Wednesday, November 22, 2006

limited edition ferrari top... up for grabs..

you guys are really trying to be funny aren't you?
or rather i should have been more specific about the free ticket.. the event was in melbourne so unless you are in melbourne there is no way that i could have given you the free
well too bad no one won the damn thing coz the only 2 replied were overseas.. one in manchester and the other in singapore..
(to the singaporean: kai ah.. you know that i did mention comments not sms! haha)

hopefully when there are other upcoming events in melbourne i would give out more freebies the next time then... and when that happens all i can hope for is a better response god damn it...
just shows how few ppl read my blog... don't blame you it's full of nonsense anyway... sigh*

anyway.. today's BIG news...
i've been cleaning out my wardrobe lately coz i'll be moving outta my current dorm into my new apartment and well i found some items of clothing that i would like to get rid of...

and one of it is a collecter's item given to me by my ex.. it's a limited edition ferrari pit-girl top.. i'd like to post pictures of it but sadly i can't atm.. so you have to trust me when i say that it is in brand new condition and i haven't worn it (due the the fact that i'm a true-blue mclaren fan)
it's size 2 as in american size 2 which i close to and aussie size 4-6 (which i don't fit in and it's still kinda baggy... - shows how much my ex knows about me..) and well it's red and silver in colour..
it even comes with a little ferrari pin (the little horse)

so for those die hard fans who absolutely love ferrari, this is a good gift for your girlfriend or you just want to collect a limited edition item and for the girls who love ferrari it's a good gift to yourself since christmas is coming anyway
i'm starting the bid at AUD 20 if you're interested ( which i think is pretty resonable for something of limited quantity..) and shipping within aus is free.. overseas well you just have to pay for the insurance if you like to make sure you get it..
payment is by cash if you know me or through my aus bank account..

so fellas out there.. if you really are a die-hard ferrari fan this is a good chance to pick up a limited edition item...

luv =) lyn

Monday, November 20, 2006

since it's such a huge party and things are going to be rocking.. i'm giving out 1 FREE ( yes you heard me! FREE!!) ticket to whoever can tell me give me the answer to this :

"where the hell has all the prince charmings gone?"
(this is not a joke! just comment by tomorrow night 12am the lastest and the best answer gets a ticket.. easy right?)
i'd like to give out more tickets but that would = me broke.. so sorry guys!

those who wanna get tickets from me... they're 20 each.. so just drop me a line 0414154045
i really need to get rid of them so please help me!!

anyway the latest news is this.. my loyal faithful for the past 4 years my toshiba satelite pro has officially died on me again. and this time there is no reviving him till i send him to the service centre.. so i will be having problems posting pics and stuff till he is repaired..

for those who want to pics from BLVD yesterday sowees!! i'll get them up soon... =)

luv =) lyn

you know you say things that make me melt
that give me butterflies in my stomach
and you make me happy without realizing what you do
just the little simple things
like waking up at 5am to get me krispy kremes so i can have them for breakfast
cooking me dinner nearly all the time
taking care of me when i was sick
playing my favourite song on your laptop
and just being you
so why are things so difficult lately?
i know good things don't come easy
i know the answers to things
i know i'm difficult
i'm sorry k?
and i don't want to give up
even though i said i did... i really don't...

Monday, November 13, 2006

My 2oth Birthday Bash @ Beach

well although it may not seem like it in the pictures, i wasn't sober in maybe half or more of these pictures. truthfully i don't even remember some of them being taken or who took them.
so to the people who were all out in getting me drunk, congratulations! you did it!
also i have some people to thank:
to my lovely kooya, honestly you the best. thanks so much for driving me there, taking care of my drunken ass and even taking care of bea. oh and yes for stopping all those times on the way back to let me throw my guts up.
thanks to sean for helping me drink some of it. if you didn't i think i wouldn't even have survived the night.
ck thanks for trying to kill me with chivas, enough is enough you know! plus thanks for the mario song
tina, my dear partner in crime... too bad we didn't even get close to the 1:3 ratio, i was gone by the time you came! hahaha.. sorry yea! erm, how about we do it for your birthday?
o and to shaun, what happened? we contributed o% to each other's drunkness! although we did get drunk together!
to everyone else just thanks for coming to celebrate it with me, buy me drinks, getting me drunk and just having a helluva good time during the night. i love you guys!

to those who gave me presents, connie for the flowers, kooya for the ferrero rocher, liz, terrence, sling and audrey for the candy and penguin.
thanks to kim bear for the headphones! practical instead of aesthetic.. =P
and also thanks to all those who wished me!

loads of luv =) lyn
(now i'm 2o! and old....)

whenever i think of you
a smile comes to my face
whenever you are near
my heart skips a beat
whenever i hold your hand
i don't ever want to let go
and i wonder why
i'm feeling like this....

Friday, November 10, 2006

i seriously thought i already knew everything about you
i honestly already made up my mind about things between us
then you come up with something like that...
that just made my heart melt
and now i'm confused
and unsure what to think...
why the hell did you go and do that!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tomoro... feels like it'll never come...

Tomorrow... my birthday
my final paper
my party @ beach

of being able to have a good time with all my friends
of being able to reach the big 2...
of being free after a month of studying...

why is it that time now seems to be moving so slow then?
like tomorrow will never come?
i suppose it's all the excitment building up within me...

but for now.. i still have one more thing to accomplish... my final paper..
just one more step and it'll all be good..

luv =) lyn

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

boys can be so stupid due to their insensitivity i tell you!!
i'm not saying that all boys are stupid... i'm just saying that sometimes they lack the sensitive gene...
argh!! but if all guys go for sensitivity training they might come out poofters.. damn...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

how sexy are you?

i was bored.... and was having a talk with kim-bear about sexiness.. so i decided to take a quiz...
and the results..

You might think your sex appeal peaks and dips depending on your mood - in fact, you're pretty irresistible any day. It's the fact that you're so uncontrived that makes men notice you. Some nights you might glam yourself up, other times you go as you are. Oddly enough, it's the times when you don't make an effort that you're at your most alluring. Men treat you as an equal and know they can have a laugh with you - then, just as they've got you labelled as a mate, they realise they're falling hook, line and sinker.

Boost your sex appeal by: enhancing your good points. Using your excellent flirting skills - you're playful and teasing rather than off-putting. Just be yourself.

~hahaha~ try it for yourself.. and tell me the results..
i provide good procrasination material..

luv =)lyn
hmm.. my novel

critiques? please don't be too harsh ok?? please? i have feelings... keep in mind that it' is my first major piece of work the whole year and i'm giving you the opening...

I am a creature of the night. Most people are usually scared of the night because of the darkness it brings, they shun it. Turn away from it because they fear it. They fear what they do not know, something they could never possibly understand or much less comprehend. They fear what might lie there in the dark alleyways ready to pounce on them unsuspectingly and drag them into the deepest darkest abyss of the night. For the darkness evelops you, swallows you whole and nullifies you through fear. It is a primordial type of fear, unexplainable and possibly as old as time. It follows you wherever you go, and there is no escape from it.

I on the other hand as i've said before am a creature of the night. I revel in the darkness. Unlike others, i do not fear it, but rather i live it, breath it, I am one with it. It is as much a part of me as I am of it. Like two symbiotic living entities depending on each other, supporting each other in order to exist. It wasn't as if I chose to live in the darkness, rather it was darkness that chose me.

- sounds interesting? want to know what i'm writing about??
comments.. comments.. PLEASE!!

don't ask me to fall
and don't intend to catch me...
don't chase me
unless you're ready to catch me...
just don't..
coz you know you'd end up hurting me


o0o0o my birthday this friday @ beach
i have a table to que at vip line alright?
and to the people who are already so geared up in getting me drunk.. you drink one i drink one.. even if that means i'm drinking with someone else you're drinking too!!
i don't wanna do a vincent.. neither do i wanna be the only one drunk!

luv =) lyn

Monday, November 06, 2006

all a girl wants

got this off evelyn...

is it really too much to ask for??

right now if a guy sings this to me i'd melt...


Sunday, November 05, 2006

there has to be more than this...

today i heard that an old school mate of mine passed. my deepest condolences to his family and all i can hope is that he is in a better place.
and it's gotten me thinking, he was only 20 and he hasn't even fully experienced everything that life has to offer, how sad is that?
i mean it wasn't as if it was an unexpected thing that happened, but all the same there has to be more to life than this. anything unexpected could happen any moment. you could fall in love, you could have a moment of emancipation, you could even have a life changing experince.
and i want to live to experience them all. and all i can do is hope that i do.

but also at the same time i wonder if i did die today, would anyone remember me?
and if they did what would i be remembered as?
a good daughter? a good sister? a good friend?
i really hope someone remembers me for something!
that i've touched some people's lives and the bonds that i've formed meant something to them because to me, friend's and family are right up there in the list of important things in this world. and if i were gone, would they think back and miss me?

i can only do my best to be the best person i can be and do the right thing. it's hard but life is hard. but at any time right now i think i would chose life over the other options laid across the table coz if you were alive at least you can do something, change lives, create some miracle.

ahh the philosophical all time question:
why am i put on this planet...
if someone has already found out tell me

Saturday, November 04, 2006


sorry i posted it a bit late!!
hope you like your present... =)

luv =) lyn

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


and for those not having any.. bah!! i despise you till next week!! haha

luv =) lyn