Monday, December 25, 2006

myspace codes
Myspace Codes:

i just got back from singapore yesterday. and my phone is outta credit.
sorry guys! will reload it asap!
also thanks so much to kai, darryl and terrence for making my singapore trip so great! thanks so much for taking the time to bring me everywhere! you guys are the best...
esp my lil' bro kai! thanks for everything!

and i have to say that singpore shopping is the bomb! seriously i shopped and shopped till i dropped! * i'm loving it la, la la la la!* haha.. sales sales sales everywhere! and 50% off nearly everything storewide.. what more can girl ask for...

i'll post pics up soon, but i'm a lil tired now and i haven't unpacked yet..

but i'd still like to wish everyone who celebrates christmas:

myspace codes
Myspace Codes:

i hope all of you got that special someone under that mistletoe or at least did something special for the night. i know i did! haha i got to play mah-jong after 3 months of not coming anywhere near a mah-jong set ( the last time was with ck, darren and leon at ck's place in melbourne... feels so long ago..)

luv =) lyn

Sunday, December 17, 2006


*see and in your favourite colour yellow too!! (hehe..)

*muahs!* + hugs

hope you like your present!


yup they have the same birthday.. haha...

luv =) lyn

Thursday, December 14, 2006


was talking to tessa-babe the other day and it feels as if time has just flown past this year. and now i'ts christmas again. i'm not complaining, i tend to like christmas coz my family always takes trips somewhere (last year = USA, and this year would be singapore). and this year is a super bonus for me coz i'm not going to spend it alone.. hehe =)

but that's just the point, christmas would seem kinda lonely if you weren't with someone wouldn't it?

yesterday i was in hartamas having lunch and there were these girls walking around as angels and promoting some kind of new lunch dating service. and *thew!!* it doesn't come cheap.. RM1800 for 10 dates or until you click with someone.
then how? what if after 10 dates still no connection? * even more thew!! #%^@!! got refund ah like that?? hahaha! i don't think so...
but according to one fella this thing is really popular in the singapore.
and well i suppose since christmas is coming up it would be even more popular than usual.

but doesn't the *spark* just occur naturally?
doesn't it just come to you? does one really have to spend that much money and go to such great lengths to look for a connection?
i think that's a bit sad...

then i suppose there is the whole aristotle theory, where we are constantly looking for the other half that we are fated to be with. the whole people were created as men/men, women/men and women/women. and that one day god cut us all in half and we are left stranded searching for that other half. so i suppose one has to put in some effort to look then...

but for me this christmas will equal to me being broke. HECK! this month is getting me broke with all the birthdays and going outs. sigh* money doesn't grow on trees...
(even though technically it does coz the paper to print money comes from trees, but still...)

i hope everyone enjoys the holidays anyway. since there are so many that seem to be just around the corner..

luv =) lyn

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


alright i haven't blogged in ages and today someone who hasn't even read my blog before actually criticised me for not updating my blog!

can you imagine that! this fella who doesn't even know that i had a blog until today said that it's not right that i have been neglecting my blog and that it should be updated nearly everyday.. *basket! who doesn't even update his blog all that often.. ceh...

so alright my precious laptop is still not with me *sob* for toshiba is still in the workshop and i hope i get him back soon...

and also kim-bear took my camera for his trip to melaka and hasn't returned it so no pictures yet.. and i have so many! from my last days in melbourne.. spending time in mornington, clubbing, having my bro around, of sean's birthday (GOMENASAI SEAN! will post it up soon ok!!) and o0o0o of the flowers that kim-bear gave me when i landed in the airport in kl.. so sweet yea!!

(but still... kim-bear.. GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA!!)

so all you guys who want prints, so so sorry! just hang in there for a little while more ok!

now to the point of the day.. I'M BACK IN HOT AND HUMID MALAYSIA! and to all my friends who are here at the moment, hope to meet up with you soon and remember to friendster msg me your numbers!!

and to all my singaporean friends, i'll be in singapore on the 21st-23rd which is next week, so msg me your numbers too so we can meet up ok!

well i haven't been up to much since i came back. but i have watched the new bond movie TWICE in a week! even though i didn't plan the second time, it's a movie that i don't regret watching a second time and all i can say is that i highly recomend this bond film. it's a really great movie and not at all your typical run-of-the-mill bond film. where there is just bond and the baddie. this one has a lot more twists and plots that will keep you at the edge of your seat. so although it is a pretty long movie: 2 1/2 hours you would still really enjoy it long after you walk out of the cinema.

all those who thought daniel craig wouldn't make a good bond, B0O to you!

and for guys, you won't be dissapointed with the movie. it's still a bond flick so there is bound to be hot girls, great action stunts, and i absolutely love that ashton martin, nearly cried when he destroyed it! such a great car and he destroyed it.. damn!! i would never in this lifetime be able to afford that car... =...(

so i'll just leave you with this:
love =) lyn

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

limited edition ferrari top... up for grabs..

you guys are really trying to be funny aren't you?
or rather i should have been more specific about the free ticket.. the event was in melbourne so unless you are in melbourne there is no way that i could have given you the free
well too bad no one won the damn thing coz the only 2 replied were overseas.. one in manchester and the other in singapore..
(to the singaporean: kai ah.. you know that i did mention comments not sms! haha)

hopefully when there are other upcoming events in melbourne i would give out more freebies the next time then... and when that happens all i can hope for is a better response god damn it...
just shows how few ppl read my blog... don't blame you it's full of nonsense anyway... sigh*

anyway.. today's BIG news...
i've been cleaning out my wardrobe lately coz i'll be moving outta my current dorm into my new apartment and well i found some items of clothing that i would like to get rid of...

and one of it is a collecter's item given to me by my ex.. it's a limited edition ferrari pit-girl top.. i'd like to post pictures of it but sadly i can't atm.. so you have to trust me when i say that it is in brand new condition and i haven't worn it (due the the fact that i'm a true-blue mclaren fan)
it's size 2 as in american size 2 which i close to and aussie size 4-6 (which i don't fit in and it's still kinda baggy... - shows how much my ex knows about me..) and well it's red and silver in colour..
it even comes with a little ferrari pin (the little horse)

so for those die hard fans who absolutely love ferrari, this is a good gift for your girlfriend or you just want to collect a limited edition item and for the girls who love ferrari it's a good gift to yourself since christmas is coming anyway
i'm starting the bid at AUD 20 if you're interested ( which i think is pretty resonable for something of limited quantity..) and shipping within aus is free.. overseas well you just have to pay for the insurance if you like to make sure you get it..
payment is by cash if you know me or through my aus bank account..

so fellas out there.. if you really are a die-hard ferrari fan this is a good chance to pick up a limited edition item...

luv =) lyn

Monday, November 20, 2006

since it's such a huge party and things are going to be rocking.. i'm giving out 1 FREE ( yes you heard me! FREE!!) ticket to whoever can tell me give me the answer to this :

"where the hell has all the prince charmings gone?"
(this is not a joke! just comment by tomorrow night 12am the lastest and the best answer gets a ticket.. easy right?)
i'd like to give out more tickets but that would = me broke.. so sorry guys!

those who wanna get tickets from me... they're 20 each.. so just drop me a line 0414154045
i really need to get rid of them so please help me!!

anyway the latest news is this.. my loyal faithful for the past 4 years my toshiba satelite pro has officially died on me again. and this time there is no reviving him till i send him to the service centre.. so i will be having problems posting pics and stuff till he is repaired..

for those who want to pics from BLVD yesterday sowees!! i'll get them up soon... =)

luv =) lyn

you know you say things that make me melt
that give me butterflies in my stomach
and you make me happy without realizing what you do
just the little simple things
like waking up at 5am to get me krispy kremes so i can have them for breakfast
cooking me dinner nearly all the time
taking care of me when i was sick
playing my favourite song on your laptop
and just being you
so why are things so difficult lately?
i know good things don't come easy
i know the answers to things
i know i'm difficult
i'm sorry k?
and i don't want to give up
even though i said i did... i really don't...

Monday, November 13, 2006

My 2oth Birthday Bash @ Beach

well although it may not seem like it in the pictures, i wasn't sober in maybe half or more of these pictures. truthfully i don't even remember some of them being taken or who took them.
so to the people who were all out in getting me drunk, congratulations! you did it!
also i have some people to thank:
to my lovely kooya, honestly you the best. thanks so much for driving me there, taking care of my drunken ass and even taking care of bea. oh and yes for stopping all those times on the way back to let me throw my guts up.
thanks to sean for helping me drink some of it. if you didn't i think i wouldn't even have survived the night.
ck thanks for trying to kill me with chivas, enough is enough you know! plus thanks for the mario song
tina, my dear partner in crime... too bad we didn't even get close to the 1:3 ratio, i was gone by the time you came! hahaha.. sorry yea! erm, how about we do it for your birthday?
o and to shaun, what happened? we contributed o% to each other's drunkness! although we did get drunk together!
to everyone else just thanks for coming to celebrate it with me, buy me drinks, getting me drunk and just having a helluva good time during the night. i love you guys!

to those who gave me presents, connie for the flowers, kooya for the ferrero rocher, liz, terrence, sling and audrey for the candy and penguin.
thanks to kim bear for the headphones! practical instead of aesthetic.. =P
and also thanks to all those who wished me!

loads of luv =) lyn
(now i'm 2o! and old....)

whenever i think of you
a smile comes to my face
whenever you are near
my heart skips a beat
whenever i hold your hand
i don't ever want to let go
and i wonder why
i'm feeling like this....

Friday, November 10, 2006

i seriously thought i already knew everything about you
i honestly already made up my mind about things between us
then you come up with something like that...
that just made my heart melt
and now i'm confused
and unsure what to think...
why the hell did you go and do that!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tomoro... feels like it'll never come...

Tomorrow... my birthday
my final paper
my party @ beach

of being able to have a good time with all my friends
of being able to reach the big 2...
of being free after a month of studying...

why is it that time now seems to be moving so slow then?
like tomorrow will never come?
i suppose it's all the excitment building up within me...

but for now.. i still have one more thing to accomplish... my final paper..
just one more step and it'll all be good..

luv =) lyn

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

boys can be so stupid due to their insensitivity i tell you!!
i'm not saying that all boys are stupid... i'm just saying that sometimes they lack the sensitive gene...
argh!! but if all guys go for sensitivity training they might come out poofters.. damn...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

how sexy are you?

i was bored.... and was having a talk with kim-bear about sexiness.. so i decided to take a quiz...
and the results..

You might think your sex appeal peaks and dips depending on your mood - in fact, you're pretty irresistible any day. It's the fact that you're so uncontrived that makes men notice you. Some nights you might glam yourself up, other times you go as you are. Oddly enough, it's the times when you don't make an effort that you're at your most alluring. Men treat you as an equal and know they can have a laugh with you - then, just as they've got you labelled as a mate, they realise they're falling hook, line and sinker.

Boost your sex appeal by: enhancing your good points. Using your excellent flirting skills - you're playful and teasing rather than off-putting. Just be yourself.

~hahaha~ try it for yourself.. and tell me the results..
i provide good procrasination material..

luv =)lyn
hmm.. my novel

critiques? please don't be too harsh ok?? please? i have feelings... keep in mind that it' is my first major piece of work the whole year and i'm giving you the opening...

I am a creature of the night. Most people are usually scared of the night because of the darkness it brings, they shun it. Turn away from it because they fear it. They fear what they do not know, something they could never possibly understand or much less comprehend. They fear what might lie there in the dark alleyways ready to pounce on them unsuspectingly and drag them into the deepest darkest abyss of the night. For the darkness evelops you, swallows you whole and nullifies you through fear. It is a primordial type of fear, unexplainable and possibly as old as time. It follows you wherever you go, and there is no escape from it.

I on the other hand as i've said before am a creature of the night. I revel in the darkness. Unlike others, i do not fear it, but rather i live it, breath it, I am one with it. It is as much a part of me as I am of it. Like two symbiotic living entities depending on each other, supporting each other in order to exist. It wasn't as if I chose to live in the darkness, rather it was darkness that chose me.

- sounds interesting? want to know what i'm writing about??
comments.. comments.. PLEASE!!

don't ask me to fall
and don't intend to catch me...
don't chase me
unless you're ready to catch me...
just don't..
coz you know you'd end up hurting me


o0o0o my birthday this friday @ beach
i have a table to que at vip line alright?
and to the people who are already so geared up in getting me drunk.. you drink one i drink one.. even if that means i'm drinking with someone else you're drinking too!!
i don't wanna do a vincent.. neither do i wanna be the only one drunk!

luv =) lyn

Monday, November 06, 2006

all a girl wants

got this off evelyn...

is it really too much to ask for??

right now if a guy sings this to me i'd melt...


Sunday, November 05, 2006

there has to be more than this...

today i heard that an old school mate of mine passed. my deepest condolences to his family and all i can hope is that he is in a better place.
and it's gotten me thinking, he was only 20 and he hasn't even fully experienced everything that life has to offer, how sad is that?
i mean it wasn't as if it was an unexpected thing that happened, but all the same there has to be more to life than this. anything unexpected could happen any moment. you could fall in love, you could have a moment of emancipation, you could even have a life changing experince.
and i want to live to experience them all. and all i can do is hope that i do.

but also at the same time i wonder if i did die today, would anyone remember me?
and if they did what would i be remembered as?
a good daughter? a good sister? a good friend?
i really hope someone remembers me for something!
that i've touched some people's lives and the bonds that i've formed meant something to them because to me, friend's and family are right up there in the list of important things in this world. and if i were gone, would they think back and miss me?

i can only do my best to be the best person i can be and do the right thing. it's hard but life is hard. but at any time right now i think i would chose life over the other options laid across the table coz if you were alive at least you can do something, change lives, create some miracle.

ahh the philosophical all time question:
why am i put on this planet...
if someone has already found out tell me

Saturday, November 04, 2006


sorry i posted it a bit late!!
hope you like your present... =)

luv =) lyn

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


and for those not having any.. bah!! i despise you till next week!! haha

luv =) lyn

Sunday, October 29, 2006

white in shinning amour?? bah!! i tell you bah!!

you know all that stuff that fairy tales and hopeful dreams put in our heads about being a lil princess stuck up in a tower waiting for their knight in shining amour to come save the day?

you know damn well what i'm talking about. of happy endings as sweet as fairy floss and imaginations filled with rainbows and unicorns.
well i think it's all full of nonsense. all that is meant to seriously screw us up. you know why? prince charming doesn't exist and chivalry is dead. a thing of the past that shouldn't have gotten extinct but still managed to die somewhere along the way. don't ask me, ask the male species where it went.

there are surprisingly a lot of weak females out there, i mean with all the girl power mantras and feminism movements these days, it is a bit surprising that anyone is still waiting around for prince charming. well truth be told me being me i won't exactly wait around for that prince charming. i'll stand up get a whole load of old bruce lee movies learn some kung fu to kick that dragon's arse make some kung pow dragon outta it and then make my way down that tower somehow.. all the while wearing a pair of sexy jimmy choos... ;)

when my prince charming does come along i'll look him in the eye and say.. what the hell took you so long?
oh and along the way i might even save his arse instead.

yet after all that deep down inside i would still want my prince charming, and honestly i think all girls do! i don't need someone to come rescue me and save the day, but it wouldn't hurt to have just have someone there wouldn't it? and he doesn't exactly even have to be prince charming anymore, that itself is a very unrealistic expectation these days. look at shrek's example!

haha the randomness i am currently having.. forgive the exams stress blabber if i have bored you*

luv =) lyn

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i need to wish some people happy birthday...

first to jes... the bestest girl-friend a girl can ask for!
you're like my soul sister! happy 20th birthday hun! and good luck with your new job... haha.. you're finally working!

to my little sister, min-chan, happy 12th birthday to you my lil monkey!

and finally reitcha's water bombed birthday!!
you're going to have a HUGE one tomorrow night hun!

*mr happy is a product of boredom from studying added with a need to do something totally random*

busy studying at the moment, less than 2 weeks till exams and philosophy is making me have deep and meaningful moments with myself.. when i am able to start putting these into words i'll blog about it
till then

luv =) lyn

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


too all my indian and malay friend's out there.. hope you have a good time celebrating your respective festivals!

haha.. i nearly forgot all the dates for festivals now that i'm not in malaysia anymore...

luv =) lyn

Monday, October 23, 2006

alright i have to say this is the best combo for me...
my favourite show and my favourite band together!!
grey's anatomy and the fray, ahh.. happiness in a bubble.
i know.. i'm easily satisfied with little things.. haha!

and one more thing

so if you see me at chilli malam, i am there to visit people not to serve you your god damn food!! get your own god damn food by yourself! stop bossing me around as if i need to get it for you!
there.. i've let the frustration out...

luv =) lyn

Sunday, October 22, 2006

haze... who's fault is it?

you know what's funny? the haze in malaysia and singapore, that's funny but not in a light kind of view but rather the irony of things.

putting all the blame on indonesians coz of the forest fires ain't going to solve anything. think about this, i'm in australia and they're having one of the worst bush fires in the past 10 years. yet there is no heavy haze polluting the air, it is a bit hotter than usual but there is still rain to cool things down.

but in kl and singapore, i have to say that the humidity does not help things much, but the level of pollution is definitely a lot more than in melbourne. i'm only feeling a slight flu because of the extreme hot and cold between the days and nights.
so i have to say that i don't think that the indons are fully responsible for the bad air conditions that msia and sing are facing. i think everyone has to realize the amount of pollution we are causing and find a way to solve things rather than just point fingers everywhere.

that's just my thought of national news for the day then...

luv =) lyn

Saturday, October 21, 2006

companionship vs relationship

it's 5 am in the morning here in melbourne and i'm not asleep yet..
fact is i can't sleep not that i don't want to, but i don't even feel tired so i sit here and blog. about something that has been bothering me for a while now. and i have oka-san's words ringing in my ears > human relationships are the most complicated in the world.

and i have to agree with her. human relationships are complicated because we have so many emotions raging though us. we want so many things in this world and yet there are so many still that we are undecided about. for example the need for closeness with another human being. to feel connected knowing that the person will always be there for you. does that mean that it is a companionship you want or a relationship instead?

that's the hardest part i think. coz we all want to feel that closeness to someone. yet we don't want to be hurt. the phrase "love like you've never been hurt before" i really wish i could practice it. wouldn't that be great for me.
but i honestly can't. i've been hurt and it's hard to let your guard down. coz you've already been bitten once and you know the pain is so bad you don't want to go through it again. it is already hard enough to find the strength to stop crying about it, to get up and think about all the positive things in life that will help you get through everyday. it is even harder to forget the person that you love.

it's a fine line to tread. when is it that care for someone as a friend and when do you care for someone so much more?
the few stupid facts like you can't stop thinking about that person, you constantly want to spend time with her/him and you miss them all the time. the butterflies in your stomach just wont' stop fluttering. does that tell enough? or has there got to be more?

there are so many pros and cons to both sides. just give this a thought for a minute i suppose. where do you cross the line between friendships and the need for companionship into something more?

luv =) lyn

ps: i'm not working in chillipadi anymore guys... so let's just leave it at that.

Monday, October 16, 2006


It's finally over! No more college!
and my term as International Rep is finished. I think it's been a good ride and as always all good things have to come to an end.
thanks to everyone this year and last that have made my time at college such a memorable one! all the good times we shared and all the friendships made!
i feel lucky to have met all of you!

and also, this was how i celebrated mooncake festival:

hehe.. kim bear bought me snowy mooncake! thanks hun!!
it's so yummy!! it's not exactly ice-cream like i was led to believe, rather it's some creamy paste like filling. kinda makes my mouth water now thinking about it..
plus dinner with his friends.. hehe..

sorry adam i didn't attend your birthday party!!

suppose that's all the updates i have!

luv =) lyn!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

hmm.. jj's started complaining that he hasn't heard anything concerning the life of lyn. well the life of lyn has been pretty quiet and down played for a while now, due to the ridiculous notion of exams that exists to burden every student's emotional and physical (note: eyebags and stress) state. but even so, i still go out some fridays to loosen this burden and live a little.

so here are pictures from william's birthday (one month late...)
and yes i was super pissed drunk that night. not that super fantastic chucking my guts out.. but i did have a super fantastic time anyway.. i think... hahaha =P
thanks to the people that bought me drinks (esp: mark) i remember getting loads of beer from you which does explain the chucking up

o and this is last week at beach. yups a lil tipsy that nite too i think i had a bit too many sambuca shots. what to do? my black sambucan bro was there with me =)

well that's all for now! i'm heading back to the books coz i went out tonight to sean's house warming.. stupid me forgot to bring my camera

to sean: thanks for the invite to your place!! it's a really awesome place by the way! hope you don't get too lonely living alone. luckily darren , ck and leon are just around the corner

luv =) lyn!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

events @ UC

well as you guys can see that i haven't put anything up recently... sorry to those who are expecting news from me.. =P
been a bit busy with assignments, it's that time of year again folks. my head is in my books and i've got one foot partially stuck in geekdom.

for those who have read the comments on the previous blog.. don't worry about it.. i'm fine, it's not really effecting me. thanks evelyn for the emotional support tho!

anyways there's nothing much going on lately, but i did take the international students out one last time as the international rep to Izakaya Chuji. nice place for dinner. looks like everyone enjoyed the food, which is always a good thing for me...

and the other thing was christmas dinner in August.. long explanation short, winter is in june here in Aussieland = christmas in june.. but we're a bit behind so it's in august. get it?
i tried dressing up as a christmas tree.. note star on cap and earings, but no green cloting tho, sorry to dissapoint but i'm a red tree =P so deal with it...
haha estelle was a reindeer!! a green reindeer, ahaha.. now i should have dressed up as santa..

as always!
luv =)lyn

Sunday, September 10, 2006

UC DAY 2006

this year as usual lotsa drunkard events..
thanks to katie for all the effort that she put into it. all in all it was a fantastic day.. good job hun!
like last year we had the works! the bouncing castle, the spas and jelly wrestling, the yummy bbq lunch and of course the ceturian (1 hundred shots of beer continuously for 100 minutes) after that... that was when everyone got wasted

and i didn't really drink! ok a beer for breakfast is not really one's choice for a wake up call but i can't help it! i woke up to black eye peas : pump it blasted from the rose garden outside my window.. that plus bright sunshine, really good way to start my day!
if anyone realizes why i look so dead that's because of the sing-k the previous night.. forgive my party habits.. i don't get much sleep as it is..
i even went to beach that night, "thanks so much james" *sacarstic here* for making me go at the very last minute.. although i was dead tired and dead set at NOT going.. =p

and here's a slideshow:

but still i miss last year's uc day.. i miss all the people that were here last year!! anyone remember my vodka watermelon? haha..o well.. this will be my last UC day anyway

luv =) lyn

Friday, September 08, 2006

sing-k @ k-box, 8-09-06

this was last night.. but first it was dinner with ian's dad @ number8
thanks uncle for the dinner!! hehe.. it was really nice of him to bring me, keith and angeline there.. erm.. i'll keep mum about things now sir!

haha first time in melbourne!! second time in my whole entire life, believe it or not! i went to karaoke with some friends.. scary!!
went into room > lyn!! drink!! erm.. huh?? not sing?? drink?? haha.. o well..

i think the onion rings had something really funky in it.. everyone seemed to get high after eating them..

introducing Melbourne's SAM KO FA! YEA!!
i seriously had nightmares about them... i think i need a to see a psychiatrist now..

*notice in the background.. there is a very stonned person...

but it wasn't just all drinking.. we had some very talented singers too!!
iggy and david!

this speaks for itself.. no comment*

haha it was fun though!
thanks vince for the invite!

luv =) lyn

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i usually don't talk about things like this but now i need to let it out.
for a very long time i was in love. in love with this boy that i thought i would have a happy ever after with. and you could say that he was my world, my everything. but love needs work and it's not easy. me being young and naive still kept trying to work it out to keep things going. and after all that it still didn't end up the way that i wanted it to be.

in the end i was hurt and i think he was too, because it didn't turn out the way we wanted it. i was honestly hurting for a long time and no matter how hard i wish i don't think i can be the same person i was again because too much has changed. it's not easy loving someone genuinely, giving your everything to someone and make them your entire world. everything that is part of you is also part of him, because he completes you. and after all that i just ended up getting hurt and crying about it. so now i'll treat those 3 words with a lot more care.

but i still want to believe that the pain was worth it. it was worth all the love that you put in. because if you never tried in the first place, then you would never know what love is. you would never know how it feels to be held in someone's arms and feel safe and comfortable, to kiss him and feel butterflies in your stomach, to wake up smiling just coz he is beside you, and to fall asleep contented coz he is next to you. i think in the end, it was all really worth it.

so i've been hurting a long time, but thanks to my family, brothers and friends, i think i'm much better now. thanks for showing me how to love myself first before anyone else. that way i wouldn't keep hurting myself and beating myself up for things that happened. thanks so much to all the people who were there for me when i was being difficult and didn't leave even though i knew you wanted to.

and now i think it could be possible to just love again, even though i'm not really ready for a relationship, i think that it could be possible in the future. and even though it could end up hurting me at the end of the day it could be worth it. this pain won't kill me it'll just make me stronger. and so i just have to make wiser decisions in the future because that person has to be really really worth it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


hope all your birthday wishes came true!
at least everyone definitely had fun @ Beach.. and for those who didn't attend.. looks like you missed out!.. too bad ..

wanna come to BEACH now?? haha.. hope to see you there friday then!!

luv =) lyn

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka people!! and @hush

honestly, i am not a patriotic person. i think anyone can so obviously tell because i've only watched that parade 4-5 times in my whole entire lifetime. and well at least i still remember how to sing Negaraku that is a plus point since i don't know how to sing the Australian anthem.. BIG BIG plus there.. sadly i have forgotten the Rukun Negara although i've said it like maybe a billion times from primary till secondary.. and it is printed on every single exercise book i use to have..
Yes i admit i am a lousy malaysian.. but the independance day is a big thing for me as it is a plus point in giving me a reason to party and drink. so there.. i am showing my love of my country by downing some alcohol.. don't anyone out there complain as there is definitely no better way to show one's love and dedication to their country! (just like the irish do it ^_^ i suppose that is why they are so passionate)

anyway.. to our country happy birthday and happy merdeka everyone!

@ hush being as patriotic as i can.. =p

luv =) lyn

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dazza's first k-bbq

i asked my bro dazza out for dinner the last night coz i haven't seen him for AGES! when i say ages it's close to 6 months since i've seen him.. so that's pretty sad considering that he lives a 15 min walk from me...
i wanted to take him to lebanese house, sadly i didn't realize that they'd be close on sunday, so instead, i took him to Seoul house for his first taste in korean bbq.

ordered bulgogi and ox tongue..

nice korean waiter cooking for us...

dazza seems happy.. although the initial apprehension about eatin ox-tongue really seemed to put him off a bit..

later.. fried ice-cream and mango pudding at red silk.. i love mango pudding.. hehe

anyway i did have a fun night.. and i hope you did too dazza!! although my clothes now smell a bit of smoky beef..

luv =) lyn

p.s: sorry folks there are no pics of the opening of beach because a really smart gal didn't load the memory card into her camera.. haha.. bah i can be so absent-minded, anyway this week it's going to be a double trouble thing as it's david (eng huat's) 21st bday celeb and my brotha rub's bday celeb on friday night there.. so guestlist *LYN* or call for frees earlier as always.. and i hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

i HEART you... always and forever...

Cry... *sobz* ... Laugh... *HaHa*..
smILE =) ... frOWn =(
All these feelings
..all part of life..
how interesting.. imagine if we didn't feel
how numb .. how empty
would you miss these feelings if they were gone?
i remember sharing them with you a time that now feels so long ago...
as if it were in another lifetime
...the short time we shared...
i was honestly happy then
..& i hope you were too..
part of me will always miss you
...i can't help it...
now i'm wondering ... will you miss me too??
anyway.. thanks for all the memories..
i'll always treasure them

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LAVISH 18-08

just last week people!! see i'm updating!! sigh* that's coz i've been pretty sick lately my only realy companion is toshiba.. that's damn pathetic lo...

anyway this friday it's BEACH club's brand new opening @ docklands..
so it's free entry at the door for anyone who mentions my name *LYN*
alright?? anymore inquiries please feel free to call me : 0414154045
hope to see you there... and get ready for a good night out

luv lyn =)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

so much time has passed and i still question myself, what have i done so far? it's as if time has just flown by and i have acheived nothing but landing myself back at the begining, and i've made absolutely no progress, except to do everything wrong. try as i might looking back i think i could have made better decisions and love myself a lot more.

at the same time however, i have no regrets. i loved as much as i could, and tried as hard as i can, even though at times my feelings may not have been reciprocated and all i end up doing is hurting myself and hurting others in the process, it's all part of life and it's meant to make us stronger doesn't it?

sad to say, i'm quiet sick of it all. i'm so sick of the games people play with my head. it's like i'm just trying to be the best person i can be and all you do is tear me up inside. and then i become less trusting, less loving, less of everything that makes me the nice person i am. so now i don't believe in relationships. i don't believe you can honestly love another person that much, unless you are a saint. i'm never going to treat those 3 little words so lightly anymore. because they mean so much more, and giving your all to someone is a very big thing.

i'm sorry for all the pain and frustration that i have given everyone who has cared deeply about me by being so motivated to just self-destruct. but right now i'm pretty messed up and well i'm not ready to take another person into my heart and give them everything and end up being this way again. the pain is not worth it.
LAVISH 11-08

this was from 2 weeks ago.. i know i am a bit behind updates, but i've been busy with assignments!!
so anyways, this is the big night out at lavish, thanks so much david for sending me and my friend's home! i owe you a drink yea! maybe this friday at beach??

and a few other pictures of the night..

love lyn =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


we had the 2nd turn of the turn the other day i haven't posted up any of the pics until NOW! haha.. so sorry guys.. at least they're here now
i don't have that many pics.. sorry!! that's coz i was kinda late for the event.. was having dinner with some friends that night..

the theme being GLAM ROCK NIGHT
and with that sort of theme what else can you think of? tight leotards, big hair and BAD ASS fashion.. haha anyway just take a look at what some of us got up to...

all in all it was a good night.. we did continue drinking is skan's room but for some reason i dun have pics of that.. if i do get any i'll post them..

to jj : you going back to manchester already.. darn.. try your best to go back in dec alright? i'll miss you if you don't

luv lyn =)