Saturday, June 30, 2007

i'm just sitting around
waiting, wishing, hoping, praying
and i wonder what for?
this is sad..

wake me up soon please?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i've got this nagging question at the back of my head

what is it i want?

i know the answer is there somewhere but i can't seem to find it. i want to be happy, yet i don't know how. i want to protect what i have but i seem to have lost it even before i found it. why does it hurt so much in the end but in fact it is really just nothing in the beginning..
then in the end is it too late to repair what is broken?

sigh* forgive the ranting.. it's just a rant.. no need to cause alarm..

i'm alright still ok!! alive and well

*waves excitedly all the way from kl*

how's things everybody.. wherever you are??

been up to a lot.. alex's wedding is this week.. excited much!!
yes i know my blog has been dead no pretty pics what-so-ever..

but this is not my laptop and i haven't taken pics of my new dresses..

but i'd just like to say HI! to everyone and tell all the melbournians I MISS YOU!!~

ok nothing much to talk about coz i have been really boring.. doing nothing but watch movies and yes do a little shopping coz the megasales are on. i have only a few more movies to tick off the list and then i dunno what else to do after that.. so yes i'm a bit bored..

maybe i'll post the wedding pics in the next entry..

heart* lyn

Saturday, June 23, 2007

ps: From where you want to be

ok back in humid ass malaysia for a week now.. rarely been online because the internet connection is as usual.. terrible and yes i have been busy. one of my other halves BestieJes just left for penang.. so i've finally got some free time for nothing!

anyway most of you would have gotten my phone no. already i hope.. i did send everyone a sms.. hopefully not forgetting anyone..

been out and about shopping a little and the count so far ~ 4 dresses, 1 top and a pair of really cute shorts! (maybe some pics of them later)
see MissT! if you were back here the shopping would have been cheaper! and TopShop is carrying the kate moss line.. i remember seeing it on your blog sometime ago and i knew that you like it.. so see another reason for you to come back =P

still i'm wondering how 7 is going on and i'm sitting in on a friday night too tired to go out.. smart me went out so many times on the weekday that i'm tired now.. ish* went to lunar & zouk on a wednesday. yes part holiday crazy already..

now i should go to a beach somewhere.. and just relax.. ahh.. then my holiday will be perfect

and yes i'm still craving those darn cupcakes! someone please direct me on how to get to the pick up place?! or at least take me there!!
tomorrow night.. i'll be at laundry @ curve for some event.. so if anyone is interested in meeting up call! but i'll be there at night ok.. not the day..
KinkyCharles is having some stage time so i'll be going to support him.. he's the guy with really really red hair if nobody knew.. yes the super beng looking one.. hahaha.. ok charles dun kill me for that comment ok?
and he's giving away err.. dai fu (i'm not joking ok!)

heart* lyn

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


with exams..
no more books
no more teachers dirty looks

i can't rememeber the entire rhyme.. pradon the retardedness i only had 10 hours of sleep in the past 3 days

obviously very estatic.. plus i have a dinner date tonight
(^____________________^) nice*

and i'm flying home tomorrow morning..
mummy + daddy!! here comes you bundle of joy + headaches + trouble
lols.. don't you just love me??

need to pack.. the lugage is still very empty.. hmm not sure what to bring home tho..



heart* lyn

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


let me introduce you to what i call exam equation

exams = stress = not enough sleep = pimples = binge eating = fat

argh!!! i feel fat from all that snacking on exam food.. i can't help it..
i feel so hungry when studying..

argh! have to lose weight and get clear skin before alex's wedding... damn it!!
exams are evil!!

mood : obviously very unhappy! =(

Saturday, June 09, 2007

i just needed to share this

by my DrinkinPalRollin'

when boy touch girl it's called molest, but when girl touch guy it's called SHIOK!

hahaha.. absolutely love this guy's theory..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

if you hear 2 sides of a story, which one do you listen to??

the one that your head tells you is right

or the one that your heart says is true?

help me figure this out..
you're here

and you turn my life upside down

but then there's nothing i won't do for you..

coz you're my best friend

ok.. now let's paint the town red

currently listening to : fallout boy - thanks for the memories

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


always always read!! fine print especially when that fine print is part of your essay
damn the fine print la!! mrPretty your fine print aint' all that pretty you hear me!! damn you la! coz of you one day late the freaking essay

200 lines of poem done
poetry journal for the semester compiled and done.. although could be neater la..
but wait.. this one is in fine print
commentry on the styles of poetry you used while writing your final assessment

emo with my tutor now.. ok completed now.. handing it in tomorrow..

i am feeling deprived of something.. it feels like hmm.. a SOCIAL LIFE??
damn this la every week go clubbing one week didn't go already said deprived.. something is wrong.. really really wrong with my system..

o wait last week i did go to loft.. but does it count when i went for 30 mins only?? no!!

fuk exams la!!

wait cannot be like this... i love uni.. I LOVE UNI!! i love study.. I LOVE STUDY!! woosaa.. ok back to work


ok by now most people i know have heard of these fantastic cupcakes from cuppacakes..
if not then go click on the website

so i plot-plot to see how to get them:

sms WHY first to check:

hey you having your birthday in kl again right??
WHY: yea think so dunno when tho
me: like that would you like a cake/cupcakes?
WHY: up to you..
me: i like cupcakes!! but it's your birthday.. what would you like.. if you dun tell i'll buy you sushi!! coz i know you hate sweet stuff
WHY: err.. anything you like
me: ok tell me the date earlier so got time to book it
WHY: ok will tell you soon

can anyone guess what he is getting for his.. err 3rd birthday party? hahaha

haha so damn smart to plot-plot.. (^_______________________^)
i finally get to try them.. suppose to get them for v-day but the person didn't get the hint
damn fail-la that plot but never mind this time i will succeed!!

if not got CrystalKryst's 21st to plot-plot.. muahahaa!!

i will get those damn cupcakes no matter what!!!!

other than that reasons to go home:

1. family
2. alex's wedding
4. shopping is cheaper *nice!*

ok can't wait.. less than 2 weeks now..

Monday, June 04, 2007

i seriously have taken procrastination to the next level

things i do just to not do work:

1. blog

2. read comics

3. play nintendo

4. find something to watch on youtube.. something like this
go watch it, it cracks me up i love it..

5. talk on msn

6. talk/sms on phone

7. lie on bed and stone

8. look for things to buy on ebay

9. read people's blogs

10. wait for someone to call..

jeebuz.. i really need to get my arse into 100% study mode
so when i go back to kl i get to shop and go out and drink guilt free!!

sigh* why am i still blogging?
argh!! fuk fark FARK-LA!

i can't take it i'm turning into one of those emo writers. i need to get out of my self-induced imprisonment. there is no freaking inspiration at the moment to write and this shit is due tomoro.. argh! someone just pass me the lighter so i can burn this piece of shit that i have written so my lecture doesn't see it and think that it's an utter waste of his time and paper

where are you when i need you?? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!


please don't layan this writer's block too much.. i'm just being a raving lunatic..

Sunday, June 03, 2007


this is so CrystalKryst feels special.. haha. i bet she's got this look now:


especially since her exams are over..

and i think that she might be a bit bored since everyone's got exams and no one to entertain her. but my exams just started, so here are some stats on my current condition..

retardedness level : 85%
well above the normal levels of 2%

stress level : 60%
i need a relaxing holiday when i go back to kl!!
that means shopping and hanging out with you, you and you.. you know who you are...

moodiness level : 80%
elevated due to something.. not sharing this info..

procrastination level : has gone down from 50% to 20% at the moment..

ability to function like a normal person : 30%

currently listening to: dashboard confessionals - stolen
( i tried uploading the video for youtube but it doesn't seem to be working if anyone knows how to pls tell!!)

other than that, WHY's gotten me into micheal buble's new album - call me irresponsible
oops.. i didn't thank him for burning me that cd yet..

*although i doubt that you'll be reading this anytime soon*

anyway i don't think there'll be updates for the next week or so because BestieJes i coming over tomorrow and there is exams and also going home after that. so if i can fit blogging in there somewhere i would as a form of procrastination i suppose...

someone gave me the inspiration to write this and i thought it sounds good. it's even one of my favourite parts in my end essay for the semester so i thought i'd share it with you...

under the moonlit sky
during this hour of enchantment
while pan plays his flute
and fairies dance in the woods
i just want to be with you

see kryst! i *heart* you so much i updated for you!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

oops! i nearly forgot!!!

but i still love you a lot!! what i love about you?? hmm..

1) well the fact that you like sleeping in fron of the sofa while watching tv.. ending with the tv watching you instead

2) the fact that we can drink beer/ wine together.. if it wasn't for you my tolerance today will be damn low.. haha thank you!!

3) the fact that these days i can drink more than you coz you always say that you're sleepy after knocking back a few.. haha

4) that you will layan my food cravings and go anywhere to buy it for me.. like when i have my roti chanai and char kuay teow cravings..

5) the fact is that you also love me a lot!

yes la yes la i know this post is 3 days late. i damn suck.. i know
and i bet that you have this face now (-.-''')
sorry you have such a shitty daughter!! forgive me??!!


i heart you loads!!!!