Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is singlehood really that bad?

even with movies and tv shows that seem to portray the sex in the city lifestyle telling us that it is ok to be single, we are still continuously expected to look for Mr Right.
i mean honestly Aristotle with his we are all looking for the other half that god took away from us should be considered a thing of the past and an ideal irrelevant to our modern day society right?

sadly, even though i'm only this young, i'm continuously grilled by the nagging voice outside my head that wishes everyday that i would graduate faster get a boyfriend and get married.
this particular nagging voice has constantly reminded me of this:
women really don't have to be all that smart. as long as you're pretty that should get you a good husband so that you can live happily ever after.

i am graduating soon. i have a job that does support me at the moment and hopefully it looks good on my resume, and to top it off i hardly mooch of my parents (other than the uni fees)
still this doesn't make any difference. why? coz i'm single.

i use to believe that i still have plenty of time left. that i can still see the world and enjoy life. yet even Dr.K opposes this. he keeps telling me the height of your prime is when you're 25 and hopefully by that time you'll have a boyfriend that you have in mind to settle down with already
coz then you have 5 years to think about having kids. always try to have kids before you're 30.

geez. with all the work and study and what not, i still have to juggle a half-assed existing social life and still have time to date.
look at all the expectations to meet.
it's the age old modern day question that lingers. why is it alright for men to meet their prime at 40-something and have no nagging voices that keep telling them their time is coming soon!!!??

yes the world spins on an angle. nothing is perfect.
i just need to keep reminding myself that i'm not un-datable. i just don't have the time for it and i haven't found the right one. hopefully that pacifies that nagging voice..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Idealistic romances

this picture basically completes my perfect idea of romance

the heat
the passion
the ideal setting way up high in the clouds

yes head over heels idealistic romanceand yet

sarah jessica parker still looks like someone who has a horse's face
and i cannot yet wrap my mind about how she even got onto such a great show in the first place
or how she became so popular..

figures.. the person who hired her was blind
at least the clothes in Sex In The City managed to make up for her hideousness

so now the BIG question is


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kiss kiss bang bang

it's all about the slut face love this week.. yea babes if you reading this.. bask in my love
there you are the most Beefalicious babes i know.. hugs
call it whatever you want
it's support when you most need it

if that doesn't help, shoot me in the head.. it'll hurt less

it's all the random rantings due to low-sugar-levels in my blood
can anyone spell C-H-E-E-S-E-C-A-K-E ?? and Mrs fields combo?? NICEEE...
exam time should also mean let's get fat while munching during studies time

7 last week sucked. it sucked so bad the amount of alcohol i was having just didn't help.
i wish i did an Alfie.. lucky fella got drunk enough to not remember anything. WHY??
the world gets unfair when alcohol has lost it's effect on me. is that a good thing or a bad?
i really should have just stayed at cho gao. they were at least smoking crack there.
yes... i love hanging out with crazy-pot-smoking-bastards

by the way, this does not mean i'm starting to drink ABCs.. just coz i dun get drunk doesn't mean i want to consume something that tastes god-aweful
whoever put that idea into your head better just fuck off..

honestly, this just ain't my week. crap* make that month
it feels like an avalanche of work + bad news all cramped into one.

and in case you still didn't know...
i hate Blythe Dolls.. scratch that..
I FUCKING HATE Blythe Dolls... and Pumpkin Patch dolls
why no just throw Barbie into that list to make it complete
but Blythe is the creepiest thing in the world.. those eyes.. someone should try scratching them out to make them look less creepy...

still.. remember..
this is love the slut face week!!

kiss kiss bang bang.
if you're not dead then it better hurt like hell..


Friday, May 16, 2008

Pitfalls and Betrayals

you know no matter how much you plan, your best laid plans would usually be put to waste.
things never ever really go according to plan do they? and although it sucks, life's just like that.

i really wanted to run away. i really wanted to just finish it, get it all over with and out of my system. but instead i have to burn up all my plans. and although it's much easier to cry, scream and kick up a tantrum about it i'm 21. i'm suppose to be mature and just accept it and do my best to survive..

i love you that much and no matter how much i pray and hope that things didn't work out this way, what else can i say. i still love you. crap if i didn't, it won't hurt this much. it still feels like betrayal.


by the way those of you who don't know the truth just shut up and stop making assumptions. you'll be no where close to the truth
i'll never ever tell you what this is about anyway...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Fantasy at se7en 2.5.08

the mundane, boring routine can sometimes dull a person

the cure:
a little alcohol, lots of love and spinning behind the Dj console at se7en helps me cling onto the shreds of a once upon a time social life

i just had to drag JaneJane along for this well deserved cause

as well as Kiki Boy

The KuKu
with DjRev's finger included...


today: HAPPY HOUR anyone??

call me if you love to join

Friday, May 02, 2008


i posted this earlier in a smaller post but i doubt people would notice
plus it deserves to be special:


i will repeat this again and again if you need me to

i think i'm going to the movies again sometime next week...


Party Pictures

this blog has had a deficiency in photographs for a very long time now.
since my camera got stolen last year i haven't been bothered purchasing a new one..
*sponsorships however will be very appreciated if anyone wants to donate to the ~buy lyn a new camera fund~
i promise to take as many photos as i possibly can of you and with you to be posted up on this blog*
so here a little dump of pictures stolen by people who have tagged me on facebook..

with Sabby at CQ@Easter.. yeah it's been that long..

yea it's been that long

at se7en the last time..
DJRev.. he's not as gangsta as he protrays himself to be..
happfying colours behind the DJ console..
this is my give me my alcohol or else face..
drink of the day: still chamboard lemonades..

what amazes me was suhan ordering a drink called pussy whip that night.
couldn't stop laughing coz he said it with an extremely straight face...

Berno's 21st birthday at CrownTowers Suite

i was drunk and watching dragonball on the toilet Tv.. awesomeness..