Tuesday, December 18, 2007

killing time - earning moo

ok since i'm bored at work and i hate just sitting around goyang kaki. surfacing symptoms of ADD i suppose. damn...

so i shall fill you in on my observations of the world from my little cubicle

the first has to be of this lady buying not one but 2 dog-exercise equipment sets. seriously
i felt like telling her. haven't you heard of the park? did you really need to spend $100 on equipment that your dog really does not need when the park outside is free?
feeling too rich? then pay me to walk your dog instead. i don't mind the extra moo at the moment.

then here was a conversation with my little sis that went like this:

littleChicky: so jie now you earning money. a lot ah?
me: ok a little bit enough to survive. why?
littleChicky: so now can you please buy koko black for me when you come back? i want one kg
me : ....

(1kg of that chocolate is nearly 200 ringgit. )

then, there is this conversation i had with Beefalicious on msn about the new man in her life:

beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
he calls me princesssssss
lyn~ says:
lyn~ says:
i think he needs glasses
lyn~ says:
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:
it's damn sweeet lah
beefong : looking forward to a new year says:

i couldn't help cracking up at work. at least beefalicious seems happy.

i need the laughter anyway. it helps with the anger management. keeping in control and not losing my temper is difficult. dealing with idiots on a daily basis is difficult. dealing with people who deserve a kick in the shins is difficult when all the while i have to keep the temper in check and just keep smiling.

anger management class written all over my forehead.

yes i msn a lot because what am i suppose to do when there are no patients. BossDoc doesn't seem to complain. i also facebook too much and am writing this now.
all i can say is at least SeanDaMan isn't my manager.
in his words : msn?? FIRED!! FIREDD!! YOU THINK NO NEED TO WORK AH?

wow thank god BossDoc is not like that at all.
yay for me.. i suppose..


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