Monday, March 30, 2009

just get back up when it knocks you down..

me: i wanna go out..
k: ...
me: i wanna go out on a DATE!!
k: ...
*2 weeks later ~ we went to Trunk *

just like you it's not exactly what i had in mind.
thrown into this mixed-up non-existant something of a nothing, could be the closest thing i have to a something.. 
at times like this i'm just that little bit happy.. even though it's the furthest thing from my definition of perfection..

White Zara long sleeve top
necklace : hand made
drink : apple some-thing..
bag: Lv damier speedy..
company : k
top: polo ralph lauren
glasses: tag heuer

coz you and i.. always, once twice, forever and again. rewind or fast forward makes no difference.. we're always like this, always the same..
no matter how many times.. 
just press play.. 

for those of you who might just be thinking this or wondering about it..
yes, i'm still single..
 xoxo lyn 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

semplice ma squisito..

last week, me and margie went to Squisito for their Friday night specials

usually held at the end of the month and for $50 you get a 5 course meal and all you can drink wine.

and the object of our affection was this, their dessert:

instead of using coffee liquuer they used lemoncello and mascarpone cheese with strawberries and berry syrup.. mmm
the food is really yum. very homey italian food. they only have it on the last friday of the month and bookings are essential.. so what are you waiting for?

sorry, not many pictures since we were so terribly hungry after work already.. but take my word for it, their homemade pasta is to die for!

 xoxo lyn 

Just Dance.. it's gonna be OK..

Happy Birthday Margie Huni!!

me loves you long time yeah..
Hope you had a fabulous time at the dinner and at BLVD..

♥ muaks muaks 

birthday dinner at Ricardo's..

J-p: See this is how you do an asian pose for pictures..
Cas: ohh like this??
J-p: yes yes!! like this

* Cassie huni.. you're nearly 3/4 Asian!! very soon you're going to grad from wanabe Asian school soon! *

Margie: Come into my belly.. mmm.. HUNGRYYY!! 


 xoxo lyn 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

work is up to my eyeballs and drowning me..

the top 10 things i don't want to hear when class has not progressed that far
.. yet.. 
( in no particular order.. )

- you already have assignments due

- you already have presentations due. although they're not graded it's compulsory. 
( then what's the point??? )

- you have to do --x-- weekly. so where is your submission?

- you have 8.30 am - 6.30 pm classes on Tuesdays

- you have9.30 am - 5.30 pm classes on Wednesdays
(mm..hmmm... yes that's my timetable..)

- tutor : blabla BLABLA bla.. ( me no understand? he could be speaking french.. )

- you have to read ---*states extremely long list of readings.. *--- each week

- tutor : so i assume that you all have done the readings for this week. then starts to quote extremely difficult passage.
( when i just got the stupid reader yesterday. it ran out in the bookshop. )

- you have to analyse -- this, this, this -- case study. and how it relates to bla bla bla arguement.
( person who hasn't read the article :  HUUHHH WHAAAttt??!! )

- list of movies you have to watch. 
sounds like fun, till you realize they're all oldies. old as in black and white old..

great. it's only the 3rd week so far!
and i still feel like i haven't really learnt anything. 
regurgitates dust bugs out of brain compartment..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i LOVE this part right here..

my internet is finally back up to it's regular speed!! ~ yay~

i swear i don't think i can live with a 256k connection - no thanks to a certain some one who finished more than 70% of the quota on downloading the first week we got net.

just attempting to upload these pics a couple of days ago nearly drove me crazy.

thursday night with

the hunies 

at crystal jade ..

the second one from the right is in fact the reverse of a banana..
~inside joke~
 if she takes all her make up off she's in fact chinese looking.. 


i love their winter melon soup!!
me: hehehehe look look!!
M: hehehehehe yeah yeah!! squuiiisshhyyy*
me: yeah yeah!! hahahahaha bouncyy bounccyy..

*proceeds to press them together*
~squiiishhyyy oozzeee out~


rest of the table: (=="""")

sometimes i swear me and M are in a bubble of our own.. 
no one else seems to fully grasp our jokes.. (=/

xoxo lyn 

Monday, March 09, 2009

Purple Boots - Breast Cancer Awareness

Did you know?

~ That 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85.

~ And that breast cancer is the most common cancer among West Australian women (not including non-melonoma skin cancer)

~ And that the risk of breast cancer increases with age.

well if you did not know anything beforehand about breast cancer, please click on that bright purple button that you see on the right hand corner of my page - and take a quiz.

it's run by Purple Boots Awareness and their campaigning to increase breast cancer awareness amongst women. it took me only 5-10 minutes to answer all their questions and it was well worth it because it proved that i did not know enough! (i scored only a measely 60% if you must know)

Plus, just by answering the quiz before the end of March, you even stand a chance to win fabulous prizes such as a $8000 luxury holiday to Thailand with $1000 spending money! You can even help further by purchasing a pair of purple boots worth $30 that will contribute to National awareness and education.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your facts straight. Spread the word to all your girlfriends, mothers, sisters, aunties.. and the list goes on.. 

I believe it's THAT important that every woman should know their facts about breast cancer.


p.s: for the guys, you should also take the quiz. even though there is a much slimmer chance for men to be diagnosed with breast cancer, it is not at all impossible. *click* to find out more

Sunday, March 08, 2009

light up, light up. as if you had a choice..

thanks to all those that sent those hugs from across the ocean. thanks for all the love. those words of comfort came at the moment when i needed them the most. 
i miss you guys so much too.


i forgot i was meant to work that saturday. i slept till 12.58pm. i was meant to start work at 1.00pm. i made the biggest racket jumping out of bed and making that mad-dash to work. arriving just 2 minutes late. that was a close one ~phew~ thank god i live just right upstairs.
must remember to constantly check am - pm programming on alarm clock. i set it for 12am. 

and as every saturday goes i like walking over to Mr.Tulk just around the corner.

i love their uniquely designed take away coffee cups

as far as saturday afternoon brunches and coffees go i absolutely love this place. the laid back relaxed atmosphere, good food and most importantly good coffee keeps me coming back for more. 

high on my recommendation list:

chicken cos baguette - must be toasted
their eggs - i've had their baked eggs and omelletes and both are equally yum
chocolate cheesecake brownies
their brownies are so melt in your mouth wateringly good and perfect with that cuppa latte.

*Mr.Tulk is beside the state library and it's entrance is on Lonsadale St.

JJ > yes it's the place i took you for lunch on the first day! i wonder if you remember it..
but  i hope you liked it as much as i do!
 yes i've decided to talk more about the places i eat because people keep asking me where to eat? where to go?
so maybe it might be slightly helpful for everyone if i started blogging more about my food-escapades! 


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

lost and insecure..

this moment i feel like i've aged 20 more years. 
and yet i've accomplished nothing.

i remember things way back when and it all didn't seem too long ago.

all my aspirations when i was 18 whether big or small seemed to have flowed down the drain.

i wanted a tatt. i still want one but haven't gotten it. 
i would have graded by now and yet i prolonged the agony. 
i would have a full time paying job and i only have a part time. which is not earning me enough. but when is it ever enough?
my dreams of writing and designing are moving nowhere.

and all the things i've lost or rather not found is making me question my decision two years ago. part of me feels like i have not moved on from that time. as usual there are the"what ifs?" yet there aren't many regrets left to ponder over. just that one big question that continuously lingers and pops up from time to time. especially when i stumble over fragments of the past i've not prepared myself beforehand to meet.

i can't go back i know that already. and if given the chance i'm not too sure that i even want to. but yet i don't really know how to move on - i feel like i'm stuck in limbo.

as lu put it to me: might just be better to get a car and crash it into a wall. 
we might as least be going somewhere then - even if it is the end.

only if i can find that small pocket of serenity. of inner blissful happiness that constantly seems so elusive. even if it was a shred from way back then. 

at times like this i even miss MrP.L. because the last time i felt truly happy was when he was around. just-great..

pathethic.. i know..

Monday, March 02, 2009

in a pitter patter of a heartbeat

this is what i've been slaving over. been tearing my hair out over.. 
and finally it's finished..

the smallest, most difficult design i've accomplished so far..

yet i'm not too confident with my own design
however, it's not like i can change it..

and i have an even bigger headache as to how to photograph it to show it off properly since it continues on to the other side!! it looks so dull compared to the real thing..

any opinions???

Sunday, March 01, 2009

feeling dead and gone..

so yes, sometimes i go through cari-pasal phases.
this is just one of them. instead of choosing a linear do-able design i chose to do a free-flowing, nature inspired one. 


my eyes are popping out, the colour theme is slightly outta whack, the amount of time i've spent on it is nearly double and i'm just praying that the end results will be well worth it.


just great.

once i've finished everyone will get to see it on p-SLY
that is if i finish it before i start tying a noose to hang myself.. 

urghhh... again.. reminder to self.. cari-pasal..

and yet i wanna experiment!! i want to make my designs different!!

don't give me the (=/) face

i'm complicated...