Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the bear with dodgy drugs

BIGGERbear: you have a flu? take these

me: are you sure they're not expired?? where did you get them from?

BIGGERbear: bangladeshi shop

me: you mean an indian doctor is it?

BIGGERbear: no!! bangladeshi sundry shop
*huge grin (^___^)

in my head i was actually thinking : O MY GOD
i literally stared back at him speechless

this was a guy that i had complete and utter trust since the day i met him 3 years ago
that could probably be the whole reason why i took the meds last night
but instead of taking 2 as per his instructions, i took one
yes.. i admit i was afraid and skeptical

yes he is 9.5 years older then me
the one that i look up to since i entered uni
the one that i entrust all my secrets to and the one who i can always count on to watch my back
that even my mum trusts to keep me safe out of trouble!!
so truth be told, even he if gave me coke/lsd/whatever-illegal-drug there is out in the market disguised as flu meds i think i'd still take it

but this guy is twice my size therefore my theory would be that he needed twice the meds that little ol' me needed

i ko-ed the entire night
literally.. i was very groggy when i woke up this morning..
and was nearly late for work..

so when BIGGERbear visited me at work so i could process some documents for him, the first thing he asked was: so how were the meds?

i looked up at him half hungry, half sleepy and still slowly dying from not breathing properly
at least i had knocked-out peaceful sleep

i still can't believe i took dodgy drugs


also coz BFFngJJ would not forgive me if i don't post this:

darling!! thank you so much for one of the best presents i've received this year!!
i absolutely the beautiful swarovski bracelet that you personally picked out and posted to me all the way from manchester!! my favourite has to be the pink heart shaped charm

sadly i don't have a camera to take a picture of it :(

from melbourne to manchester...
much love to you huns!!

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