Saturday, September 29, 2007


me : can i get free passes to xx?
~#~ : yes but only if you're working on my team
me : err.. ok i suppose

problem is i forgot about one little promise i made to bear

that i won't work anymore..
got damn

in that conversation i felt like i somehow sold my soul..
wait lemme check..
it's still here.. intact
at least i didn't sell it for alcohol..

but i'm still in a hell-lotta trouble..
where is the damn rewind button when you need it..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lexington @ GPO

GPO on tuesday night was a blast

click here (MissyT's) blog for pictures

i don't have a camera = no pics
i have to say my fav party song after so long is still this :

timbaland ~ the way i are
*duck duck this is for you too.. press play*

wait the other night was mooncake festival??
completely totally forgot

would have been a good reason to celebrate *cough* drink *cough*
..alcomoholic me..

ok break's nearly over.. back to study

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

URGH!! GRR....

i was trying to be smart
yes me.. a computer illiterate
trying to mess around with my blog layout

and i compeletely sutffed it up
i am so god damn stupid
i can't help it
i said before i'm illiterate..

the pics are now all gone.. is being a bitch
the website didn't save my pics
oh my f#@* god i can scream

crazy crack-ho-junkie rampage
this is me in the morning...

Monday, September 24, 2007


when it rains.. IT POURS!

i hate this..

can't deal with this..

don't ask any questions..

somebody just shoot me..

i hate meself.. i hate meself..
i'm going to breakdown soon...

i have no idea which is worse..

telling my mum this or that i'm a crack-junkie
yea.. i think i might actually get away with being a crack-ho-junkie more actually..

ok let's go with that one..

i hope that you had a fabulous 21st celebration.
will take you out sometime next week for celebrations alright?

that is after you come back from camping and WillieWonka finally comes out of his damned hole..

Willie if you're reading this don't make me dig you outta that damned hole for a celebration..
if you do i hope that damned shovel i'm using hits your head into the right position..


p.s : NH3 aka TeaPots sorry this is a bit late due to lack of access to a fringing laptop..


i just realized how my life has full and utter compliance to modern day gadgets..
i dunno how to deal cut off from the internet..
at least i still have my Nokia and DS.. and i have realized that nearly all my gadgets are in pink! hahaha.. nice..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i just needed to thank everyone for all your smses, good luck wishes and hugs*
you guys really cheered me up a little from all the bad things that have been happening..
so far things are running smoothly again i can only hope that they last this way for a while
the essays have extensions so i'm not too worried yet

now, i just need a new camera..
sigh* so sorry that the blog looks boring without new pics

but thanks everyone once again!
i really appreciate it!



and i still wouldn't change a thing
after all this time
you still know how to make me smile
thank you
for this past one year
i <3 you!
my no.1 bear

Friday, September 14, 2007

At times the normal unwillingly becomes the catalyst to the abnormal does it not? For the sense of normality differs for each individual. It is this self-induced state of normalcy that frequently harbours a sense of boredom. Like a seed patiently weathering out the seasons, waiting for the right time to burst out and inject a need for change in the world. He deifnitely was no stranger to this, because he himself although breed as a creature of habit has to walk out of his comfort zone at times. The thrill of something new and exciting was too much to resist. It was like electricity in the air, simply too hard to just ignore. He thought it best just to ride this oncoming wave of change.


~working progress on my short story~

read and review!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


i got robbed on tuesday

what a bloody f**ked up thing to happen i tell you
because the bloody, f**king bastard just had to take away all my gadgets
so now my beloved toshiba, ixus and nokia's new twin brother is all GONE!

all my assignments that are due tomorrow are all BYE BYE!
this is just too damn F**KED UP

at least at the moment i am able to obtain extensions till next week for them but only till friday
OM-F**ING-GAWD! 2 weeks worth of work just flew out the window..

i so wanna cry
but i seriously rather pummel that bastard if i ever get my hands on him..
wait not just pummel.. chop his balls off more like it..

and everyone will have to deal with a lot of no blogging and no pictures for a while..
when i say a while.. i mean a few months alright
sorry i have no dough/ching ching at the moment..

urgh!! mood : stressed! major unhappy and wanting to break something / murder the theif..
the latter would be a much better option..

p/s: don't mind the language.. if you were in my shoes i think i have sweared very little

Thursday, September 06, 2007


sorry for the lack of updates, but..

4 assignments are due on the 15th
they're all about 40-50% of my total mark
i hate the stress that comes with it
i am going to start pulling my hair out
i will update everyday when they're done
i promise

so don't think i'm gone
i'm still here..
i'm still alive

Monday, September 03, 2007

i forgot to announce to the world..
on the 27th of August:

AZdaChilliMonkey turned 22


sorry for publishing this late.. loads of love and alcohol!

and on the 26th of August

CHANGchang turned the BIG 3!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY roomie who lives upstairs!!

maybe i should update my blog more often.. hmm..

but their birthdays were fun..
Az's was at se7en where his plans to have a really chilled nice night out i think went in flames thanks to ric.. haha

and chang's at old kingdom for duck.. yumm!

no pics.. faizal had my camera charger then..

Sunday, September 02, 2007

In my head, this pretty much sums you up..