Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello there.. miss me?

i didn't realize it, but i have really MIA-ed from this blog. this is partially due to my laziness and i blame the rest on all the things that have happened over the past month that has really kept me so busy that at times i think i've been swept up in some whirlwind.

R left melbourne for good. but this was the last night in La La Land when we were all together and i really like this picture a lot.. i'm really going to miss you my black-brother.

i don't think i can find someone like you who will tolerate my craziness then take me out for drinks to drown my sorrows and ice cream to cheer me up.
albeit reluctantly.. i foresee trips to east malaysia in the future just to visit him..

yes.. jj came down under and left just last week. the boys had a reunion of sorts..

and as usual the over the top shopping trips..

i think willyWonka finally realized that his excessive spending doesn't occur around me but it's because of his twin..
bah.. don't go blaming me if your credit card feels itchy today!!

just to assure everyone, i had ralph 50% V.I.P ok!!

and then there was my 22nd..
yea.. i'm freaking old now. i even suffer from stomach ulcers due to stress, work nearly full time and still trying to fit everything on my plate. i thought i'd do horribly in my exams but wohoo!! H2A H2A and H2B.. still pretty freaking awesome over all even with all the work. this is the first time i'm getting hopeful that maybe.. just maybe.. i can really have it all (except my health..)

at se7en.. of course:
simon's poison..
yea.. i'm finally admitting it..

*more pics up on facebook*

oo and i found an all you can eat shabu shabu ala authentic japanese style..

and i also got really awesome presents!!

from rollin: a limited edition polo shirt.. which i forgot to take pics of.. sorry!! i will soon when i wear it!! but really dun wanna coz it's limited edition!!

from jj:
a Dior charm bracelet
me loves!!

and OMG!! i'm so happy i'm delirious.. that i got this!!! i'm in lovee.. (with the wallet not the person)

Thank you Mr. Archi =)

i'm getting dizzy from an endorphine high..


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and then there was none...

and you need to get your priorities in life straight~

that's what Dr.G told me today while working for him this morning. my priorities..
i've lost sight of them. i've lost sight of so many things over the past year, time has managed to fly past me so quickly. and i will finally admit this. i'm scared.

i've put my mind to working on all the short term things that i've lost sight of the bigger picture. and i don't know what has happened. today for the first time i stood up my best friend who came all the way from kl for 2 hours. the old me would always be punctual...

the old me would have not put work over friends. the old me would make time for myself instead of constantly trying to sell my soul to the highest bidder. that's what some days really feel like now. and the old me would never have imagined me now. at 22 suffering from what some would consider a mid life crisis.

i'm clinging onto the very last threads of a social life. i'm trying so hard to keep in touch with friends so i don't alienate myself. i'm trying even harder to stay healthy. and above all i'm trying very hard to still be me and have all the things i want.

i want my cake and still be able to eat it, but it doesn't seem possible to want so many things in life. and i cannot, will not shave off more of myself than i already have.

i think i need a long break.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

just to let you know i'm still alive..

i have been M.I.A because i haven't had a break.
yes exams are over but i'm working 9-5 monday to friday. forget weekends i'm working then too. i need to slow down but i can't.

no time to smell the roses because my roses have all wilted.
maybe when things are less hectic you'll hear from me.

JJ is coming next week!! do a little dance.. or jig

yes my birthday was last week but wait another while for pictures.
the night was good fun.

xoxo to all those who came.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finals = M.I.A + trauma

the last few weeks i have been M.I.A from blogging no thanks to finals

i've also (in no particular order)
~ blackmailed
~ become and emotional terrorist
~ become a wannabe psycho bitch

i'm surprised that no one has attempted to murder me..

thanks everyone for the unconditional love + support during these very trying times..


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Silly Sally!!

Happy birthday dearest sabby..

i hope you had a wonderful night!

xoxo lyn

cassie loving night

it was a good excuse for an all girls night out.
food at palette was less than mediocre but drinks at match bar was awesome
and to add, let's cam-whore much..
and that makes a combination for a great night out

*more pics up on facebook..
blogger is just too slow

Friday, October 03, 2008

the past 2 weeks


finally able to get a seating in movida.
if anyone's tried booking that place before you'd know what i mean.
but the food and wine is absolutely worth the wait..
spanish champagne
*i also had a glass of rose while the architect had whiskey

huge st. helen's oysters
i have never had oysters that were so huge and crunchy before..

air-cured wagyu beaf with truffle foam and poached egg
*this was one of my favs

rabbit meatballs and grilled prawns

we also had the octopus and the hot ganache with vanilla ice cream
no pics but i love the warm chocolate ganache that just melts in your mouth!!

i can't wait to find another excuse to go back there again
yes some of the food is really salty but i kinda like it..

also this finally arrived:

my one off shoulder knit top from asos
i wear it as a dress with leggings tho coz it's kinda long:

wore it to work and eve's reaction:
lyn you're so sexy i feel like i wanna rape you!
me: err.. o__O

also not sure if you can spot it but i blinged up my camera with swarovski crystals!! and it's so pretty!! yay!!
the bigappleberryLyn + anniversary fizzJane
also the opening of match bar at QV!! i love the fact that this place is just downstairs!
dragged janeJane there with me last friday after work

i love the chilled out relax feel of the place and i find that their cocktails very yum!!

shiny disco ball

one of my favourite things in the whole world!!

and i got a whole box to indulge my cravings!!

it's kinda funny coz i think the bears on the cupcakes do look like the architect and me..

i hope everyone has a good weekend!!
i know i will coz uni starts next week.. =(

xoxo lyn

moonlight escapade

i know this is way overdue..

at se7en 2 weeks ago, and people were telling me it was Mooncake festival..
i thought mooncake was the previous week?
malaysian mooncake and melbourne mooncake festivals are not on the same day = i'm really confused..
whatever. not like i like eating mooncake anyway..shelly + sabbie

*more pics up on facebook~

Monday, September 22, 2008


i've kept such a low-profile for the last several months that it's amazing that there are still rumors circulating about me. i will be the first to admit that over the past few years i've done things i'm not proud of and i've been called different things. but this one tops the cake.

because i choose to be a better person and achieve more in life i don't owe anyone any apologies. this accusation is so ridiculous that those who know me will never believe it. and those who know the truth can't help but laugh at it.
if you have a shitty life don't go around spreading rumors that aren't true because you are just too damn free. i can't help but laugh because it is just too damn childish.

thanks des + shaun for being a shoulder of comfort. to a for telling me the truth. and to ku for the hugs. not forgetting to s for all the extra bits of alcohol coz honestly that's the only way he knows how to make me smile..
thanks to everyone for your words of comfort + support. just to let you all know i'm ok and don't worry about me.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missing Home

did i ever tell you how much orchids remind me of home?

i think i'm just feeling a little bit nostalgic, because i bought these: