Thursday, September 13, 2007


i got robbed on tuesday

what a bloody f**ked up thing to happen i tell you
because the bloody, f**king bastard just had to take away all my gadgets
so now my beloved toshiba, ixus and nokia's new twin brother is all GONE!

all my assignments that are due tomorrow are all BYE BYE!
this is just too damn F**KED UP

at least at the moment i am able to obtain extensions till next week for them but only till friday
OM-F**ING-GAWD! 2 weeks worth of work just flew out the window..

i so wanna cry
but i seriously rather pummel that bastard if i ever get my hands on him..
wait not just pummel.. chop his balls off more like it..

and everyone will have to deal with a lot of no blogging and no pictures for a while..
when i say a while.. i mean a few months alright
sorry i have no dough/ching ching at the moment..

urgh!! mood : stressed! major unhappy and wanting to break something / murder the theif..
the latter would be a much better option..

p/s: don't mind the language.. if you were in my shoes i think i have sweared very little

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