Monday, October 08, 2007

Pimping (dot.. dot... dot.. )

it's not what you think it is
this bout of stress has lead to the one thing i hate.. pimples..
they've evaded my forehead and decided to stay and multiply at the same time

they're ugly and hurt as if a microscopic idiot has dug little holes on my head
i am turning 21 but my face still acts as if it was just turning into an adolescent

screw uni for the unnessecary stress that caused this traumatic breakout
at least i finally finished that essay on oscar wilde
my adoration for this man that changed society's outlook on culture has turned to mild dislike

worse thing is i have to help with the preparations for LittleBoyDian's birthday and also my own.. which is in fact not that far away..
i'm just too damned tired at the moment.. and i still have more assignments to do.. grr..

plus the little bugger who always calls me jie but is in fact older than me said this today

LittleBoiDian : you're my jie coz you look older than me and have more experience in life..


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