Sunday, October 29, 2006

white in shinning amour?? bah!! i tell you bah!!

you know all that stuff that fairy tales and hopeful dreams put in our heads about being a lil princess stuck up in a tower waiting for their knight in shining amour to come save the day?

you know damn well what i'm talking about. of happy endings as sweet as fairy floss and imaginations filled with rainbows and unicorns.
well i think it's all full of nonsense. all that is meant to seriously screw us up. you know why? prince charming doesn't exist and chivalry is dead. a thing of the past that shouldn't have gotten extinct but still managed to die somewhere along the way. don't ask me, ask the male species where it went.

there are surprisingly a lot of weak females out there, i mean with all the girl power mantras and feminism movements these days, it is a bit surprising that anyone is still waiting around for prince charming. well truth be told me being me i won't exactly wait around for that prince charming. i'll stand up get a whole load of old bruce lee movies learn some kung fu to kick that dragon's arse make some kung pow dragon outta it and then make my way down that tower somehow.. all the while wearing a pair of sexy jimmy choos... ;)

when my prince charming does come along i'll look him in the eye and say.. what the hell took you so long?
oh and along the way i might even save his arse instead.

yet after all that deep down inside i would still want my prince charming, and honestly i think all girls do! i don't need someone to come rescue me and save the day, but it wouldn't hurt to have just have someone there wouldn't it? and he doesn't exactly even have to be prince charming anymore, that itself is a very unrealistic expectation these days. look at shrek's example!

haha the randomness i am currently having.. forgive the exams stress blabber if i have bored you*

luv =) lyn

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i need to wish some people happy birthday...

first to jes... the bestest girl-friend a girl can ask for!
you're like my soul sister! happy 20th birthday hun! and good luck with your new job... haha.. you're finally working!

to my little sister, min-chan, happy 12th birthday to you my lil monkey!

and finally reitcha's water bombed birthday!!
you're going to have a HUGE one tomorrow night hun!

*mr happy is a product of boredom from studying added with a need to do something totally random*

busy studying at the moment, less than 2 weeks till exams and philosophy is making me have deep and meaningful moments with myself.. when i am able to start putting these into words i'll blog about it
till then

luv =) lyn

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


too all my indian and malay friend's out there.. hope you have a good time celebrating your respective festivals!

haha.. i nearly forgot all the dates for festivals now that i'm not in malaysia anymore...

luv =) lyn

Monday, October 23, 2006

alright i have to say this is the best combo for me...
my favourite show and my favourite band together!!
grey's anatomy and the fray, ahh.. happiness in a bubble.
i know.. i'm easily satisfied with little things.. haha!

and one more thing

so if you see me at chilli malam, i am there to visit people not to serve you your god damn food!! get your own god damn food by yourself! stop bossing me around as if i need to get it for you!
there.. i've let the frustration out...

luv =) lyn

Sunday, October 22, 2006

haze... who's fault is it?

you know what's funny? the haze in malaysia and singapore, that's funny but not in a light kind of view but rather the irony of things.

putting all the blame on indonesians coz of the forest fires ain't going to solve anything. think about this, i'm in australia and they're having one of the worst bush fires in the past 10 years. yet there is no heavy haze polluting the air, it is a bit hotter than usual but there is still rain to cool things down.

but in kl and singapore, i have to say that the humidity does not help things much, but the level of pollution is definitely a lot more than in melbourne. i'm only feeling a slight flu because of the extreme hot and cold between the days and nights.
so i have to say that i don't think that the indons are fully responsible for the bad air conditions that msia and sing are facing. i think everyone has to realize the amount of pollution we are causing and find a way to solve things rather than just point fingers everywhere.

that's just my thought of national news for the day then...

luv =) lyn

Saturday, October 21, 2006

companionship vs relationship

it's 5 am in the morning here in melbourne and i'm not asleep yet..
fact is i can't sleep not that i don't want to, but i don't even feel tired so i sit here and blog. about something that has been bothering me for a while now. and i have oka-san's words ringing in my ears > human relationships are the most complicated in the world.

and i have to agree with her. human relationships are complicated because we have so many emotions raging though us. we want so many things in this world and yet there are so many still that we are undecided about. for example the need for closeness with another human being. to feel connected knowing that the person will always be there for you. does that mean that it is a companionship you want or a relationship instead?

that's the hardest part i think. coz we all want to feel that closeness to someone. yet we don't want to be hurt. the phrase "love like you've never been hurt before" i really wish i could practice it. wouldn't that be great for me.
but i honestly can't. i've been hurt and it's hard to let your guard down. coz you've already been bitten once and you know the pain is so bad you don't want to go through it again. it is already hard enough to find the strength to stop crying about it, to get up and think about all the positive things in life that will help you get through everyday. it is even harder to forget the person that you love.

it's a fine line to tread. when is it that care for someone as a friend and when do you care for someone so much more?
the few stupid facts like you can't stop thinking about that person, you constantly want to spend time with her/him and you miss them all the time. the butterflies in your stomach just wont' stop fluttering. does that tell enough? or has there got to be more?

there are so many pros and cons to both sides. just give this a thought for a minute i suppose. where do you cross the line between friendships and the need for companionship into something more?

luv =) lyn

ps: i'm not working in chillipadi anymore guys... so let's just leave it at that.

Monday, October 16, 2006


It's finally over! No more college!
and my term as International Rep is finished. I think it's been a good ride and as always all good things have to come to an end.
thanks to everyone this year and last that have made my time at college such a memorable one! all the good times we shared and all the friendships made!
i feel lucky to have met all of you!

and also, this was how i celebrated mooncake festival:

hehe.. kim bear bought me snowy mooncake! thanks hun!!
it's so yummy!! it's not exactly ice-cream like i was led to believe, rather it's some creamy paste like filling. kinda makes my mouth water now thinking about it..
plus dinner with his friends.. hehe..

sorry adam i didn't attend your birthday party!!

suppose that's all the updates i have!

luv =) lyn!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

hmm.. jj's started complaining that he hasn't heard anything concerning the life of lyn. well the life of lyn has been pretty quiet and down played for a while now, due to the ridiculous notion of exams that exists to burden every student's emotional and physical (note: eyebags and stress) state. but even so, i still go out some fridays to loosen this burden and live a little.

so here are pictures from william's birthday (one month late...)
and yes i was super pissed drunk that night. not that super fantastic chucking my guts out.. but i did have a super fantastic time anyway.. i think... hahaha =P
thanks to the people that bought me drinks (esp: mark) i remember getting loads of beer from you which does explain the chucking up

o and this is last week at beach. yups a lil tipsy that nite too i think i had a bit too many sambuca shots. what to do? my black sambucan bro was there with me =)

well that's all for now! i'm heading back to the books coz i went out tonight to sean's house warming.. stupid me forgot to bring my camera

to sean: thanks for the invite to your place!! it's a really awesome place by the way! hope you don't get too lonely living alone. luckily darren , ck and leon are just around the corner

luv =) lyn!