Monday, December 25, 2006

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i just got back from singapore yesterday. and my phone is outta credit.
sorry guys! will reload it asap!
also thanks so much to kai, darryl and terrence for making my singapore trip so great! thanks so much for taking the time to bring me everywhere! you guys are the best...
esp my lil' bro kai! thanks for everything!

and i have to say that singpore shopping is the bomb! seriously i shopped and shopped till i dropped! * i'm loving it la, la la la la!* haha.. sales sales sales everywhere! and 50% off nearly everything storewide.. what more can girl ask for...

i'll post pics up soon, but i'm a lil tired now and i haven't unpacked yet..

but i'd still like to wish everyone who celebrates christmas:

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i hope all of you got that special someone under that mistletoe or at least did something special for the night. i know i did! haha i got to play mah-jong after 3 months of not coming anywhere near a mah-jong set ( the last time was with ck, darren and leon at ck's place in melbourne... feels so long ago..)

luv =) lyn

Sunday, December 17, 2006


*see and in your favourite colour yellow too!! (hehe..)

*muahs!* + hugs

hope you like your present!


yup they have the same birthday.. haha...

luv =) lyn

Thursday, December 14, 2006


was talking to tessa-babe the other day and it feels as if time has just flown past this year. and now i'ts christmas again. i'm not complaining, i tend to like christmas coz my family always takes trips somewhere (last year = USA, and this year would be singapore). and this year is a super bonus for me coz i'm not going to spend it alone.. hehe =)

but that's just the point, christmas would seem kinda lonely if you weren't with someone wouldn't it?

yesterday i was in hartamas having lunch and there were these girls walking around as angels and promoting some kind of new lunch dating service. and *thew!!* it doesn't come cheap.. RM1800 for 10 dates or until you click with someone.
then how? what if after 10 dates still no connection? * even more thew!! #%^@!! got refund ah like that?? hahaha! i don't think so...
but according to one fella this thing is really popular in the singapore.
and well i suppose since christmas is coming up it would be even more popular than usual.

but doesn't the *spark* just occur naturally?
doesn't it just come to you? does one really have to spend that much money and go to such great lengths to look for a connection?
i think that's a bit sad...

then i suppose there is the whole aristotle theory, where we are constantly looking for the other half that we are fated to be with. the whole people were created as men/men, women/men and women/women. and that one day god cut us all in half and we are left stranded searching for that other half. so i suppose one has to put in some effort to look then...

but for me this christmas will equal to me being broke. HECK! this month is getting me broke with all the birthdays and going outs. sigh* money doesn't grow on trees...
(even though technically it does coz the paper to print money comes from trees, but still...)

i hope everyone enjoys the holidays anyway. since there are so many that seem to be just around the corner..

luv =) lyn

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


alright i haven't blogged in ages and today someone who hasn't even read my blog before actually criticised me for not updating my blog!

can you imagine that! this fella who doesn't even know that i had a blog until today said that it's not right that i have been neglecting my blog and that it should be updated nearly everyday.. *basket! who doesn't even update his blog all that often.. ceh...

so alright my precious laptop is still not with me *sob* for toshiba is still in the workshop and i hope i get him back soon...

and also kim-bear took my camera for his trip to melaka and hasn't returned it so no pictures yet.. and i have so many! from my last days in melbourne.. spending time in mornington, clubbing, having my bro around, of sean's birthday (GOMENASAI SEAN! will post it up soon ok!!) and o0o0o of the flowers that kim-bear gave me when i landed in the airport in kl.. so sweet yea!!

(but still... kim-bear.. GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA!!)

so all you guys who want prints, so so sorry! just hang in there for a little while more ok!

now to the point of the day.. I'M BACK IN HOT AND HUMID MALAYSIA! and to all my friends who are here at the moment, hope to meet up with you soon and remember to friendster msg me your numbers!!

and to all my singaporean friends, i'll be in singapore on the 21st-23rd which is next week, so msg me your numbers too so we can meet up ok!

well i haven't been up to much since i came back. but i have watched the new bond movie TWICE in a week! even though i didn't plan the second time, it's a movie that i don't regret watching a second time and all i can say is that i highly recomend this bond film. it's a really great movie and not at all your typical run-of-the-mill bond film. where there is just bond and the baddie. this one has a lot more twists and plots that will keep you at the edge of your seat. so although it is a pretty long movie: 2 1/2 hours you would still really enjoy it long after you walk out of the cinema.

all those who thought daniel craig wouldn't make a good bond, B0O to you!

and for guys, you won't be dissapointed with the movie. it's still a bond flick so there is bound to be hot girls, great action stunts, and i absolutely love that ashton martin, nearly cried when he destroyed it! such a great car and he destroyed it.. damn!! i would never in this lifetime be able to afford that car... =...(

so i'll just leave you with this:
love =) lyn