Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

sigh* more like i've already left on the said jet plane..

current location: melbourne

although no complains.. i like being in melbourne but the thing is when i am here that would equal to study and study= stress...
so for now i got to leave my holiday mood behind and welcome the new semester with open arms.. although no one said that i couldn't have a sour face on when i greet it.. =)

anyway there is one thing i gotta say..

20 more birthdays till if we are still single you know what happens..
i meant to wish you earlier but i left kl on your birthday and i've been so busy getting furniture for my new place and uni registration that i haven't really had the time to go online... and i wasn't sure if you got my sms...
really sorry love.. forgive me??

alright that's all for now..

heart =) lyn

Thursday, February 22, 2007

i know it's a little bit late and as usual i'm a little bit slow.. but hey give a girl some credit for trying to blog when her little bro and sis are continuously hogging the computer playing maple story
anyway like i said.. happy chinese new year everyone!! i hope everyone has had a good time gambling and collecting ang pau!
i know i have! been pigging out like crazy! now i feel fat.. but it's once a year where i eat like this ok?? so yea.. when i get back to melbourne i shall start jogging.. in kl a lil too hot for jogging.. want me to die of dehydration by jogging out in that heat?
*if kim-bear reads this.. he'll just go so lazy!! excuses only.. you where got exercise one?? sigh** i need to keep at least one new year's resolution!
anyway.. these were taken a while back but i didn't post them up soon enough.. like i said.. when you have a bro and sis addicted to an online game it's nearly impossible to get the com to yourself for a good 1/2 and hour. and i think that the cny decorations for the curve are the best! it's all pink! and oh-so pretty!

so sleepy after a night out... hehe =)

oh and this chinese new year a little bit of my ah-lainess emerged.. truthfully i never really understood what ah-lain honestly meant, but the kim-bear explained that it was sort of an asian-bimbo thing.. so please correct me if i am wrong about this..
so the ah-lian in me went with my mum to the manicurist in 1-u and got our mails painted..

if you think mine is really wow with all the crystals and stuff.. my mum's is even more kuah-cheong.. (superbly greater than mine)
her's is made of aqualite which is kinda like plaster shaped into flowers and stuff on her nails giving it a 3-D effect.. too bad she won't let me put up the pics coz she says her hands look ugly..
sad to say although i spent RM68 on my nails they didn't even last a week.. i did them last thursday and now they're quit badly chipped off already..
truthfully they're more fun to peel off (they kinda peel of like banana skins) than to have put on! haha.. =P

anyway.. happy chinese new year! from my family to your family!wishing you all a happy and prosperous year of the pig! and many more years to come ^___^

heart* lyn

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentine's ranting...

i have to honestly say that if there ever is one day in the whole entire year that i absolutely hate it has to be february 14th. valentine's day is horrible to the absolute max! it is one day that makes singles feel absolutely lonely and couples spend loads and loads of $$money$$ due to the fact that everything from flowers to dinner is so god damn expensive.

no wonder the suicide rate in US of A is the highest on this stupid day..
too lonely = depressed
no money = killed by gf.. haha.. sad..

it has to be the most horrible day that exists in the calender and you know what.. it's all thanks to this stupid guy who wrote a stupid love letter to his girlfriend while he was dying in prison.. wikipedia the story if you must.

anyway it's not like i will be lonely this valentine's. but i don't really wanna go out and face a jam packed kl.. sigh* so to all my dears i hope all of you spend it the way you choose and get happy about it..

alright then that is all my drama ranting for the time being..

anyway.. i'd love to wish miss tina and her other half mr vincent low


pictures from tina's 21st birthday party.. *jealous jealous* the party was planned out so nicely!!

loads of hugs* to you girl!! more mature now.. =p

hearts + stars
^___^ lyn

Thursday, February 08, 2007

seeing hannah t in one u

nothing much but i thought i might as well blog about it. i saw hannah tan today @ bakerzin in one u when i was with my mum and her business clients having lunch.
if jj were there he would have had his mouth wide open and starstruck

me? i can't help but realize that
1: she is a really pretty girl and i can understand her popularity

2: why does she always wear white? and all white? from shirt to shorts to slippers!! never heard of other colours which would not get that dirty? or a girl having her period i suppose..

3: if so then is she really a girl or is she a he-she.. hmm??

4: she's pretty so why is she dressed like a complete slut on her album cover instead of something sexy? (by the way slutty never ever equals to sexy!! it's very different when you decide to dress like a prostitute and when you dress hot!)

5: and if you've never heard of hannah tan here's her website
i only know this coz while she was being interviewed on 8tv she mentioned it, it's not like i'm a fan and i googled her. never even heard of her till i got back to kl. and even then when i saw her album cover i really thought.. dam! this girl is a major slut.. see the album cover and you'll know what i mean. but now i admit i think she is quite pretty..

so there. that's the only real interesting i can blog about.
and to jj if you are thinking: damn it lyn you should have got her autograph for me.. well like i said i'm not a fan. and i didn't wanna embarrass myself coz my mum's business clients were there and she looked like she was on a date with someone and didn't wanna be bothered.

hearts + stars
^___^ lyn

Monday, February 05, 2007

toshiba is repaired!

wopee!! alright mah-baby is up and running again but the whole com got reformatted so for those who asked me for copies of pics just wait a lil' while more.. can??
for those who are wondering how i made the money, well it's through this

every year mum always asks me to wrap hampers.. this year syiok! only need to wrap cookies instead.. so there! pretty? wish you got a box of cookies like these then can feel a bit more of the gong xi fa chai spirit.. even if the cookies were not that nice to eat, wrap until like this will make anyone think it's very tasty! haha..
so the exchange was i do this for her, she repair toshiba!

alright now toshiba is back i promise to update more.. there are so many pictures i need to put up!! o well.. there'll be time for that.. but now i have to clean house.. make the house look pretty for cny =)

hearts + stars =) lyn