Tuesday, April 28, 2009

walking on a dream

and before i knew it
i was lost in the undercurrent..
between uni and work.. break what break?
easter came and went..

2 weekends ago..
*it has been that long huh?*
~time sure flies~

and k took a lucky little me to
a show beneath a tent of blue and yellow..

haha just one before i got caught 

the show was AWESOME!!
i think i've been converted to a cirque du soliel fan..

honestly tho i actually forgot all about the tickets he bought over christmas
and i wasn't even that hyped up about it before the show..
but i thoroughly enjoyed that 2 hours of it
*smiles all around*

and that was the end of my short lived "break"
now back to reality.. 


on a completely different note:

lacerations + 4 stitches to the head huh??
i swear we have the exact same jeans and still..
i hope mum checks the back pockets seriously..
i cannot understand why you are so accident prone?
mars and pluto must have lined up to cause that??
you caused me one O-M-G this week
uncle-botak caused the other one..
it must really be in the stars..
wtf?? i know..

 xoxo lyn 

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kiss me where your eyes wont hit me..

i swear sometimes we have the lamest conversations and i usually mean to blog about them but i keep forgetting.. like tonight at dinner : 

me: hey if you were a pastry what would you be?


me: why??

k: i'll be soaked in GOOD STUFF!! YEAAA..

me:   ... * no comment *...


easter break is next week..

break? what break?

i will still be drowning in work and uni and more work.. 

1 down.. 3 more to go..

 xoxo lyn