Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just Because..

yes this is late again..
blogging in my schedule lately has become damn fail..
everything lately has taken a back seat to assignments


bakazaruSEIJ & Dazed DARREN!!

yes it is 2 days late.. sorry sorry..
been a bit busy lately

also i have a new part time job at QV pharmacy as the clinic pharmacy as part of my get me out of bankruptcy plan..
so guys when you are free, come visit me on my working days..


~you make me agro when you ask me stupid questions. i have already given you my 2 cents like you have asked for on so many occasions. yes you make a very good friend and i have tried to save your sorry ass from digging your own grave before it's too late. but since you refuse to listen then fine.. i hope you get burned like a fried egg then!
throwing stupid questions at me when i am pms-ing just makes me want to slap you..
make that stupid comment about my boobs again then don't take it personally when i kick you in the groin with 3 inch stilletoes.. just know that deep down although i know that it will hurt you more than it hurt me, i can't deal with stupidity when i'm stressed..
in the end tho, much love to you still..

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