Monday, November 30, 2009

If only i were the emperor of the moon

annie leibovitz for vogue. hansel, gretle and the witch.

i love annie leibovitz's work!! it's so breathtakingly fairytale-like..

pissed tired and blue. monday-itis bug biting me in the ass
listening to one republic - all the right moves

just had dinner with the lovely b*tches. yes my dears you read that right.. i said lovely. and yes i love you too.
and don't you whatever me.

currently angry with chanel for not having what i want in stock.
oh you stuck up bitch that works there. yes it's chanel. so what?
now the credit note just lies there unclaimed. truthfully what i want is only like less than 50% of what he bought me and it's doing my head in constantly going : so how am i going to spend it???
even shopping is giving me a headache.

something is definitely not right.
what it is i just can't put a finger on it.
it's just something. it means something when not even chanel can make me happy//
i probably just need to take a deep breath in and focus my energies on something productive

xoxo Lyn

Saturday, November 28, 2009

sedgewick-edly good..

sometimes i wish i was born in the 1960's height of the pop-culture revolution.

my recent fashion muse being edie sedgewick..

i can't help but love her look

couple those extremely cute short dresses and stockings is a definite yes!

my favourite has to be the last pic.. can definitely see why she's andy warhol's muse..

xoxo Lyn

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bright lights & disco nights

ok now proceed to hang up those party shoes and cleanse the toxins outta my system

xoxo Lyn

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes you find what you are looking for in the unexpected...

because when i begin to think that i already know everything there is to know about you, you can still manage to surprise me with the unexpected.
thank you so much for starting off the celebrations with the degustation dinner at attica and also surprising me with that present from chanel the other night out of the blue.

and now for some food porn~

i found that a few of the mains were rather disappointing, and this was one of them. peas in some broth, weren't that fantastic and truthfully tasted kinda like eating chlorofil.. urgh!*

i think out of all the mains this fish with almonds was my favourite one. i even attempted to steal some of kim's one coz i scoffed it all down really quickly~

followed by this steak with asparagus and cauliflower cream~
got pretty amused with this bee carving on the knife, coz i thought it was pretty cute~

truthfully the best part of dinner were the desserts~
this had cognac ice cream in it with mango and tangelo
violet ice cream!!! chef's version of a violet crumble.
i really like this one* but kim preferred the cognac ice cream one.
i wish they packaged their ice creams for customers to bring home!! i'd go back again just to eat their desserts..

the menu for the night~
and the man of the hour

and sometimes i swear you kinda know me better than i know myself.
like tonight when we were walking to buy groceries in russell street..

me: hey you know those leica cameras??
kim : yes i know what you are talking about.
me: really?? then what am i talking about?
kim: the hermes x leica camera righhhttt??? it's $8000...... pounds
me: really?? OMG!! so expensive!! OMG!! HOW YOU KNOW I WAS TALKING ABOUT THAT??

damn!! am i that predictable??

*more pictures from girl's night out next!! i just got them all developed today

xoxo Lyn

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad romance..

because at the moment i'm so massively annoyed that all i want to do is scream at you.
this friendship has reached it's an unbelievable toxicity level in my system that when i hear your name/see your face i either want to break something or even better break you into 100s&1000s.
there is no helping it that every single little thing that you do makes me sick and massively annoyed.

sorry but i don't know you anymore. you're not the person you used to be.
maybe then neither am i..

i'm looking for a way to tell your self-centered ass straight up exactly as it is.

because i'm massively pissy-annoyed
at least this is cheering me up at the moment

omg.. hate her or love her i don't really care
Lady Gaga definitely works those mcQueens!! i'm seething with jealousy!!

xoxo Lyn

Sunday, November 15, 2009

you had me at hello

photo credits: cedricbihr

and because my life is constantly a touch&go sorta lifestyle.
the writing bug comes and leaves as it pleases, yet deep inside i think that i can honestly say that i am still partially an exhibitionist even though there are times that i rather prefer privacy behind closed doors.

i still come back here even after long hiatuses because truthfully writing is one of my loves.

so hello there again.

i had an awesome birthday. thank to all my B*s. you are all my fabulousities and words cannot describe how much i love you guys
plenty of stories, bitching and oops i did it again.
and then again there were the people that thankfully i'm not stuck in a yellow submarine singing away my sanity. no matter what you all say, i still think that i would much prefer her not to be around me.
then again let's save this for another day. a visit to my shrink might allow me to solve this problem in a blink of an eye, then again maybe not..

the only thing i can promise is that there will be more pictures in the next post once i get them processed. yes you read that right, they are not all digital.

xoxo Lyn