Sunday, June 28, 2009

when the bouts of insanity engulf you

sometimes i truly wonder how you can put up with my moments of insanity

// like when i manage to turn the whole living room into something that looked like a tornado just went thru it during exam periods
// when i forget all my important appointments and times
// when i cook up a storm in the kitchen and invite a whole buncha people to eat a 6 course meal
// when i have my bouts of insomnia for days on end
// with my poor eating habits
// with my penchant for tantrums and sulks

i think the list could go on and on
yes you have your faults too when you act like a spoilt*brat

but then again, you are the one that has to live with my insanity
thankfully sometimes you just know when to agree with me and go along with it
and when you know how to pull me back to reality

so know the bigger question is would you let me turn my space into an atelier.. which most likely will expand into other parts of the house? and will involve loads of S T U F F..

i think we need a bigger living room.. i miss my old apartment...

xoxo Lyn

Friday, June 26, 2009

i want you under my covers on cold winter mornings..

it's friday//

yet i still feel like sh*t
but small things like this just tend to cheer me up
i know that this was released by Harper's Bazaar ages ago
but still..

just shut up and enjoy

only thing i didn't really like, was the LV ad..
it felt that it was rather.. dissapointing

Thursday, June 25, 2009

with sharpened claws... &fangs

just because i don't like the way you dress
or the bag that you carry
or the glasses that you're wearing

but if you want to get down to the nitty gritty details
maybe i just plain don't like the sound of your voice
that sounds to me like nails on chalkboard//

or maybe i just don't plaindon'tlike YOU~

do i really need that many excuses to NOT like you?

let's be realistic shall we?
it's not like you can like every-single-person-in-this-goddamnworld
thus you cannot expect every single person to like you back

i know

how i come off..
i do not try to be the meanest or the most unkind
but neither am i the nicest
i acknowledge to how much of a self-centered b*tch i can be

now please stop annoying the sh*ts outta me.


Monday, June 22, 2009


yes as you can see i've been away on hiatus~*
and everytime i want to write
i hit a wall
and everytime i want to say something
the words keep coming out
in a mumble jumble
and the meanings get mixed up all in a mess

well i'm going to try to write more..

that's all i can promise.. trying.. it's a lot better than nothing at all isn't it?


yesterday was father's day

// and because i'm not the person you wish i was, all you got was one lousy sms
but you are and will always be the only man i look up to
and hopefully you'll always somehow know that even though i don't say it very often

xoxo Lyn