Friday, June 27, 2008

Running on adrenaline

it is undeniable, i have had blogging withdrawal symptoms. it's just the combination of being too busy and lacking the motivation that has led to this.
and as the exams are all going to be over i'm starting to get a taste of how things are just going to get more hectic from now on.

one good example was yesterday when i had to work, finish the corrections on my last essay, head to jacques reymond by 8.30 for dinner
which i must admit was one of the best dinners i've had in Melbourne and for $230 a head it was quiet worth it.
plus kim was being in the once-in-a-lifetime generous, who would give up on the offer?
wah wah lounge for Phreac's second event then back again to the uni books.
slept at 4 am

woke up at 8 am to hand in the final essay and start work at 9am.

plus tonight:

dr. john's farewell dinner at 6.30
drinks with fai (coz i've been ditching him numerous times this past week)
and then Se7en for more partying

i think i'm becoming damn champion
running on 150 bpm

yet i still don't know which direction i'm heading towards...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

USD 670 for shoes?? sob..

within those tiny moments when i had let my guard down, i think i fell head over heels in love..


so now i'm going to slap myself to wake up

since i'm getting sick and tired of this situation of self-pity i'm going to work it all off


start saving up for shoes..
crap.. i really want that pair of alessandro del acqua strappy heels
why do they cost USD$670???!!! that is outrageous!!

since i can't form proper lasting relationships with men i shall form one with fashion!