Thursday, June 08, 2006

all new seasons start in august, once summer is over

- abc news : on their tv series -

bah! why!! why!! why!! scream out loud in agony..
2 1/2 months of tv deprivation.. no more desperate housewives, no more grey's anatomy, no more prison break, no more house md, no more !! no more!!
i think most people can tell by now how much i love american tv..
i can't help it! american tv is absolutely wonderful

all the affairs, the trashiness, the drama!! ahh.. without the drama where would i be?

it's all absolutely fantastic! once you start it's like hook line and sinker .. it's like a drug you're completely hooked.. sorry i can't help it.. don't believe me! start watching grey's anatomy (that's my current fav. one to date > and it always changes) it's so so good! anyone who knows what i am talking about can't you wait for season 3 to start to see if meridith choses mc vet or mc dreamy?
woman! choose mc dreamy! coz duh!! he's mc dreamy!
(any abc exec who is reading this right now by chance *i'm crossing fingers hoping that you might* make her choose mc dreamy!)

sigh* i sound like a complete maniac writing this post about how fanatical i am about a tv show... but hey the only reasoni would move to america is only if i get to watch all the shows as a full time job...
sorry folks .. although i have been to america it's not my dream place to live there.. i'd always rather live in melbourne or malaysia anytime =]

so yup i can't wait till the show come back.. one month of hols without any shows.. sigh* what am i supposed to do??

at least for now i have some sort of cute entertainment to play with :
misso!! she's so cute =]

absolutely LUURRRVE her!

going to play with her now!

=] luv lyn!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Peter: [Hosting the PTV show The Side Boob Hour] Look at that side boob, check out that side boob, how bout this side boob? That turn you on? Well, it shouldn't cause that's my side boob! Good night everyone

~family guy~

see!! told you so!! all men are OBSESSED with boobs
it's undeniable.. come on this is a cartoon, not your typical nice cutesy disney cartoon of course, but rather a more crude version of the simpsons but still men are obsessed with breasts

and i just honestly cannot and might never understand this. forget that, having a itsy bitsy teeny tiny comprehension about it doesn't even come close. why? why? why?
what is it about a women's boobs that makes guy's eyes oogle and drool. what is it about boobs that turns men on?

ok i work in chillipadi right and they love to tease me about my boobs. i get it all the time, everytime! i don't mean to brag at all, but yes i admit to it ~ i have ok looking boobs. it's not like i think my breasts are the biggest breasts in the whole world. sorry you got me wrong, i actually didn't think too much about them. but people always seem to tease me or rather bryan says that it is complementing me, on them.

my nickname at chillimalam last night that they deem affectionate is "tai po" = big boobs *sigh* why la?? why?? my boobs also not that big ok!! there are people which much much bigger boobs out there.. take queen lattifah for example.
so, yes why all this fuss and attention about a woman's boobs? especially when they have big ones?

people it's just fatty tissue and milk. it's main purpose is also for feeding babies. and yet someone tells me that a woman's breasts tell of her sexuality. why? bigger breats = more sex? i seriously doubt that. i honestly think that this assumption comes from men who like to have fantasies of sleeping with women with big breasts.

still i don't understand this craziness about boobs. we are all born with what we have. sadly not all women can have big ones. so what to do? get implants!haha!
if anyone has the answer to why men LOVE big boobs fill me in k!

=] luv lyn