Thursday, February 26, 2009

remembering the days when we sang vertigo way too loud

i know i make a crap friend.

sometimes i have so much going on i forget things like this. and yes i know i'm a crap friend.
it's been nagging me at the back of my mind and i couldn't quite place a finger on it.. till now..
i'm going to repeat. LYN = CRAP + UTTERLY RUBBISH FRIEND


and i claim to be your bestest friend ever. i know i'm crap. please don't hate me / sue me.

sorry this is 2 days late...

ps: are you serious about the hugs for presents concept? or would you like one now that i totally screwed things up.

i still xoxo you if that makes things better..

once you open up, you just can't shut up

there are days when everything seems normal, ok. 
it's-not-such-an-eventful day. then smack-bang, a piece of news that you can't dodge because you completely don't expect it comes flying your way.
the friends who you thought were friends one day, you're not so confident of the next. 

the people you really don't want to have anything to do, consistently try to upset you and ruin your life.

2 pieces of unwelcomed news today.

one i'm chosing to forget because holding onto something like that is just not worth getting upset over. i've chosen to grown up. to not let petty things get me down. so yes, i'm moving on from you. albeit a little sadly, but i didn't choose this path, you did. it wasn't me who ruined your life. you did - all on your own. so don't go blaming those who just care about you.

the other, a lawyer's letter sounds just about right to deal with some people's stupidity. yes you, you're getting a lawyer's letter because i'm sick of being bullied, manipulated and letting you walk all over me. i just plain want to have nothing to do with you so i really hope you get the point and leave me alone a-hole.

sigh. then there is another person. who just plain doesn't get a clue. get a clue already. you keep thinking i'm your friend. and i keep distancing myself away from you. so get-a-clue already bimbo! some people must really think the whole world loves them just as much as they love themselves. burst that bubble already! especially when reality is currently knocking on your door and praying that you get a clue.

sorry.. once i start ranting.. i can't really stop.
if this post is not about you, stop asking me if it's about you. i would either have tried to drop you subtle hints (because i have tolerated you up to this very point)  or told it to your face yes that's you. i'm publishing your nonsense to the world so shut the f*-up and deal with it. 

no. i'm not pms-ing thank you very much.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

project_SLY presents bLing-iT

as you all know the recent bushfires in victoria has left a lot of individuals in desperate need of help. that's why *project_SLY* is doing it's part in helping the victims of this tragedy by donating all profits from its first 4 cutomers from the brand new bLing-iT line to the RedCross Victorian Bushfire Fund.

all crystals are genuine swavorski. 

minimum 500 per order starting at AUD $85.
(all pictures above have roughly 500 crystals)

each additional 50 = AUD $10
additional 100 = AUD $18

i will do my best to design it according to the customers request
ie: colour theme, patterns etc.
for interested parties, you can either drop off the items which you would like to bling with me or post them.
however, if you do choose to post it, please be aware that there will be an extra charge for postage fee.

*orders take up to a week to complete
(will vary depending on availability)

 interested buyers please email me at :

those of you who wish to make personal donations, please do so at the *RedCross* website.

black and white didn't fit you..

i'm not a photographer. i don't even try to pretend to be one. i don't own a kick ass huge dslr. i just thought these were awesome and i just wanted to share..


Saturday, February 21, 2009

scream at the top of your lungs..

ok this is just one of those things where i should have been given a manual about life because as usual, i am unable to wrap my mind around it.

there is a valentine's day where one is expected to plan and spend as lavishly as possible on their significant other. it's a day specifically targeted by marketing execs to celebrate love.

and that's entirely fine by me. some people say it's all gimicky and that you should celebrate love every other day too. but sometimes things just need to be special or else it's just plain boring. at least men (i'm sorry but they're the gender that tends to be a little thick) are forced by this reason to be creative.

on the other hand, if you don't have a significant other then what exactly are you supposed to do?
contemplating cutting your wrists in a deep, dark dank corner of a room does not seem like a pratical solution to things. *it's the second day with the highest rate of suicide supposedly.

i resent the fact that there is no such thing as a singles day. why is there no special day allocated to singles to celebrate their fabulosity?
is it not important to love yourself first before being able to love that significant other?

i walked into that flower shop just downstairs. the roses looked fabulous and for 5 mins i contemplated getting them for myself. it's a treat to myself to tell ME : "hello there.. you're special too you know!"

flowers and girls night out is, as always, therapuetic for the soul.


ps: there will be a charity benefit for the bushfire victims on this site by project_SLY. please watch out because it's going to be limited in numbers..

those who wish to give personally please go to the RedCross *click* website.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

on seeing the 100% perfect girl..

*click on image to keep reading*

stumbled across this while reading {stella im hultberg's} blog

it's one of my favourite stories that i read a while back. and i have to say this makes it all the better. i have loved haruki murakami ever since i read dance dance dance.

running off to borders today after work to get his (not so) new book that i keep putting off coz i have no time for such luxuries such as reading. *sigh*

anyhoo.. hope you guys enjoy this story as much as i do!


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 things

1: my fav sport is skiing. i like the adrenalin rush going down steep slopes.
2: i happen to despise the new disney kids music (i.e: jonas brothers, miley cyrus etc. etc) because it annoys me to no end
3: cds on the player at the moment: korn, atb and one republic. diverse.. i know
4: my initials are SLY. *ML was the one who discovered this*
5: i make jewelery in my free time. coz i like working with my hands
6: nearly everything in my bag is pink. phone, diary, wallet..
7: black is my fav colour. and yes, followed by pink..
8: i am commitment phobic.
9: there are days i think i'm going to die an old maid.
10: gravity scares my physical assets
11: i do have anger management issues.
12: i hate people who are 25+ that still act like 5 y.olds. i nearly beat up a Mr.Ho coz of that.
13: i'm so bored at work that i can't believe i'm doing this.
14: my fav perfume is CK Euphoria Blossom.
15: i love my mum and i tell it to her everyday. but i also cause her enough headaches to last 10 lifetimes.
16: i currently live for my job and uni. but i'm getting better at the friends thing.
17: i'm happy with my recovery from make believe stint with alcoholism a year ago. doesn't mean i don't drink anymore. just means i've been good, or better behaved... to a certain extent
18: i've got that stupid road trip song still stuck in my head after a 1 1/2 weeks. thanks mrL.lim
19: shopping gives me an instantaneous feeling of gratituous high. it's quiet euphoric really.
20: i'm a foodie. i love food. i pretty much go anywhere as long as the food tastes good.
21: it's the same outlook for clothes for me. as long as it looks good
22: my weakness is shoes, bags and lingerie.
23: i think i go for the aesthetic side of things more than the practical.
24: fav drinks: appletini, cosmos and chamboard lemonade.
o wait i'm in rehab not supposed to talk about alcohol.
25: i'm kinda doing this so margie has something to read too. HAH! betcha didn't expect THAT huni.. =p

TAG: whoever is just as bored as me and in need of something to do..

i was so bored i asked the DocBoss to give me an injection. at least the pain is keeping me awake.
note to self: must not sleep on the arm tonight.. sigh

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


i hope this year brings you all the things that you want.
all the happiness that you desire
and may it be all round fabulous just for you..

wish i was there.
hope you enjoyed the dinner even without me.

love you always,

your daughter
(*the one that always makes you angry*) hahaha..