Sunday, April 04, 2010

we're going to run this town tonight*

I love long weekends because it is a break from the major workloads i've brougt upon myself.. Not that I'm complaining but there are days that I ask myself why.. Whether the stress is worth the $$$ and having to give up on a life. There are days that seem to go by filled only with work and sleep. I suppose due to this endless mundane cycle I rarely write or blog as much as I used to.

But this Easter break is turning out to be quite perfect albeit a little short.
most people have 4 days off, I have 2. Yes, it's the workload talking but at least 2days off in a row has at least made me feel human again.

Eve on Friday night with the girls, silk road last night and an entire Saturday of perfect weather dedicated to shopping my hard earned money
although my plans for a road trip had an unforseen kink thrown into it, and I had to cancel all my lunch reservations at least shopping sorta made up for it. Now I have a huge dent in my wallet, so back to work now...

~and for some pics~

For-EVE-r friday with the girls

*and some of the things i picked up along the way one fine saturday*

another pair of london soles to add to the collection. these were a sample size that were selling for 44% off!! felt so incredibly lucky because they're also a one of a kind deisgn that i just had to snap them up!!

and a wallet from chanel from their spring/summer 2010 collection
i love the logo in gunmetal on the front!!
finally something i see that i like there. with chanel sometimes its a hit and miss with me. i know, picky aren't i?? hahaha

also got an itouch and i can't seem to stop fiddling with it.

anyway i hope everyone has had an awesome long weekend and a chance to rest and relax...
now back to slugging it

xoxo Lyn