Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drool over this

just because i'm too lazy to blog
i'm just going to post this picture. so you know that i'm still here..
my bento box *heart*
mini onigiri
stuffed tofu with mayo

damn onigiri is too cute to be eaten..
xoxo Lyn

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a spectacular mix of exotic imperialism

here is a sneak preview of the things that i promised.
some new jewellery from p.sly

i'm wearing 2 of my favourites in this picture.
the wrap me around your fingers charm bracelets

i think they're one of the better things i've made.
if you want more head over to the website to order *CLICK*


~currently listening to :
cobra starship x leighton meester.

~ addicted to: the lindt cafe on collins street. that place is so addictive it's bad for my blood~sugar levels

over the weekend i trooped over to the NGV for the salvador dali exhibition. i have to say it is a spectacularly mind-blowing exhibition.
the amount of detail and hidden meanings in his work is genius!!
sadly i wasn't' able to finish the entire exhibition even after 3 1/2 hours so probably heading back there again before it ends over the next couple of weeks.

ok back to work on the next couple of orders//

xoxo Lyn

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Somethings in life you just can't learn in school

i just attended melbourne uni's careers fair
and it was a whole load of bull and a good waste of 10 minutes of my time.
the entire room was filled with suits, with people only in the engineering and accounting firms ready to snap up wide eyed melbourne grads.

all i have to say was that it was g-a-w-d awful
where are the interesting people that are in the media and advertising industries?
where are the people that have something to do with the fashion industries?
i refuse to be chained to a table for the rest of my life facing some dull figures no really knowing what the f*k i'm doing.

only problem is i have my dearest mum breathing down my neck at the moment asking me what i want to do with my life.

shitty carreers expo at wilson hall sure didn't have any answers for me in the careers department. on days like this i think i should have gone to RMIT.

anyway, i've been away but i've definitely been up to things.
this saturday i'm shooting away for the things that will be coming up in p-sly's new line.
so watch out for that!

xoxo Lyn

Monday, August 03, 2009

for all it's worth, sometimes surprises sure do come in lovely packages

pictures from 'Evil'-lyn's-"19th"-surprise-birthday party

dinner at sakura

toasting with the black-forest cupcakes with white chocolate ganache frosting
they had liquered cherries covered in white chocolate ganache in them that packed a little wicked punch.
there are a few liquered cherries left in the fridge at the moment. and although they taste pretty good it's like taking a shot of alcohol in the form of a cherry. yeah i made them THAT strong.

group picture

at the moment i really sarah!!
coz the first thing that she said after not seeing me for the last couple of months was this

sarah : lyn!! i'm off to japan in sept!! and guess what?? i'm going to attempt to steal the murakami panda for you!! hahahaha


did i ever tell you i you sarah lu??
for those complete in the dark about the panda it's this:

lv x takashi murakami multicolour panda.. how f*-ing cute is it?

xoxo Lyn