Wednesday, September 27, 2006

events @ UC

well as you guys can see that i haven't put anything up recently... sorry to those who are expecting news from me.. =P
been a bit busy with assignments, it's that time of year again folks. my head is in my books and i've got one foot partially stuck in geekdom.

for those who have read the comments on the previous blog.. don't worry about it.. i'm fine, it's not really effecting me. thanks evelyn for the emotional support tho!

anyways there's nothing much going on lately, but i did take the international students out one last time as the international rep to Izakaya Chuji. nice place for dinner. looks like everyone enjoyed the food, which is always a good thing for me...

and the other thing was christmas dinner in August.. long explanation short, winter is in june here in Aussieland = christmas in june.. but we're a bit behind so it's in august. get it?
i tried dressing up as a christmas tree.. note star on cap and earings, but no green cloting tho, sorry to dissapoint but i'm a red tree =P so deal with it...
haha estelle was a reindeer!! a green reindeer, ahaha.. now i should have dressed up as santa..

as always!
luv =)lyn

Sunday, September 10, 2006

UC DAY 2006

this year as usual lotsa drunkard events..
thanks to katie for all the effort that she put into it. all in all it was a fantastic day.. good job hun!
like last year we had the works! the bouncing castle, the spas and jelly wrestling, the yummy bbq lunch and of course the ceturian (1 hundred shots of beer continuously for 100 minutes) after that... that was when everyone got wasted

and i didn't really drink! ok a beer for breakfast is not really one's choice for a wake up call but i can't help it! i woke up to black eye peas : pump it blasted from the rose garden outside my window.. that plus bright sunshine, really good way to start my day!
if anyone realizes why i look so dead that's because of the sing-k the previous night.. forgive my party habits.. i don't get much sleep as it is..
i even went to beach that night, "thanks so much james" *sacarstic here* for making me go at the very last minute.. although i was dead tired and dead set at NOT going.. =p

and here's a slideshow:

but still i miss last year's uc day.. i miss all the people that were here last year!! anyone remember my vodka watermelon? haha..o well.. this will be my last UC day anyway

luv =) lyn

Friday, September 08, 2006

sing-k @ k-box, 8-09-06

this was last night.. but first it was dinner with ian's dad @ number8
thanks uncle for the dinner!! hehe.. it was really nice of him to bring me, keith and angeline there.. erm.. i'll keep mum about things now sir!

haha first time in melbourne!! second time in my whole entire life, believe it or not! i went to karaoke with some friends.. scary!!
went into room > lyn!! drink!! erm.. huh?? not sing?? drink?? haha.. o well..

i think the onion rings had something really funky in it.. everyone seemed to get high after eating them..

introducing Melbourne's SAM KO FA! YEA!!
i seriously had nightmares about them... i think i need a to see a psychiatrist now..

*notice in the background.. there is a very stonned person...

but it wasn't just all drinking.. we had some very talented singers too!!
iggy and david!

this speaks for itself.. no comment*

haha it was fun though!
thanks vince for the invite!

luv =) lyn

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i usually don't talk about things like this but now i need to let it out.
for a very long time i was in love. in love with this boy that i thought i would have a happy ever after with. and you could say that he was my world, my everything. but love needs work and it's not easy. me being young and naive still kept trying to work it out to keep things going. and after all that it still didn't end up the way that i wanted it to be.

in the end i was hurt and i think he was too, because it didn't turn out the way we wanted it. i was honestly hurting for a long time and no matter how hard i wish i don't think i can be the same person i was again because too much has changed. it's not easy loving someone genuinely, giving your everything to someone and make them your entire world. everything that is part of you is also part of him, because he completes you. and after all that i just ended up getting hurt and crying about it. so now i'll treat those 3 words with a lot more care.

but i still want to believe that the pain was worth it. it was worth all the love that you put in. because if you never tried in the first place, then you would never know what love is. you would never know how it feels to be held in someone's arms and feel safe and comfortable, to kiss him and feel butterflies in your stomach, to wake up smiling just coz he is beside you, and to fall asleep contented coz he is next to you. i think in the end, it was all really worth it.

so i've been hurting a long time, but thanks to my family, brothers and friends, i think i'm much better now. thanks for showing me how to love myself first before anyone else. that way i wouldn't keep hurting myself and beating myself up for things that happened. thanks so much to all the people who were there for me when i was being difficult and didn't leave even though i knew you wanted to.

and now i think it could be possible to just love again, even though i'm not really ready for a relationship, i think that it could be possible in the future. and even though it could end up hurting me at the end of the day it could be worth it. this pain won't kill me it'll just make me stronger. and so i just have to make wiser decisions in the future because that person has to be really really worth it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


hope all your birthday wishes came true!
at least everyone definitely had fun @ Beach.. and for those who didn't attend.. looks like you missed out!.. too bad ..

wanna come to BEACH now?? haha.. hope to see you there friday then!!

luv =) lyn