Thursday, May 28, 2009

There will always be a handful that you'll love forever..

to the one and only man that will forever be in my 
Happy Birthday Daddy Dearest

**you will always be the super to my calafragalistic** 


i have so many things to do over the next week, it's ridiculous. i f*king hate exams. who doesnt? if you don't you have to go get your head checked. seriously.

lately i've been sporting black nails and darker eye-liner. i like it. it reflects my extremely jaded mood. been feeling like that a lot lately. maybe it's coz of the rain.

sadly this will be the last week that i get to dress in watever i want-  meaning really sloppily with baggy torn jeans and even baggier tops - on a daily basis. work starts next week. back to smart~casual it is then. 

i want a wardrobe make-over!! sigh*

can't f*king wait till exams are over. maybe probably

good sign that it is now f*kfreezingkold. which is awesome for down down down the mountain. not so awesome when you're sick...again... 

oh.. we had a girls night out yesterday at hwaro. will post pics up on that later.

 xoxo Lyn 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

You spin my head right round..

Georgie- Porgie's birthday - who was already drunk by the time i got there @ 11 p.m.
Cedric's birthday who i have drunk - drunker - drunkest pictures of.
running amok in se7en as usual.. my drunk self. taking pictures with a camera that's fully charged - finally.
of taking pictures of all the LOUD stickers that amused me to no end. especially when everyone had so many stuck on them ie: doreamon Jack. or on their nips ie: desmond..
nx's attempt at bitting my finger of. i swear i heard the word tasty somewhere in there
too many. way TOO MANY pics of the boys being gay - of D.S + ino, and D.S. and D.D. attempting and even MORE SCANDALOUS picture. and D.D. ending up with georgie - Porgie.. coz as we ALL KNOW.. he is the good looking one. drilled too many times into our heads. yes. right he is.. yes HE IS!!
of endless drinks. omg. yes i remember there was an ABC there. and how amusing all our faces looked with that look of OMG YOU DRANK IT disgusting repulsed look. COKE!! please pass the damn coke now!! urgh. smart alec - mat i remember you buying it.
and BT simon got upgraded to BM (bar manager - woot!!)
where i took too many pics of D.S. looking good.. so ohh and he tried to return the favour. which failed. we tried to act as models. and that kinda did fail too.. sigh*

it was all fun and games. till you emo or get kicked out or cut your finger. whatever
it's still a friday night.. and i loves it

*more pics are up on facebook. i can't be bothered anymore with blogspots pic uploading thing*

 xoxo Lyn 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Addicted to..

L: you know what i haven't had the perfect kiss ever..
i want to at least experience it before i die..

M: ...*... huni.. you sound like you're coming onto me at the moment..

L: ...*... no comment ...*...

M: HAHAHAHAHA.. oh.. *...

can so tell i'm procrastinating...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


if you can't do that for yourself..
then don't ask me to..

annoy me any more..
then i'm going to take that 9mm baretta and empty it's entire magazine into your f*king thick skull..


some people should learn some decency and stop being pests to society...



Monday, May 11, 2009

Tongues always pressed to your cheek..

there are so many things i want at the moment.. 
it's ridiculous!!

i want:

~chanel necklace cc interlock in black

~hermes white bracelet with gold trim

~a shopping spree for AA basics.. yes i want more plain white-Ts

~a pair of nudies..
sh*tloads f~ck.. all my skinnies are becoming eff*ing baggies.. i'm losing more weight than i can gain in time!!! at this rate i'm seriously considering selling my ksubis!!

~samantha willis jewellery.. esp her rings!!

~aMcQ scarf

~Burberry scarf in grey + black

~a new camera.. yes.. fringing hell 
has anyone seen the new ones by canon that is credit card slim!? awesome ..
dslr-s are way too heavy for me.. my old one is in the cupboard collecting dust... shucks*

~mario testino high fashion artistic prints.. (i'm in love with that man's photographs)

~audrey kawasaki prints (shit i missed out on it.. AGAIN!!!)

~stella im' hultberg prints (not her new oil paintings but her old watercolour ones.. i love em loads more..)

i wish i had a trust fund!

i know i'm freaking procrastinating..

ok back to work now...

 xoxo Lyn 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When i see you.. I run out of words to say...

everytime i'm near you
i find it hard to breathe..
and everytime i think of you
i hear your voice...

 xoxo Lyn 

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Burn in my inferno

i'm sitting here
wishing for the days gone past
 when things were so much simpler
and our lives were less complicated
when did things change?
when did things become so painfully clear?
the bubble that held our innocence
was so desperately fragile
that it just had to burst

there are so many things i want to say
i want to scream out loud..
i want to break something
hurt something
cry about something

but all i can do is just let go...


i hope you guys like the new layout..
i just needed to do something to get my mind off some things.

i don't want to talk about it.
that's my answer to all my problems and to all your questions.
there is only one person i do want to talk to about it.
if i haven't to you.. 
then you're just not that person.. 

right now i'm just waiting for the storm to pass
hopefully things might just get better from then on...
for the sake of everyone involved..
it damn well get better...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Whisper sweet nothings into my ear.. so that as i fall asleep i may also fall into despair

Happy Birthday Iggy..

my lovelies..
yeah.. i'm wearing coloured contacts..
they're a green - brown colour.. 
what do you think? 
aye or nay?

adventures of white boy in asian club - pt1

this story is to be continued.. 
there may actually be a pt2?

i know not many pics to put up coz my camera ran outta batt..


i gravitate towards this something
that became part of the nothingness
and when hope became despair
i wondered what was it that i hoped for
what was it that i yearned for?
and exactly what is it that i've finally lost ?
was this something that i wanted?
i cannot remember
all i've truly lost

yes i'm upset
so much so i feel incapcitated and useless with this heavy feeling
i can't help it
maybe it's karma
but did i do something wrong? 
i'm not sure anymore..
all i know is that it's not just one thing
but so many things put together
that i keep failing to put all of it into words..
so i just can't talk about it
i just feel so lost at the moment..
like i've lost something that made me happy..