Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka people!! and @hush

honestly, i am not a patriotic person. i think anyone can so obviously tell because i've only watched that parade 4-5 times in my whole entire lifetime. and well at least i still remember how to sing Negaraku that is a plus point since i don't know how to sing the Australian anthem.. BIG BIG plus there.. sadly i have forgotten the Rukun Negara although i've said it like maybe a billion times from primary till secondary.. and it is printed on every single exercise book i use to have..
Yes i admit i am a lousy malaysian.. but the independance day is a big thing for me as it is a plus point in giving me a reason to party and drink. so there.. i am showing my love of my country by downing some alcohol.. don't anyone out there complain as there is definitely no better way to show one's love and dedication to their country! (just like the irish do it ^_^ i suppose that is why they are so passionate)

anyway.. to our country happy birthday and happy merdeka everyone!

@ hush being as patriotic as i can.. =p

luv =) lyn

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dazza's first k-bbq

i asked my bro dazza out for dinner the last night coz i haven't seen him for AGES! when i say ages it's close to 6 months since i've seen him.. so that's pretty sad considering that he lives a 15 min walk from me...
i wanted to take him to lebanese house, sadly i didn't realize that they'd be close on sunday, so instead, i took him to Seoul house for his first taste in korean bbq.

ordered bulgogi and ox tongue..

nice korean waiter cooking for us...

dazza seems happy.. although the initial apprehension about eatin ox-tongue really seemed to put him off a bit..

later.. fried ice-cream and mango pudding at red silk.. i love mango pudding.. hehe

anyway i did have a fun night.. and i hope you did too dazza!! although my clothes now smell a bit of smoky beef..

luv =) lyn

p.s: sorry folks there are no pics of the opening of beach because a really smart gal didn't load the memory card into her camera.. haha.. bah i can be so absent-minded, anyway this week it's going to be a double trouble thing as it's david (eng huat's) 21st bday celeb and my brotha rub's bday celeb on friday night there.. so guestlist *LYN* or call for frees earlier as always.. and i hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

i HEART you... always and forever...

Cry... *sobz* ... Laugh... *HaHa*..
smILE =) ... frOWn =(
All these feelings
..all part of life..
how interesting.. imagine if we didn't feel
how numb .. how empty
would you miss these feelings if they were gone?
i remember sharing them with you a time that now feels so long ago...
as if it were in another lifetime
...the short time we shared...
i was honestly happy then
..& i hope you were too..
part of me will always miss you
...i can't help it...
now i'm wondering ... will you miss me too??
anyway.. thanks for all the memories..
i'll always treasure them

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LAVISH 18-08

just last week people!! see i'm updating!! sigh* that's coz i've been pretty sick lately my only realy companion is toshiba.. that's damn pathetic lo...

anyway this friday it's BEACH club's brand new opening @ docklands..
so it's free entry at the door for anyone who mentions my name *LYN*
alright?? anymore inquiries please feel free to call me : 0414154045
hope to see you there... and get ready for a good night out

luv lyn =)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

so much time has passed and i still question myself, what have i done so far? it's as if time has just flown by and i have acheived nothing but landing myself back at the begining, and i've made absolutely no progress, except to do everything wrong. try as i might looking back i think i could have made better decisions and love myself a lot more.

at the same time however, i have no regrets. i loved as much as i could, and tried as hard as i can, even though at times my feelings may not have been reciprocated and all i end up doing is hurting myself and hurting others in the process, it's all part of life and it's meant to make us stronger doesn't it?

sad to say, i'm quiet sick of it all. i'm so sick of the games people play with my head. it's like i'm just trying to be the best person i can be and all you do is tear me up inside. and then i become less trusting, less loving, less of everything that makes me the nice person i am. so now i don't believe in relationships. i don't believe you can honestly love another person that much, unless you are a saint. i'm never going to treat those 3 little words so lightly anymore. because they mean so much more, and giving your all to someone is a very big thing.

i'm sorry for all the pain and frustration that i have given everyone who has cared deeply about me by being so motivated to just self-destruct. but right now i'm pretty messed up and well i'm not ready to take another person into my heart and give them everything and end up being this way again. the pain is not worth it.
LAVISH 11-08

this was from 2 weeks ago.. i know i am a bit behind updates, but i've been busy with assignments!!
so anyways, this is the big night out at lavish, thanks so much david for sending me and my friend's home! i owe you a drink yea! maybe this friday at beach??

and a few other pictures of the night..

love lyn =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


we had the 2nd turn of the turn the other day i haven't posted up any of the pics until NOW! haha.. so sorry guys.. at least they're here now
i don't have that many pics.. sorry!! that's coz i was kinda late for the event.. was having dinner with some friends that night..

the theme being GLAM ROCK NIGHT
and with that sort of theme what else can you think of? tight leotards, big hair and BAD ASS fashion.. haha anyway just take a look at what some of us got up to...

all in all it was a good night.. we did continue drinking is skan's room but for some reason i dun have pics of that.. if i do get any i'll post them..

to jj : you going back to manchester already.. darn.. try your best to go back in dec alright? i'll miss you if you don't

luv lyn =)

Monday, August 14, 2006

you know lately.. all i've done is scream your name out so loud..
right now my throat kinda hurts
so i'm just gonna shut up
what is the point in it all
coz you never hear my screams anyway
just wanted you to know
it actually gets quite tiring sometimes
i dun wanna play this game anymore...

sorry guys.. i'm going into hibernation for a few days... i feel to depressed..

Friday, August 11, 2006

2 guys in a kitchen...

keith: lyn come eat dina @ ians

lyn: ok...

hehe.. it's sort of a be prepared for anything sort of situation.. make sure you eat a little before going, just in case! interesting.. 2 men cooking..

they look really busy... you know what scared me right now? too many cooks spoil the broth sort of situation.. if anything happens at least we can always go out to eat right?
i pray to god that i don't get food poisoning.. and the thing is ian's kitchen is so small!! at least they seem to be working quite well together..

o0o0o.. future iron chef at work??

i actually hid in ian's room.. couldn't bear looking at what the boys were doing.. it was quiet a sad situation really.. there was only one pot and one little frying pan which could hardly fit anything.. i wasn't sure to laugh or cry...

but TA-DAA!! the boys made it.. with a little help from me and angeline..

alright it was all edible.. boys put too much fish sauce in the pork therefore pork tasting like fish... a lotta scallop sauce in the brocolli.. and well me an angeline helped a lil with the prawns..

i won't underestimate men in the kitchen anymore boys! haha..

luv lyn =)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my darling is back!! and i've miss her so much!! ..haha.. i finally got back my com and hehe!! i can finally post up some pics from kl.. i've never realised how much i depend on my computer till now.. thank god it's fixed!!

here is one of the outing with the pretty boys @laundry... sorry gals but they're mine!! haha...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

just the other day i was having this conversation with this gal,evelyn i just got introduced to by my sexy black sambucan brother (rubi) and we just got along talking. somehow our conversation ended up to singapore's most talked about girls xia xue and dawn young (if you really don't know who i am talking about here : and honestly, i don't know these 2 girls personally so i really wouldn't want to bitch unnessacarily about them.

however i was just asking evelyn how the hell did these 2 girls get so god damn popular without even really doing anything. seriously does anyone know what they do for a living? are they movie stars?? NO... are they pop stars?? again... NO... however they are BLOGSTARS! (well that is something i have decided to call them) and how do these blog stars get famous?? ermm... exactly what i would be doing now.. blog... that is why i could not even comprehend what was going on, because at first i thought that blogs were just a way to let friends and family who are far away know what is going on in your own life, i didn't realize it could be a way to get famous...

however i still didn't get it. as in i still couldn't understand what is singapore's obsession with them... so this really nice girl starts to explain. that dawn is famous for being pretty thanks to the fact that she is plastic* (term for those who have had plastic surgery) and well i was like *WOW!* and well xiaxue she couldn't really explain to me.. something about her speaking her mind and sounding crass about it. (no offence to the xia xue fans out there coz i have seen her website and loads of people seem to side her speaking her mind.. i think that it is a good thing that a girl can speak her mind. at least it's much better today than in the 17th century for us gals)

anyway so these gals are popular coz they are pretty and blog. if that is the case right now i am wondering why not more supermodels blog? can you imagine how many people would visit their site if they did? they could even cash in on it. haha.. that's an idea to models out there.. wanna be famous? be a BLOGSTAR! haha

anyway, back to the topic evelyn wa really talking about> about being plastic.

so this gal dawn got plastic surgery to look more beautiful, and we're thinking why? why is the world so obssessed with being pretty so much? whatever happened to being the nice guy? are we really that shallow.. due to dawn being famous because of being plastic, is that what we are trying to teach the younger generation? being pretty is all that matters, nothing else? and you can become famous as long as you are pretty. who cares about being a nice person then?

i suppose if all the surgery and make-up makes you feel good about yourself. fine.. i get it, you want to have the confidence of people constantly oggling at you. knowing that when you walk down the street, people think you are really that pretty. deep inside i would rather have people like me when i am ugly instead, at least i know that they are true friends that accept me for who i am, whether i am ugly of beautiful, they're still there for me. conclusion is, at least i met someone out there who is a firm believer in growing old gracefully, and that beauty is only fleeting and temporary. (thanks evelyn!)

*true beauty comes from the inside*

lyn =)