Wednesday, February 20, 2008



you asked me a question
i replied with two
it goes in a circle
round and round like a merry-go round
and then i say
here we go again
we're back where we began
things just aren't getting anywhere
you say i have the answers
to what i do not know
so you ask more questions
and my reply stays the same
more and more questions
with no answers


sometimes... * by stella im hultberg

i just love this picture

there is a haunting quality to it that i absolutely love that i can't explain

Monday, February 18, 2008

it isn't only in the movies anymore!

i've been wanting to blog about this for a while now but i keep forgetting. i met FreakyFaiz as he just got back to mel and i was about to leave. over a beer this is our conversation.

me: so how was your trip?
Freaky: i gained some mile high points
me: wtf?? what did you do?
Freaky: i dunno? i was drunk. she was cute
me: you mean to say you just met her?
Freaky : yea! and now she's telling me she loves me!
me: omg! why you so scandal?
Freaky: coz i needed to test whether it really is possible in such a small enclosed toilet space
me: ==" wtf??

well at first i thought he was joking till i saw a few of the love messages he's been getting
so for those who are wondering. yes it is possible in that space and well i suppose it doesn't only have to happen in the movies.

old habits die hard

i held her hand in mine and her eyes were full of tears.and i'm still wondering how things came to this. so i do all i can do to tell her that it's all right. that things would get better.
am i being a liar?

so for one night i decided it was just enough. i turned back to old habits. i threw a new year's resolution out the window over the weekend. i started drinking again after 5 months of sobreirity. in the words of homer simpson, beer is the cause and solution to all problems. and i actually felt that there was some truth in them. that for one night i actually felt alright in the past 2 months or so after receiving that news. although the embarrasing fact is that i made a fountain i think it wasn't as bad as the 4 that BFFngJJ made in one night.

let's hope that the make believe alcoholism doesn't return. and things really do get better from now on. that somehow things would work out. i need a miracle.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's day

Dear Gummi bear

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

*in different shades of pink too!!*

may you have so much fun and pink champagne that you burst with happiness and that the bimbo in you live on forever!!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

a Ratatoo-ee year

this would be my last post on the 2 blogs for the next few weeks since i'm packing up and taking off. so tata to all of you in melbourne and hello to all of you back in KL!

and to everyone,


may ratato-ee bring you loads of luck for the coming year


ok the GummiBear has been extremely mean/nice
depending on the way you see things. his way of curbing my shopping splurges has been to use reverse psychology. take me into a shop where the shoes are at 75% off or the clothes at 50% off and ban me from buying anything i like by dragging me out of said shop 10 minutes later when i've found something that i like. pure evil
but at the same time i've managed to hoard a little stash to convert back to a bigger stash in ringgit.. hehe
don't you just love the exchange rate?

i'm so gonna stuff myself silly and shop myself stupid when i'm back in kl.

Friday, February 01, 2008

in four days

In the next 4 days i have to:

finish my 45% assignment
collect my remaining pay
remember to pay the bills
pack up and leave
say adieu to you

seems like there is a lot to do, so little time
4 days and counting

i'm just too tired to think at the moment
this calls for after work beer!
there's a pint in some bar with my name of it..