Friday, October 12, 2007

It Was The Chilli's Fault

chilliGeorge : hey your birthday right on the -- at xx
me: yea.. why you going to buy me present??
chilliGeorge: yea!! i heard you got boy already so i'll buy you a broom ok??
me: why a broom??
cG: so that you can use to do housework!! hahaha.. o i'll buy you detergent with that too!! so when you do laundry do mine with yours can??
me: =.=" hey don't so cheap can??
cG: but i don't want to spend more than AUD 0.50 on your present!!
ok ok i buy you bread from breadtop
me: but 50 cents cannot buy me anything from breadtop!!
cG: ok you wait till i take a few bites out of it then i pass it to you ok?
me: errr.... no comment...

by the way those who are invited to my bithday are getting the invites soon..
and if you're not invited.. you're just not..

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