Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome the New Year throw out the old

it's less than 10 hours to the countdown but i won't have internet access later. so..


2008 resolutions:

do well and finish uni
be a better daughter, better sister, better girlfriend & friend
♠ take better care of myself and my health
♠ start my own business
♠ be more responsible for my actions
♠ go on a holiday
♠ find the perfect pair of shoes
♠ just appreciate the smaller things in life

i am trying hard to be good. but just in case, i'm going to sin today, tomorrow is new year's anyway.

to everyone may this new year bring you merriment in ways undiscovered. new things to amaze and take your breathe away. joy and hope so that all you wish for may come true.

loopy love


and the question that's been playing in my head..

yay or nay?
the hair goes short. cropped to some funky style. hopefully not the same look circa 2000
quote BFFngJJ:
you look as if you got into a fight with a lawn mower. with the lawn mower winning in the end.

for those who know me well enough, know that i'm always doubtful about going under the scissors. no matter how much i end up paying it's really not worth it looking like utter piece of crap for 6 months. so is i'm taking a vote.
what say you?

Friday, December 21, 2007

it's just not enough

i worked the whole of this week. so if only i could go back to kl now and convert all the moo i earned. how happy i would be because what i earned this week could last me the whole entire holiday if i were back in kl. yes. with the current exchange rate the way it is now i have earned in one week what most people earn in a month.

but am i back in kl? no. i'm in melbourne.

sadly, that means the moo that i earned would only last me 2 weeks. yet i still have to pay rent. it's just not enough. i want unlimited funds i tell you!!

my lifestyle is slowly killing me...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

killing time - earning moo

ok since i'm bored at work and i hate just sitting around goyang kaki. surfacing symptoms of ADD i suppose. damn...

so i shall fill you in on my observations of the world from my little cubicle

the first has to be of this lady buying not one but 2 dog-exercise equipment sets. seriously
i felt like telling her. haven't you heard of the park? did you really need to spend $100 on equipment that your dog really does not need when the park outside is free?
feeling too rich? then pay me to walk your dog instead. i don't mind the extra moo at the moment.

then here was a conversation with my little sis that went like this:

littleChicky: so jie now you earning money. a lot ah?
me: ok a little bit enough to survive. why?
littleChicky: so now can you please buy koko black for me when you come back? i want one kg
me : ....

(1kg of that chocolate is nearly 200 ringgit. )

then, there is this conversation i had with Beefalicious on msn about the new man in her life:

beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
he calls me princesssssss
lyn~ says:
lyn~ says:
i think he needs glasses
lyn~ says:
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
it's damn sweeet lah
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:

i couldn't help cracking up at work. at least beefalicious seems happy.

i need the laughter anyway. it helps with the anger management. keeping in control and not losing my temper is difficult. dealing with idiots on a daily basis is difficult. dealing with people who deserve a kick in the shins is difficult when all the while i have to keep the temper in check and just keep smiling.

anger management class written all over my forehead.

yes i msn a lot because what am i suppose to do when there are no patients. BossDoc doesn't seem to complain. i also facebook too much and am writing this now.
all i can say is at least SeanDaMan isn't my manager.
in his words : msn?? FIRED!! FIREDD!! YOU THINK NO NEED TO WORK AH?

wow thank god BossDoc is not like that at all.
yay for me.. i suppose..



the surprise birthday party for the bear went well. i won't say that it went smoothly because i nearly ripped most of may hair out from the stress.

this part of my life i will call "cari hal". stress myself by planning and plotting a surprise birthday for the past one month when i could have just planned a simple dinner. i-so-the-smart.

in the end. (and only the end - not before) everything sorta fell into place. i had a happy bear on my hands. but a very tired- stressed out me.

i will put the pictures up soon. they're just so many, i'm just taking my time sorting them out.
work is not that exciting but it's still quiet tiring.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

the show must go on

the stage is set. the performance will be spectacular. i expect nothing less of myself.
a months worth of planning and it will be great!!

it will...
it will...
it will...

the show must go on...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and life so far..

there have been so many things happening yet i can't find the words on where to start or how to say them. maybe that explains the MIA from the blogespehre.

not that i'm calling myself a blogger. more a person who owns a blog to keep her thoughts.

the new apartment is fantastic..
there are a few kinks tho. not with the place but more between the people who live there
so far the resolution has been the silent treatment. not such a smart way to go about things, i know. but one of the few that works.

work is pretty much work. sometimes i think that the DocBoss wants a recepo that is more champion. at least i try to learn and keep smiling but i can't help it when i sometimes want to kick-punch the patients when they are silently killing me thru the stress i have to face due to their stupidity.
DocBoss says he understands but for my age he doesn't understand why my stress level is on an 8 on a scale of 10.

there is a lot more going on but i promise i will blog about that later. because they are still in the planning / plotting stage.


to my dearest BFFngJJ

this is just for you
i am currently blogging at work
there hope you're satisfied