Thursday, August 30, 2007


all i wanted was for MotoRzrV3 to get a brother/ sister.. and the poor thing got both..

the miscommunication:

i told MrYap i needed a phone.. ok i'll ask Bear to bring it over for you

and he kindly, very generously bought me the black one..

rare occasion.. i've not asked my parents for a phone for the past 4-5 years now..

he bought me one that i liked.. thank you!!

i've been hinting to Bear since last years birthday i needed a phone.. and he FINALLY got the hint.. and he bought me the pink one..

coz it was the one that i told him i liked since last years birthday..

the other option i wanted was the MotoRzr2V8
which is not out in KL yet..

that even MrYap couldn't obtain for me..

so now.. which one do i use??
i like both!! haha.. so greedy..


the week has been
relatively the same..

i suppose because i've fallen in a routine i don't feel like blogging..

the only thing that happened: Bear came back on monday..

hugs and cuddles to go around for everyone in melbourne now..

wait.. he doesn't do that.

he scared Chew, ganged up with SlutMonkeyIan in burning me..

sulks and pouts when he's stressed..

he's a mean Bear. but cuddly on the inside.. right??

Friday, August 24, 2007


recently some people have been telling me that the government has been thinking of getting malaysian bloggers to register their blogs so that they will be constantly monitored. this is to ensure that they do not disgrace the malaysian image.

honestly, is the malaysian government runned by a bunch of jokers?
they cannot take criticism thrown at them as constructive criticism to help them improvise on the ways that they are currently running the country.

just look at that JB guy who posted that spin off on our national anthem up on youtube.
(search NEGARAKU on youtube to actually listen to it)
you think that he will actually sing something like that just to disgrace the country when it is completely untrue. sad to say most things that he is actually rapping about is completely and utterly true. and now the government is trying to sue him for defaming the national antheme.

makes one rethink their sense of patriotism actually..

the only thing that the government can be seen doing is trying to silence the voice that is stating the obvious to their faces. all the ministers seem to have their faces in the ground delusional to what is actually happening in the real world and sticking their bums in the air instead of taking action to improve matters.

i'm only writing this as a matter of opinion..
and i don't want to walk down the street and get laughed at just for being malaysian..
so don't sue me..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


those only happen in fairytales..

reality : happily ever afters exist only in unfinished stories

the end isn't always what we expect it to be..
we just have to deal with whatever that is thrown our way the best we can i suppose

i'm a optimist/idealist turned into a cynical realist..
this is so sad..

what happened along the way..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

~ if tears culd build a stairway
and memories a lane
i'd walk up to heaven
and bring you back again~

and sometimes i wonder..
if you're looking down at me from heaven
and maybe one day i'll see you again..
till then i will always miss you both..


had steamboat dinner with IanDaMonkey and Bevan today..
luckily that place is a buffet if not i think we all po-kai already after having eaten so much!

then off to pelegrinis bar for coffee and dessert..
IanDaMonkey loves the coffee there now.. haha surprised that he's never been there before

and charltons for pool
i like having nights like this..

Monday, August 20, 2007


haven't played mah-jong in the past year. i think i was trying to make up for lost time
played from 11pm till 7 am this morning at tess's place

serious mah-jong overload

Mckers breaky makes up for not sleeping.
best thing to have for breakfast, their egg n bacon mcMuffin with hash browns. i absolutely heart that


CrystalKryst, KwangkingBlob and BFFngJJ finished their interning! finally!
wonder if they all survived ok..

guys how was the experience??


no pics this week from se7en or Av's birthday. FreakyFaizal hasn't given me back my camera charger.


i hope that you had a good one and may you always be as kinky as you are now..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


ok i finally got them.. after going to 7 shops..
the look is finally over!
thanks MissT for helping me pick them up!!
here's a preview of my new boots:

they're exactly what i wanted..
and so comfortable!!

and to j: i didn't make it to ed hardy because of them.. haha..
but i still am wanting an ed hardy cap..

pictures of se7en last friday:
the poison of choice:
the company:

the makeover:

haha i admit is was kinda fun but how did i end up there again?
what happened to me wanting a night in to play mah jong?
oh my.. the temptation of sweet poison..
o and we gave Bevan a makeover.. now more yeng la the fella! haha

Friday, August 10, 2007


when you expect the best
and the worst happens

when you expect for hope
to have it all come crashing down

when you expect happiness
and all you get is dissapointment

when you expect perfection
and all you get is nothing

yes true i wish for something more.. is that wrong?
and when in the end this wasn't what i wanted then i have the right to feel upset don't i?

how long will i take to accept reality and get over it?
i really don't know

either way i guess i have to thank you for all the memories..


cure? shopping
i bought 2 tops on my first good day in a long time to make myself feel better.. they were on sale.. i really couldn't help it..

it's only a temporary cure.. i got a better one.. i'm going to ed hardy tomoro..

i was bored.. so my nail colour at the moment : black
then really smart me realised i had to do hand-wash laundry and now they're looking a bit chipped.. grr...


also met up with DazedDarren, ShivMeister, NH3teapot and damien today for coffee.. i got burned by them so bad.. damn it.. at least they all had a good laugh on my behalf! no pics tho.. from coffee -> dinner @ rich maha -> hush..

first good day and i'm already up around town..
luckily MrsYap isn't here or else will kena for going out so much just after i recovered

bad news tho i still can't find that pair of boots!! that elusive pair of perfect boots.. damn it!! i think i'm just going to ed hardy then.. not bothered looking anymore..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


i've been sick since saturday.. again..
the first week i got back to melbourne i already fell sick..
this is only my third week!! and i'm sick again

i called MrsYap feeling all emo..
coz i feel like i'm missing out on a lot. i hate that feeling that i can't even get out of bed..
she tells me to try shopping as theraphy..
i tell her i'm too sick to even go out..

i've been missing out on class..
been missing out on shopping
missing out on coffee with friends

someone please make the bad mornings and stomach pains go away..

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

it is really quiet funny when i call Mims and my sis provides the background music..

her current one being this:

it is actually quiet funny..

Sunday, August 05, 2007


me & MissT


emo nemo




bern took an upside down pic of himself..


Shiv (not drunk!)

don't let the face fool you. it's just an act.. he's really friendly

MissT personal cam-whore moment


i still swear PF posed for this..

Albert (Alf's other twin)


erm.. get a room guys! =P

J & Alfie

the girls..

i'm still angry with you for not drinking with me!

the night was really great till it got ruined..

supposedly there was some fight at the next table and some guy got a bottle smashed on his head. so there were cops and paramedics surrounding the place. idiots..

hope you guys still had fun tho!

took me a while to figure out how to work photobucket.. so there that's all the pics of the night..

xoxo lyn

Saturday, August 04, 2007


i was talking to AZdaChilliMonkey the other day and he told me that he went for a job interview..
and it went something like this:

FutureJobEmployer : so what would you like to be?

Az : Really? Seriously?? i would like to be a white bunny. Yea one with big blue eyes..

FutureJobEmployer : .....

haha.. then he tells me that he didn't really want that job anyway coz it was an accountancy job. His degree is in IT by the way. so the whole interview was to see how confident he would be in a REAL interview.

i have seriously no comment.. this guy is a real laugh..

pictures coming soon..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boba a.k.a. Bobby Wong Yau Tat


you the only guy i know that seems to grow younger everytime you get older.. haha
and i hope that you get well soon enough to enjoy getting younger!
SlutMonkey's Karaoke Birthday

was at this after Kit's 21st on saturday..
don't have any pics yet from Kit's 21st so posted this up first..

Birthday Monkey
the cake i bought the Monkey

and the people who attended Monkey's birthday:

his sis, jeanie
his wife Keith



ok i admit i do not remember anything from that night..
precisely from 2am-4am my memory was wiped clean..

teq + jagerbomb + long island = drunken debauchery

omg! that was all it took??

anyway.. the event that night was WinterWonderland

asian nsync

i really hope i didn't take that

tessa babes
darren alfie
oo lookie.. eric! haven't seen this fella for ages!!
cutieRic.. this fella wins hands down in adorable section