Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and then there was none...

and you need to get your priorities in life straight~

that's what Dr.G told me today while working for him this morning. my priorities..
i've lost sight of them. i've lost sight of so many things over the past year, time has managed to fly past me so quickly. and i will finally admit this. i'm scared.

i've put my mind to working on all the short term things that i've lost sight of the bigger picture. and i don't know what has happened. today for the first time i stood up my best friend who came all the way from kl for 2 hours. the old me would always be punctual...

the old me would have not put work over friends. the old me would make time for myself instead of constantly trying to sell my soul to the highest bidder. that's what some days really feel like now. and the old me would never have imagined me now. at 22 suffering from what some would consider a mid life crisis.

i'm clinging onto the very last threads of a social life. i'm trying so hard to keep in touch with friends so i don't alienate myself. i'm trying even harder to stay healthy. and above all i'm trying very hard to still be me and have all the things i want.

i want my cake and still be able to eat it, but it doesn't seem possible to want so many things in life. and i cannot, will not shave off more of myself than i already have.

i think i need a long break.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

just to let you know i'm still alive..

i have been M.I.A because i haven't had a break.
yes exams are over but i'm working 9-5 monday to friday. forget weekends i'm working then too. i need to slow down but i can't.

no time to smell the roses because my roses have all wilted.
maybe when things are less hectic you'll hear from me.

JJ is coming next week!! do a little dance.. or jig

yes my birthday was last week but wait another while for pictures.
the night was good fun.

xoxo to all those who came.