Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and life so far..

there have been so many things happening yet i can't find the words on where to start or how to say them. maybe that explains the MIA from the blogespehre.

not that i'm calling myself a blogger. more a person who owns a blog to keep her thoughts.

the new apartment is fantastic..
there are a few kinks tho. not with the place but more between the people who live there
so far the resolution has been the silent treatment. not such a smart way to go about things, i know. but one of the few that works.

work is pretty much work. sometimes i think that the DocBoss wants a recepo that is more champion. at least i try to learn and keep smiling but i can't help it when i sometimes want to kick-punch the patients when they are silently killing me thru the stress i have to face due to their stupidity.
DocBoss says he understands but for my age he doesn't understand why my stress level is on an 8 on a scale of 10.

there is a lot more going on but i promise i will blog about that later. because they are still in the planning / plotting stage.


to my dearest BFFngJJ

this is just for you
i am currently blogging at work
there hope you're satisfied

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