Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally at the stairway of adulthood

contrary to popular belief that i would spend my 21st drinking till the sun don't shine and my liver cries alcohol, i actually spent it very quietly

most of the day was dedicated to house-hunting.. because the second option of living in melb uni's shiny relatively new tram stop just doesn't seem as tempting somehow..
maybe the lack of walls and amenities has something to do with it

a small note to the aussie government:
good for you.. your currency has gone up
so what about the students like me??
you know the rent has increased so much it's getting difficult to look for a decent place without wondering how i'm going to pay for the place without resorting to some dire means like say.. robbing the bank or prostitution..
i'm really that desperate..

and also getting dragged by Beavers to Box Hill to some rock-climbing equipment sale there..
although i haven't been to that place in ages i amazed myself by still being able to recognize the roads : pat on the back for me..

he paid me back in milk tea, takoyakis and my fav egg tarts..
all is good..

reason for the egg tarts : i like this specific portugese ones from this specific shop in box hill and only there..
the prob is the portugese ones always run out so fast
so i'm left with the cakey-based ones..
just have to deal with it i suppose.. better than nothing..

also during the house hunting i found a few great things:

1: beard papa opened in melbourne
it's at the corner of elizabeth and flinders st
i really like their passionfruit cream puff
i'm going back to try their chocolate souffle soon

2: i rediscovered my fav jap restaurant

they relocated a few doors away from their old place.. i was actually prancing in front of the shop when i found it coz i can't stress how much i love the food and how sad i was when they moved

seeing how excited i was the yucky-bear made reservations there for dinner..
( for him i think it's coz we had our first date there so he's like yay too)

i have to say, the dinner was soo good!!
i really love the food there.. and it's not too pricey too
we had ebi tempura (they make it in a special batter so it's different), okonomiyaki, sushi + sashimi moriawase, jap meatballs and chan-chan yaki ( a salmon specialty there )
accompanied with umeshu ( cold plum sake - which is super yummy) and this special jap tea
and for dessert: green tea and sesame ice cream
omg so full!! but everything is so yum!! i'm really not exaggerating about this place
i do think it's that fantastic

thank you smelly-yucky for the dinner. you so champion ok..

3: new pair of white flats
i wonder how long it's going to take me to wear out this pair... white and me just don't always go hand in hand..
i was tempted to buy 2 pairs but he stopped me saying think about the purpose.. you use flats more than heels anyway..
the puppy-wide-doe-eyed look doesn't work on him
i'm still dreaming about the second pair.. very cute open-toe black patent-leather
only 60.. but i can't really throw the iwannasave$plan out the window

when i have enough$ i suppose
men just don't understand a women's need for shoes..
i only have 10 paris ok!! so don't blow the situation out of proportion

also i got a phone call from home! yay!!
i think it's been at least 2 months now.. that i've talked to family
we sms a lot but rarely talk on the phone..
it's good just to hear family again it perks my spirits up and it's just fun
plus we talk for hours after so long and it's just really great

loads of love to all those who gave me birthday wishes and presents!!
and especially to those who attended my birthday dinner at shoya + golden monkey 2 weeks ago, thanks one more time!!

and also a special one to the housemates for the spanish dinner at robin burns last night
again, thank you so much guys!!! i really appreciated and loved all of it!!

NotSoLittleJin: good luck for your SPM on monday

i think this is the most i've blogged about for a long time..
i'm a bit bored bear went out for a boys night.. i suppose i should just go back and hit the books..
i'll try to get my hands on some pics from the birthday dinner at shoya + golden monkey the other day and tonight to post up soon..

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