Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Little Chicky and The Devil

loads have been happening and i haven't blogged in ages

firstly i need to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
to my BestieJes (the Devil) and LittleMin (the Little Chicky)

i know that this is a bit late since their birthdays were last week
but in my defense i haven't really been online much
*relate missing com = lack of internet accessibility

also last friday at se7en we celebrated Halloween
and i tried dressing up as dita von teese
bear went for the first time dressed as superman..
and he looked more dressed up than me!!! ish..
pics are on facebook.. i'll post them up here later

and on saturday i celebrated and early 21st birthday..
yes.. yes.. it's still 2 weeks away but the thing is i'm going to hole myself up till exams are done
so no distractions please!

thanks to everyone who showed up for dinner at Shoya and drinks at golden monkey afterwards
and also thank you for the pressies!!
especially the beariness for the passion fruit birthday cake

much love to you all!!

ps: pictures soon.. most likely only after exams

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