Monday, July 30, 2007


you finally turned 20..

this is what i will always remember you for:

SlutMonkeyIan: hey lyn you know if you and i were in a sinking ship you'd have to save me..

me: why?

SlutMonkeyIan: *points at chest* coz i don't have built in boyancy like you do!

me: =.="
on the larger scale, there might be things that we don't understand
then the heart and head go into mutiny
for all that it's worth we have all lost something we treasure most
i suppose that is just the way it goes
because if we don't lose something then it is impossible for us to move on
the world does not stand still it keeps moving
so we lose something so that we may get something new

this time it's different from the last
i wish i could tell all of you how i feel sometimes
there is no easy way
but the next time i look back i just don't want to say sorry anymore
i don't want to carry around anymore regrets
it's too huge a burden..

and even through all this dark and gloomy rainy days
i can still hide under the covers
it's still warm and safe
and i have all of you this time
then hopefully i won't say.. i'm alone..


ps: pictures from the weekend soon..

Friday, July 27, 2007


ok since everyone is saying that i have't updated here is one..

truth is it's because i have nothing much to update about. got back to melbourne and fell really sick.. still down with a fever and flu.. *grr..ROAR* and tonight it's winter wonderland @ se7en..
well you all know that i'm still going anyway. i have a table! haha the excuses i give myself because i've been wanting to go for god knows how long now..
pray that i feel better tonight..

so on the plane i would like to say i found my dream guy while watching seducing mr perfect..

as far as dream guys do exist.. i have to say, daniel henney is HAWT!

so here are some pics for the girsl to drool over..

don't you just agree?? haha

wish i had a boyfriend that hot to look at everyday.. hehe..

ok hope you guys have been entertained by that stupid update.. blame it on the panadol if you must..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

yes i am in melbourne already

but it still feels like there are a lot of things that i wished i did when i was i kl..

like going mamaking with BlobKwang.
going to Hana one more time with Beef and Bobba..
meeting Lor one more time..
meeting up with Tina,Brenda & Putri..

true the last thing i did was read the whole Harry Potter book in 2 days before returning.. but what kinda achievement is that??

and for the first time in a long time.. i feel homesick..

i miss my family. my brothers. my friends.

i hope the next time, i have more time.

more time before i say goodbye...

i will miss our lunches

and our outings..

where we unabashedly pose for shamless photos such as these

and i will miss riding in the new bat-mobile and the new civic-prime

and our poser shopping trips

and me chosing accesories that i know you guys would like.. till you both bought the bands in the name of brotherhood..

and how much we can just be ourselves around each other..
and the friends that we introduce to each other..

BFFngJJ & Willy Wonka you're like my brothers from different parents...

i'm going to miss you and i already can't wait for our next reunion.. hugs* to the both of you..

xoxo lyn

Friday, July 20, 2007


i'm leaving this monday so what could be a better thing to do than some bonding time with Mims..

so let's just go one more time..

Cilantro's special friday lunch with pictures this time

*forgot to take a pic of the first appetizer : lamb tataki

the second appetizer.. blue crab bisque
and yes with wine..
my main : duck with foie gras
Mim's fish
dessert : mango pudding with passionfruit sorbet

as extra i also had another dessert, my fav earl grey ice cream. but forgot to take a pic of that coz couldn't wait to dig into it. it's the best ice cream i've ever tasted and to my surprise it's actually cheaper than 2 scoops of haagen dazz.. *humph to haagen dazz for overpricing*

i maintain that cilantro is definitely one of the best places i've eaten so far. not only good food but also fantastic service. the waiters always seem to remember who you are! and as usual the lunch hour was packed!

next to the opening of the new LV in KLCC..

just to look~see~ the displays they have..

there were so many people there! even some local celebrities.. and everyone was trotting LV's everywhere!!

i can so imagine BFFngJJ saying : see all the MakDatins!! showing off their LVs!!

but the look~see turned out to be something more.. i got a present!!

my very first speedy.. (^___________^)


i heart you so much!!

mim's theory : i'm so lucky today coz the date is 20072007..

hmm.. maybe the stars really are just in my favour

xoxo lyn

ps: i watched Harry Potter the other day with BFFiNgJJ and Willy Wonka in 1U's Gold Class and i have to say that i was rather dissapointed with it.. i hope that the book that's coming out tomorrow will be much better..

Thursday, July 19, 2007







Wednesday, July 18, 2007

o jeebuz rice.. i nearly forgot to publish this post.. it's just been sitting here all this while since last friday!!


sorry sorry.. don't get angry ok!??

xoxo lyn

haha yes!! i finally got them!!

even Gingy was happy to say hi to them

and i got 2 kinds the choc chip

*the i love you bit was given to my bro's gf... hope she likes it!*

and mint choc chip

half of them are already gone coz they're so tiny and bite sized that it was just pop! no more!! haha..

yes i am so excited and happy that i finally ate these cuppacakes. i have to say that they are actually quiet nice!! Mims says i'm so greedy for wanting to eat them so bad..

i keep telling her that she just doesn't understand how long i've been waiting for them
~ she did eat one tho and admit that it was not bad actually! hahaha.. see told you so!

anyway that's just some pics for now.. more coming later..

xoxo lyn

Monday, July 16, 2007

and the days feel shorter, and times moves faster..

i know i'm leaving kl..
but why is it that this time

my heart feels so much heavier
as if i don't really want to leave

i haven't felt this way in a while
it's as if i'm getting home sick even before i left home
i feels as if i'm going to miss all of this..

my heart is a new shade of blue

Sunday, July 15, 2007


the weekend has been short of nothing but great
catching up with everyone was just a blast...

friday night: dinner with kryst + yy + BFFngJJ
i hope that they enjoyed the dinner at coca..
i don't mind admitting that the dinner did put a little hole in the wallet..
i really didn't expect steamboat to be so expensive!! haha.. but it still was a nice dinner..

saturday night : BeefBabes + KwangkingBlob
hehe.. Bobas opened this new place called Hanna in Sri Hartamas

it has this really nice funky new age jap kinda layout.. and it's worth going when the place properly opens. which is tomorrow.. located on the parking lot near the main street as you turn into Hartamas.. the it's opposite the KK convenient store.. on the other side of the parking lot
haha see Bobas i'm advertising your place!!

so there we were having free flo drinks.. then Beef's frens were in Somo so off to Somo for 15 mins before they left then back again to Hanna for more drinks.. lols.. and while in Hanna, Will + BFFngJJ popped by and i have to say although they never met each other before (ie: Kwang never met Beef/Boba, JJ never met Beef, Will never met Beef/Kwang and well Beef didn't meet anyone before) they've heard so much about the other person and they all got along really well!! so it turned out to be a really really great night out for me!!
*smiles all around folks*

must must!! thank Boba.. THANK YOU BOBA!! lols..

*sorry no pretty pics coz the forgetful forgot to bring canon along.. *

xoxo lyn

Thursday, July 12, 2007

and you say
those words that i've wanted to hear
for so long
yet you kept them at bay

so now what am i suppose to say
that everything will be ok?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


why won't you just die in peace and let me eat you!
why even in death you still want you still want to fight with me??
god damn it! just give up!
you're already dead i'm higher than you in the food chain!
makes the world of sense that you just let me eat you without so much hassle!


haha.. crabs.. whenever i eat them i feel like i'm fighting with my food
but they taste soo good!! especially this restaurant in Sri Aman called Wong Po..

*drool* over their butter cheese crabs.. Mims says i'm such a pig.. i finished one whole crab by myself!!
she doesn't understand my love for their butter cheese crabs they make me

i forgot i also like to add:
the movie transformers rocks my socks off!!
i want to watch it again and again.. i think i should just buy the dvd then..
i heart bumblebee!!

xoxo lyn

Monday, July 09, 2007


despite gingy's accusations i didn't elope on 7-7-7
sorry no cuties in kl.. sigh* sad ain't it?
instead i went to laundry on that night with my BestieLor & BeeBabes

not many pics but sweet senorita cocktails thru the night

and on sunday with BFFngJJ to help him get a cake and present for his mum's birthday..
i suggested a manipedi spa treatment to which he happily agreed.. so no need much thinking, pondering and searching.. only prob the silly boy forgot to put money in his wallet.. haha..
luckily i could help.. sometimes i wonder what he would do without me...

and i think my family thinks i'm a bit on the alcoholic side now.. Mims opened a bottle of brown brother's reisling last night and i polished about half the bottle..
in my defense i just like my alcohol doesn't = to being alcoholic!

o and Kryst i picked up a 1/2 dozen donuts from Big Apple and i have to agree that they're pretty good!! haha.. i'm gonna get fat soon.. see people you say the piggy looks like a fake pig-dog.. he's going to be looking like lil' tina pretty soon!!

xoxo lyn

Sunday, July 08, 2007


hi there everyone! gingy here guestblogging on lyn's behalf.

that girl's off somewhere out and about and since yesterday was 7-7-7, supposedly the most auspicious day in a decade, the crazy girl thought that she'd cash in on that luck and elope with the first cute guy that she sees. but before she left she made me promise to fill in for her so that

1) kryst has something to read the monday morning she goes to work so that she doesn't get too bored

2) she wants me to keep reminding tina of how much she misses her and hope that she's having an awesome time in mel with her parents

3) and so that lor is slightly bemused by me

by the way 7-7-7 was quiet fun for me coz my cousins from japan decided to drop by for a visit.. see this is a group pic of them. from left to right the pocky brothers : green tea, mango, tiramisu and raspberry with fran and kit kat

i must say it's really exciting meeting them for the very first time and it's been hard so far trying to communicate since i don't speak jap but then things seem to be great so far, and they're really excited to meet the muffin man. and we'll be having tea with pinnochio and the pigs tomorrow. o and i must say they have fine taste for they were all ooh-ing and aah-ing at my gumdrop buttons.. they seem to be having a great time so far so everything seems great! well i must get back to them now so hope to hear from you all soon!!


love gingy

Friday, July 06, 2007

ok not feeling so lucky now.. why??


darn.. so much sentimental value in that one...

feeling a lil sad about it now. i really don't have very much luck in swarovski jewellery do i??
it's the third piece i own and all it's predecessors have something wrong with them..

phone chain : K.O by the jewellerer when i sent a crystal to be replaced
earing : missing one side

and now this.. sigh..

who's the lucky girl today?? ME!! ME!!!!

haha today Mims was being super nice.. she took me out to Cilantro @ MiCasa apartments today for lunch..
a 4 course meal today with wine for lunch!! can you imagine squid pasta, foie gras croquets with red wine sauce and lamb with truffles.. and to top it off chocolate eclairs and caramel ice cream for dessert??

drools* i was so freaking happy after the lunch.. (^__________^)
very full but so freaking contented!! words can't describe it...
haha even mims was looking like this (^____________^) after lunch
but it could be due to the alcohol effect as she was telling me she was feeling happy giddy...
i highly recomend that place now!! the food is soo good!!
haha sorry no pics coz i forgot to bring my camera..

to top it off we had to go to klcc to get some stuff done. walked into piaget to get something done then i saw a ring.. oo pretty!! mum said she'll consider getting it for me..
*pray pray hard* pray damn hard* wish upon a star!!*

i heart MrYap so much at the mo..

xoxo lyn

Thursday, July 05, 2007


* this is for kryst to cure her boredom*

haha just for laughs..
please no comments on how skinny my pig really is..

he wants to be skinny so no one would wanna make bacon outta him.. =)

xoxo lyn

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


yes i do think gucci's ad is sexy. but imagine if the guy were a girl instead.
whoa major yummy!!
*robbed his pic from jono.. thanks hun!*

but i honestly think agent provocatuer is even hotter..
haha bring on the bondage.. =p kinky!

i'm thinking should i get this corset.. the set looks so yummy!!

thing is who is where am i going to wear it to? and who's going to tie me up in it??

o and i just find this pic hot.. ok super weird that i sound like i'm into being tied up and bondage..

ok mind is getting weird and freaky from being on hols.. ignore this post if it offends you then..

xoxo lyn


assam laksa (/)

~ buah (/)
~ mamak (/)

tau foo fah (/)

claypot loh she fan ( )

curry laksa (/)

har mee ( )

char kuay teow ( )

mua chee ( )

chendol (/)

ais kacang ( )

cuppacakes (/)

mamak mee ( )

roti chanai (/)

nasi lemak ( )

bakerzin cakes (/)

xiao long bao (/)

hokkien mee (/)

GOD DAMN IT! my list is still half empty and i have only 3 more weeks to eat all that i wanna eat! i know.. i'm such a pig!! and i told Mims today i think i've put on weight and i feel fat.. ("_)

she said i was being ridiculous and fulla nonsense..

ok who's up for all the food above? bring the pig out to eat please?? hahaha...

xoxo lyn

Disney couture~

item no1: bambi & mushroom necklace

looks damn nice till i saw this..

item no2: tinkerbell earings

so which one should i get?? dilemma...

anyway i finally got a book i've been wanting for sometime ~ haruki murakami : a wild sheep chase.. i wonder if i'll like it as much as i like dance, dance, dance
o and i put in a pre-order for harry potter i hope i am able to finish it coz i can only get it on the 21st but i'm leaving on the 23rd!

o and MissT just for you.. pics of the new do.. not very different from the old one just that i have a fringe now!

and i nearly forgot to thank BFFngJJ for this:

butterfly dior necklace that the sweetie gave me as a belated birthday present..

muaks so much for it babes!!

xoxo lyn

Monday, July 02, 2007

PICTURES! finally..

BestieJes's visit to melbourne & KL..

in P1
in my room..
luna bar

lemme introduce the DrebarAndrea.. lols

ok seriously don't ask me why i was in P1 and Cherry 2 nights before my exam. i know it was a bad thing to do but i went home at 3 and at least studied till 5am! thanks glen for the frees!! you the best!

haha.. crazy things i do, but i suppose we're only young once.. see lo po i lub you so much can sacrifice for you wei!!

sadly tho these days i feel old. O GOD i'm not even 21 yet and those words are already coming outta my mouth! someone slap me senseless... (o wait.. SuperMarioCK is just wanting to do that already..)

anyway just a few random updates:

current fetish : blood red & midnight black nails

current obsession : kinky black lingerie

current tunes : timbaland - the way i are / damien rice - 9 crimes / augustana - boston
(can't decide which one i like more)

current love : new red heels and old black stilletoes

current look : sporting new hair do

ok ta for now peeps!
life seems kinda tiresome

the days are too hot
the heart is too emotional
the head is too full