Wednesday, January 30, 2008

now and then...

i suppose one of the few reasons that makes working part-time worth it would be this.

having dinner with friends at rockpool*click*.
opened by famous aussie chef neil perry.

went there with the ShawSisters & Gummi Bear last night.
the food was incredible. proscuitto ham n figs, oysters and goat cheese tortellini as appetizers followed by my main of Wagyu Beef steak. coupled with wine it's just the kinda meal that makes my week.

i was stuffed and completely happy. god i sound like a pig. but i welcome the extra weight with open arms.


i got the message sometime last night that you were back from europe.
i miss hanging out with you guys heaps. i admit i've been a shiteous friend for falling off the grid for a year now even tho i'm in melbourne and most of you are too.

it just brings back all these memories

of the time when i was a chimney and everyone tried forcing me to quit. fat penny was so pissed/drunk one night he took the ciggie and butted it out on his palm. his stunt actually made me stop puffing for quiet some time.

of the times during exams and i'd hand out loads and loads of gummies and sugary substances+caffeine out to everyone. the sugar shock kept them from falling asleep, thankfully no diabeties symptoms were diagnosed in anyone.

whatever happened to all those good ol' times of drunken debauchary, watching movies till early in the morning and just bumming around in the sun??
i suppose we all just grew up and grew apart.

sad ain't it?

Monday, January 28, 2008

how to create a grumpy bitch

some idiot rang my phone at 3.45am this morning.
you think just cause it's supposedly a public holiday today that i don't have to work is it?
well just to let you know i am here sitting at my desk having to work half the day.

so i really don't appreciate the fact that i don't know who the fuck you are and having you disturb my sleep at 3.45 in the morning just to ask me some personal questions about my love life.

yes the idiot actually asked the following:

are you sleeping at the moment?
(well what do you think you big fat prick? it's nearly 4am)
is anyone sharing your bed with you?
(omfg! what do you think?)

sadly my ability to swear when i'm half asleep is reduced to zero.
so unable to form even half a proper answer i asked him:
who are you?

to which i go the answer omar. from taylors you know me thru jason.
er.. who? i don't know you and i definitely don't know a jason from taylors.

i just hung up on this pointless call.
5 minutes of my sleep wasted. just like that
no wonder i'm a grumpy bitch today

i suppose this is just a warning to any smart alecs who decide to call me in the morning disturbing my beauty sleep when it's not an emergency
i'll only have 2 words for you : fuck off.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


& also


i know it was yesterday. but i had no internet access.
you know i still love you guys long time right??


wtf-kinda-fairy-tale is this?

i was tossing around unable to sleep. that meant that i was disturbing his sleep too.

gummi bear: what's wrong? why can't you sleep

me: dunno just restless. tell me a story. a fairy tale with a princess in it. o.. and a happy ending

gummi : ok. once upon a time a prince went to fight this dragon to rescue the princess. after he defeated the dragon he rode the princess home doggy style. yea!

me: o.O wtf???

gummi: happy ending for the prince what!! ok now go to sleep

i have such a OMG! WTF kinda relationship.. sigh*


Monday, January 21, 2008


they asked, describe your relationship

simply put...

if i waited
for you to say the right words
or do the right things
i think, i'd have passed out by now
from the lack of oxygen
and drifted off from waiting too long..

so what am i supposed to do now?
i think i've hit a very big wall.
one where you're on the other side
but i just can't get thru

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's just too early in the morning

i've hit information road block. i can't seem to process the instructions that are being given to me. fug. BossDoc has got that crazy i'm-going-to-fire-you glint in his eye

someone just please pass the caffeine drip.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Picture Diarrehea

meet, the Geisha, asian Dita Von Tes & the Playboy bunny
- Halloween @ se7en

this is how i spent my new years - beach bumming

partial ex-lethian / 3Ds - missing one reunion
would have been a perfect picture if BFFngJJ was there!!

the party bunch @ se7en

beach loving gals
i know, i know. i have a little tummy belly at the moment. shut up la ok! the camera adds on 5 pounds!

with the DocBoss

with the gummi bear

party all night long @ se7en
btw i have gum in my mouth. that's not my tongue turned white like TessyBlu thinks

the Birthday dinner

the Diva and the Dork
Dato BFFngJJ.. i miss you!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

clucky-ness at 3.05 pm

me: omg! that kid is so cute! he's the cutest mostest adorable kid that's ever walked into the clinic
DocBoss: are you feeling clucky?
me: err.. i don't think so.. maybe? can't be!! i'm only 21!
DocBoss: age doesn't matter you know.

noted: on the 10th of Jan at 3.05 pm Lyn felt clucky for the first time and the world hasn't ended yet. wow!

btw the kid's that cute coz he's mixed asian and ang-moh. very fair skin, chinese features and big eyes! typical. mixed kids always seem to win in the looks department. life just isn't fair


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

shopping to cure the soul

there's been so much bad news circulating around for the past few weeks that it's hard not to get upset about things. so i decided to make myself happy and treat myself to a little retail theraphy. i know, i'm a materialistic bimbotic bitch.
i'm not asking anyone to sponsor my treatment. it's all being forked out of my own pocket. so stfu if you're going to say what a daddy's little princess i am.

so for a few hours of blissful ignorant happiness i bought this :

Tsubi Lean Bean Grey Worn jeans
to ease the pain of the mini hole i just burnt in my pocket i keep telling myself that it's 30% off.

sorry. but in the eyes of the superficial money does buy happiness.


Friday, January 04, 2008

welcome back long-lost-now-found brotha/machai

finally!! welcome back my long-lost-now-found-again machai!!
here was how our reunion went:

theMachai : no la! i cannot drink already la! i stopped heavy drinking
me: where got machai quit drinking? nonsense!! you used to drink like a cow ok!
theMachai : hahah. ok ok one pint only! one! OK? and must be smoking place. i come back to melbourne everywhere non-smoking damn stupid la!
me: ok ok..

we meet at loft about 2 hours later.
and talked bull the entire night. i haven't seen him for a year. but he's still the same old lovable machai.
i know it sounds contradicting cause machai's are usually meant to be, wel.. gangsters. but this one is an exception i suppose, cause i'm on his good side.

the reunion turned out to be 2 hours and 2 jugs of beer long.
his perception on things : it's cheaper to buy by the jug la!
we are so damn fail.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

recap 2oo7

(in no particular order)

procrastinated more than i should
messed up
lost the plot
hurt the ones who love me
cleaned up my act
found half the plot running amok in my backyard
walked out of your life, screwed up our relationship
and walked right back in again to make up for things
said sorry one too many times
finally closed a chapter in my life for good
( i thought i did the same in 2oo6 but then the door was still half open and i didn't realize it )
screwed up
threw my health into the bin
( blame a stint on make-believe-alcoholism)
hit the road to recovery
didn't call home enough to say i still care
tried and failed miserably to clean up jh's shit, and got myself drowned in her mess and half my ass burnt at the same time
partially-lost someone close that i love
recovered from 3 emotional break-downs
(after all what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger)
got a part-time job
paid my rent on my own for the first time
became a hermit


fuggit. i'm just coming out and finally admitting it. i'm becoming a hermit. and to a lot of people that translates into me becoming old, boring and consuming less of my favourite bevarage.

that doesn't mean that the bear has succesfully domesticated me. instead there's been a role reversal since he's been on leave for the past 2 weeks and i've been working. i get a home cooked meal nearly every evening when i go home. damn, he makes a good house-husband, that just practically flushes my future housewife ambitions down the drain.

and, if you must know, instead of going out with my party shoes, i spent it at home having dinner with the bear and a bottle of choya while watching the fireworks.
yes. although the temptation to go out and welcome the new year as a drunkard was really strong, i just couldn't leave the bear alone and miserable at home. well at least one new year's resolution is being kept and the party shoes are getting a break

the fun part is that i spent new year's picnic-ing on a beach with theShawSisters, BossDoc + kid & the bear. it couldn't have been more perfect. sun, sand and sea. the pictures will be put up soon.

i feel as if i'm tricking my readers lately. i keep promising pictures, saying that they will come soon but there haven't been any of late. blame the asshole who broke into my last apartment.
i hope the bastards just rots in jail