ i suppose
men just don't understand a women's need for shoes..
i only have 10 paris ok!! so don't blow the situation out of proportion

also i got a phone call from home! yay!!
i think it's been at least 2 months now.. that i've talked to family
we sms a lot but rarely talk on the phone..
it's good just to hear family again it perks my spirits up and it's just fun
plus we talk for hours after so long and it's just really great

loads of love to all those who gave me birthday wishes and presents!!
and especially to those who attended my birthday dinner at shoya + golden monkey 2 weeks ago, thanks one more time!!

and also a special one to the housemates for the spanish dinner at robin burns last night
again, thank you so much guys!!! i really appreciated and loved all of it!!

NotSoLittleJin: good luck for your SPM on monday

i think this is the most i've blogged about for a long time..
i'm a bit bored bear went out for a boys night.. i suppose i should just go back and hit the books..
i'll try to get my hands on some pics from the birthday dinner at shoya + golden monkey the other day and tonight to post up soon..

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

reminder to self :

things i will do in this order just because i can:

1: i will slap the next person who asks me a stupid question and ruins my day
this is just a warning to all the idiots in my life

2: finish my assignments

3: earn/beg and save up enough dough to do the things i want to over the next few months

4: look for a new apartment because if i don't over the next few weeks i'm going to have to move to that nice looking tram stop outside my house

5: go on a holiday

6: work on anger management and so called make-believe alcoholism

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just Because..

yes this is late again..
blogging in my schedule lately has become damn fail..
everything lately has taken a back seat to assignments


bakazaruSEIJ & Dazed DARREN!!

yes it is 2 days late.. sorry sorry..
been a bit busy lately

also i have a new part time job at QV pharmacy as the clinic pharmacy as part of my get me out of bankruptcy plan..
so guys when you are free, come visit me on my working days..


~you make me agro when you ask me stupid questions. i have already given you my 2 cents like you have asked for on so many occasions. yes you make a very good friend and i have tried to save your sorry ass from digging your own grave before it's too late. but since you refuse to listen then fine.. i hope you get burned like a fried egg then!
throwing stupid questions at me when i am pms-ing just makes me want to slap you..
make that stupid comment about my boobs again then don't take it personally when i kick you in the groin with 3 inch stilletoes.. just know that deep down although i know that it will hurt you more than it hurt me, i can't deal with stupidity when i'm stressed..
in the end tho, much love to you still..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Little Chicky and The Devil

loads have been happening and i haven't blogged in ages

firstly i need to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
to my BestieJes (the Devil) and LittleMin (the Little Chicky)

i know that this is a bit late since their birthdays were last week
but in my defense i haven't really been online much
*relate missing com = lack of internet accessibility

also last friday at se7en we celebrated Halloween
and i tried dressing up as dita von teese
bear went for the first time dressed as superman..
and he looked more dressed up than me!!! ish..
pics are on facebook.. i'll post them up here later

and on saturday i celebrated and early 21st birthday..
yes.. yes.. it's still 2 weeks away but the thing is i'm going to hole myself up till exams are done
so no distractions please!

thanks to everyone who showed up for dinner at Shoya and drinks at golden monkey afterwards
and also thank you for the pressies!!
especially the beariness for the passion fruit birthday cake

much love to you all!!

ps: pictures soon.. most likely only after exams

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Do I Want??

i keep getting asked this question everytime i get older

what do i want??

honestly, there are so many damned things that i want..
but firstly, i need to replace all the stolen items (laptop, camera, wallet, my very nice LV bag)
therefore i need to save my already bankrupt-ass from getting bankrupter!

yes i could get a part time job but there is one thing in my way
back-to-back assignments every single week
and all that i have at the moment, if it's not used up to paying my rent, feeding me (food or alcohol wise) is going into starting my own business, which i have to admit is close to a complete stand still at the moment what with the lack of funds

there is a good long list of what i would like:

this includes a new digital camera to record all my god damn memories..
coz as i get older, i'm getting more forgetful so let me have a few pictures to remember those good times

i would also like (and this is in no particular order)
new ksubis
white koi ed hardy cap
and new shoes.. my so called new ones, which i bought 2 months ago have been over-used and over-worn

so tell you guys what, don't give me anything except a big huge money filled hong-bao
saves you all that hassle of having to think of what to get me
that way some of that money that you are kindly donating (i'm not being sacarstic ok!) is going back into your stomachs in some form of alcohol as a show of appreciation

i feel as if i'm begging here.. well i suppose technically i am..
HUGE LONG *sigh* the sorrows of poverty

and in case anyone is wondering,
no, i can't keep mooching of my boyfriend
the poor guy although he seems to put up with it, ain't exactly happy

he's definitely got no sugar daddy potential..

Friday, October 12, 2007

It Was The Chilli's Fault

chilliGeorge : hey your birthday right on the -- at xx
me: yea.. why you going to buy me present??
chilliGeorge: yea!! i heard you got boy already so i'll buy you a broom ok??
me: why a broom??
cG: so that you can use to do housework!! hahaha.. o i'll buy you detergent with that too!! so when you do laundry do mine with yours can??
me: =.=" hey don't so cheap can??
cG: but i don't want to spend more than AUD 0.50 on your present!!
ok ok i buy you bread from breadtop
me: but 50 cents cannot buy me anything from breadtop!!
cG: ok you wait till i take a few bites out of it then i pass it to you ok?
me: errr.... no comment...

by the way those who are invited to my bithday are getting the invites soon..
and if you're not invited.. you're just not..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Pimping (dot.. dot... dot.. )

it's not what you think it is
this bout of stress has lead to the one thing i hate.. pimples..
they've evaded my forehead and decided to stay and multiply at the same time

they're ugly and hurt as if a microscopic idiot has dug little holes on my head
i am turning 21 but my face still acts as if it was just turning into an adolescent

screw uni for the unnessecary stress that caused this traumatic breakout
at least i finally finished that essay on oscar wilde
my adoration for this man that changed society's outlook on culture has turned to mild dislike

worse thing is i have to help with the preparations for LittleBoyDian's birthday and also my own.. which is in fact not that far away..
i'm just too damned tired at the moment.. and i still have more assignments to do.. grr..

plus the little bugger who always calls me jie but is in fact older than me said this today

LittleBoiDian : you're my jie coz you look older than me and have more experience in life..


Friday, October 05, 2007

Press Play

and if anyone hasn't listened to timbaland's new collaboration with one republic : here it is

timbaland feat one republic

it's a crazy awesome song!


and frivolity is a state of mind where need for urgency does not exist

i wish i had that
sorry for lack of updates
i am utterly exhausted most days now

but tonight the bear took me on an ice cream run to cheer my spirits up
callipso = $1.90
my happiness.. priceless


This is for you BFFngJJ
i know you'll absolutely love it..

make sure you watch it! it's in celebration for our friendship

Thursday, October 04, 2007


no ring ring from the koo-koo-ka-chew
that would mean no 5 points kick-ass tonight

it would have been a good escape tho from work
i am so completely OCD & ADD mixed together
read 5 lines get up do something.. surf the net..
*urgh* distractions!!

i don't wanna read anymore about the trials of Oscar Wilde..
it's a bit too disturbing after a while
homosexuality, bisexuality, straight
after a while i'm starting to question what i really am!

at least the series have started..
anyone watch Grey's yet??
i absolutely love love love!!

ok yes.. i admit i am procrastinating..
when the smelly-yucky finally realizes he would most likely give me the evil stare..

might as well continue studying i suppose..
that way i won't feel so bad later..


ps: watch out for an upcoming surprise in about 2-3 weeks time..
if i don't procrastinate on that project that is..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007


me : can i get free passes to xx?
~#~ : yes but only if you're working on my team
me : err.. ok i suppose

problem is i forgot about one little promise i made to bear

that i won't work anymore..
got damn

in that conversation i felt like i somehow sold my soul..
wait lemme check..
it's still here.. intact
at least i didn't sell it for alcohol..

but i'm still in a hell-lotta trouble..
where is the damn rewind button when you need it..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lexington @ GPO

GPO on tuesday night was a blast

click here (MissyT's) blog for pictures

i don't have a camera = no pics
i have to say my fav party song after so long is still this :

timbaland ~ the way i are
*duck duck this is for you too.. press play*

wait the other night was mooncake festival??
completely totally forgot

would have been a good reason to celebrate *cough* drink *cough*
..alcomoholic me..

ok break's nearly over.. back to study

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

URGH!! GRR....

i was trying to be smart
yes me.. a computer illiterate
trying to mess around with my blog layout

and i compeletely sutffed it up
i am so god damn stupid
i can't help it
i said before i'm illiterate..

the pics are now all gone.. is being a bitch
the website didn't save my pics
oh my f#@* god i can scream

crazy crack-ho-junkie rampage
this is me in the morning...

Monday, September 24, 2007


when it rains.. IT POURS!

i hate this..

can't deal with this..

don't ask any questions..

somebody just shoot me..

i hate meself.. i hate meself..
i'm going to breakdown soon...

i have no idea which is worse..

telling my mum this or that i'm a crack-junkie
yea.. i think i might actually get away with being a crack-ho-junkie more actually..

ok let's go with that one..

i hope that you had a fabulous 21st celebration.
will take you out sometime next week for celebrations alright?

that is after you come back from camping and WillieWonka finally comes out of his damned hole..

Willie if you're reading this don't make me dig you outta that damned hole for a celebration..
if you do i hope that damned shovel i'm using hits your head into the right position..


p.s : NH3 aka TeaPots sorry this is a bit late due to lack of access to a fringing laptop..


i just realized how my life has full and utter compliance to modern day gadgets..
i dunno how to deal cut off from the internet..
at least i still have my Nokia and DS.. and i have realized that nearly all my gadgets are in pink! hahaha.. nice..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i just needed to thank everyone for all your smses, good luck wishes and hugs*
you guys really cheered me up a little from all the bad things that have been happening..
so far things are running smoothly again i can only hope that they last this way for a while
the essays have extensions so i'm not too worried yet

now, i just need a new camera..
sigh* so sorry that the blog looks boring without new pics

but thanks everyone once again!
i really appreciate it!



and i still wouldn't change a thing
after all this time
you still know how to make me smile
thank you
for this past one year
i <3 you!
my no.1 bear

Friday, September 14, 2007

At times the normal unwillingly becomes the catalyst to the abnormal does it not? For the sense of normality differs for each individual. It is this self-induced state of normalcy that frequently harbours a sense of boredom. Like a seed patiently weathering out the seasons, waiting for the right time to burst out and inject a need for change in the world. He deifnitely was no stranger to this, because he himself although breed as a creature of habit has to walk out of his comfort zone at times. The thrill of something new and exciting was too much to resist. It was like electricity in the air, simply too hard to just ignore. He thought it best just to ride this oncoming wave of change.


~working progress on my short story~

read and review!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


i got robbed on tuesday

what a bloody f**ked up thing to happen i tell you
because the bloody, f**king bastard just had to take away all my gadgets
so now my beloved toshiba, ixus and nokia's new twin brother is all GONE!

all my assignments that are due tomorrow are all BYE BYE!
this is just too damn F**KED UP

at least at the moment i am able to obtain extensions till next week for them but only till friday
OM-F**ING-GAWD! 2 weeks worth of work just flew out the window..

i so wanna cry
but i seriously rather pummel that bastard if i ever get my hands on him..
wait not just pummel.. chop his balls off more like it..

and everyone will have to deal with a lot of no blogging and no pictures for a while..
when i say a while.. i mean a few months alright
sorry i have no dough/ching ching at the moment..

urgh!! mood : stressed! major unhappy and wanting to break something / murder the theif..
the latter would be a much better option..

p/s: don't mind the language.. if you were in my shoes i think i have sweared very little

Thursday, September 06, 2007


sorry for the lack of updates, but..

4 assignments are due on the 15th
they're all about 40-50% of my total mark
i hate the stress that comes with it
i am going to start pulling my hair out
i will update everyday when they're done
i promise

so don't think i'm gone
i'm still here..
i'm still alive

Monday, September 03, 2007

i forgot to announce to the world..
on the 27th of August:

AZdaChilliMonkey turned 22


sorry for publishing this late.. loads of love and alcohol!

and on the 26th of August

CHANGchang turned the BIG 3!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY roomie who lives upstairs!!

maybe i should update my blog more often.. hmm..

but their birthdays were fun..
Az's was at se7en where his plans to have a really chilled nice night out i think went in flames thanks to ric.. haha

and chang's at old kingdom for duck.. yumm!

no pics.. faizal had my camera charger then..

Sunday, September 02, 2007

In my head, this pretty much sums you up..

Thursday, August 30, 2007


all i wanted was for MotoRzrV3 to get a brother/ sister.. and the poor thing got both..

the miscommunication:

i told MrYap i needed a phone.. ok i'll ask Bear to bring it over for you

and he kindly, very generously bought me the black one..

rare occasion.. i've not asked my parents for a phone for the past 4-5 years now..

he bought me one that i liked.. thank you!!

i've been hinting to Bear since last years birthday i needed a phone.. and he FINALLY got the hint.. and he bought me the pink one..

coz it was the one that i told him i liked since last years birthday..

the other option i wanted was the MotoRzr2V8
which is not out in KL yet..

that even MrYap couldn't obtain for me..

so now.. which one do i use??
i like both!! haha.. so greedy..


the week has been
relatively the same..

i suppose because i've fallen in a routine i don't feel like blogging..

the only thing that happened: Bear came back on monday..

hugs and cuddles to go around for everyone in melbourne now..

wait.. he doesn't do that.

he scared Chew, ganged up with SlutMonkeyIan in burning me..

sulks and pouts when he's stressed..

he's a mean Bear. but cuddly on the inside.. right??

Friday, August 24, 2007


recently some people have been telling me that the government has been thinking of getting malaysian bloggers to register their blogs so that they will be constantly monitored. this is to ensure that they do not disgrace the malaysian image.

honestly, is the malaysian government runned by a bunch of jokers?
they cannot take criticism thrown at them as constructive criticism to help them improvise on the ways that they are currently running the country.

just look at that JB guy who posted that spin off on our national anthem up on youtube.
(search NEGARAKU on youtube to actually listen to it)
you think that he will actually sing something like that just to disgrace the country when it is completely untrue. sad to say most things that he is actually rapping about is completely and utterly true. and now the government is trying to sue him for defaming the national antheme.

makes one rethink their sense of patriotism actually..

the only thing that the government can be seen doing is trying to silence the voice that is stating the obvious to their faces. all the ministers seem to have their faces in the ground delusional to what is actually happening in the real world and sticking their bums in the air instead of taking action to improve matters.

i'm only writing this as a matter of opinion..
and i don't want to walk down the street and get laughed at just for being malaysian..
so don't sue me..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


those only happen in fairytales..

reality : happily ever afters exist only in unfinished stories

the end isn't always what we expect it to be..
we just have to deal with whatever that is thrown our way the best we can i suppose

i'm a optimist/idealist turned into a cynical realist..
this is so sad..

what happened along the way..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

~ if tears culd build a stairway
and memories a lane
i'd walk up to heaven
and bring you back again~

and sometimes i wonder..
if you're looking down at me from heaven
and maybe one day i'll see you again..
till then i will always miss you both..


had steamboat dinner with IanDaMonkey and Bevan today..
luckily that place is a buffet if not i think we all po-kai already after having eaten so much!

then off to pelegrinis bar for coffee and dessert..
IanDaMonkey loves the coffee there now.. haha surprised that he's never been there before

and charltons for pool
i like having nights like this..

Monday, August 20, 2007


haven't played mah-jong in the past year. i think i was trying to make up for lost time
played from 11pm till 7 am this morning at tess's place

serious mah-jong overload

Mckers breaky makes up for not sleeping.
best thing to have for breakfast, their egg n bacon mcMuffin with hash browns. i absolutely heart that


CrystalKryst, KwangkingBlob and BFFngJJ finished their interning! finally!
wonder if they all survived ok..

guys how was the experience??


no pics this week from se7en or Av's birthday. FreakyFaizal hasn't given me back my camera charger.


i hope that you had a good one and may you always be as kinky as you are now..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


ok i finally got them.. after going to 7 shops..
the look is finally over!
thanks MissT for helping me pick them up!!
here's a preview of my new boots:

they're exactly what i wanted..
and so comfortable!!

and to j: i didn't make it to ed hardy because of them.. haha..
but i still am wanting an ed hardy cap..

pictures of se7en last friday:
the poison of choice:
the company:

the makeover:

haha i admit is was kinda fun but how did i end up there again?
what happened to me wanting a night in to play mah jong?
oh my.. the temptation of sweet poison..
o and we gave Bevan a makeover.. now more yeng la the fella! haha

Friday, August 10, 2007


when you expect the best
and the worst happens

when you expect for hope
to have it all come crashing down

when you expect happiness
and all you get is dissapointment

when you expect perfection
and all you get is nothing

yes true i wish for something more.. is that wrong?
and when in the end this wasn't what i wanted then i have the right to feel upset don't i?

how long will i take to accept reality and get over it?
i really don't know

either way i guess i have to thank you for all the memories..


cure? shopping
i bought 2 tops on my first good day in a long time to make myself feel better.. they were on sale.. i really couldn't help it..

it's only a temporary cure.. i got a better one.. i'm going to ed hardy tomoro..

i was bored.. so my nail colour at the moment : black
then really smart me realised i had to do hand-wash laundry and now they're looking a bit chipped.. grr...


also met up with DazedDarren, ShivMeister, NH3teapot and damien today for coffee.. i got burned by them so bad.. damn it.. at least they all had a good laugh on my behalf! no pics tho.. from coffee -> dinner @ rich maha -> hush..

first good day and i'm already up around town..
luckily MrsYap isn't here or else will kena for going out so much just after i recovered

bad news tho i still can't find that pair of boots!! that elusive pair of perfect boots.. damn it!! i think i'm just going to ed hardy then.. not bothered looking anymore..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


i've been sick since saturday.. again..
the first week i got back to melbourne i already fell sick..
this is only my third week!! and i'm sick again

i called MrsYap feeling all emo..
coz i feel like i'm missing out on a lot. i hate that feeling that i can't even get out of bed..
she tells me to try shopping as theraphy..
i tell her i'm too sick to even go out..

i've been missing out on class..
been missing out on shopping
missing out on coffee with friends

someone please make the bad mornings and stomach pains go away..

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

it is really quiet funny when i call Mims and my sis provides the background music..

her current one being this:

it is actually quiet funny..

Sunday, August 05, 2007


me & MissT


emo nemo




bern took an upside down pic of himself..


Shiv (not drunk!)

don't let the face fool you. it's just an act.. he's really friendly

MissT personal cam-whore moment


i still swear PF posed for this..

Albert (Alf's other twin)


erm.. get a room guys! =P

J & Alfie

the girls..

i'm still angry with you for not drinking with me!

the night was really great till it got ruined..

supposedly there was some fight at the next table and some guy got a bottle smashed on his head. so there were cops and paramedics surrounding the place. idiots..

hope you guys still had fun tho!

took me a while to figure out how to work photobucket.. so there that's all the pics of the night..

xoxo lyn

Saturday, August 04, 2007


i was talking to AZdaChilliMonkey the other day and he told me that he went for a job interview..
and it went something like this:

FutureJobEmployer : so what would you like to be?

Az : Really? Seriously?? i would like to be a white bunny. Yea one with big blue eyes..

FutureJobEmployer : .....

haha.. then he tells me that he didn't really want that job anyway coz it was an accountancy job. His degree is in IT by the way. so the whole interview was to see how confident he would be in a REAL interview.

i have seriously no comment.. this guy is a real laugh..

pictures coming soon..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boba a.k.a. Bobby Wong Yau Tat


you the only guy i know that seems to grow younger everytime you get older.. haha
and i hope that you get well soon enough to enjoy getting younger!
SlutMonkey's Karaoke Birthday

was at this after Kit's 21st on saturday..
don't have any pics yet from Kit's 21st so posted this up first..

Birthday Monkey
the cake i bought the Monkey

and the people who attended Monkey's birthday:

his sis, jeanie
his wife Keith