Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wish you were here...

it's just one of those days, when things are just going slow

when you feel like you're in a daze. and thoughts just keep running in your head and won't stop.

and there's music in the background that makes you slightly nostalgic.

those are the days when i..

i just need the weekend to come sooner..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recap >Aus Day Long weekend

i love weekends, even more so when they're long weekends. and this year, CNY happens to fall on Australia Day. thus i have a couple of days off.

and even though i'm not with family, at least i'm with the ones i love.

friday night:
at eve

sat night:

PHREAC cny boat cruise:

and i dragged along 2 other lovely ladies onboard to welcome the new year in style:

panda style.

doing the titanic..

psychedelic love..

i hugs the both of you..

on sunday:
dinner with the pharmacy folks..
most who have other halves.
and some who had to deal with my eating habits..
in my defense, i was hungry.. humph*
but for some reason this really felt like one of those reunion dinners you have with your extended family because of so many different families coming together to have dinner. maybe it's also because i've not had dinner with my extended family for years now. i can hardly even remember the last time i saw them..

and on monday..

5 flip flops waddled out to sea.. to see if they could break the world record..

*the 5th one was too busy taking the picture*

*more pics up on facebook*

sun, sand and love

that night we went for dinner.

a: i want yee sang

so the good luck wishes started to flow out:
"more money"
"more sex"
"better friendships"
"more good luck"
"better health"
"more good sex"
the last one coming from the guy who humped the floatie to deflate it..


~i also learnt that when absolutely starving don't have dinner with 4 other guys who eat a lot more and a lot faster than you. you will still be hungry after that..

this day could not be more perfect that it already is..

maybe only if we didn't all get burnt like toast and end up looking like lobsters till today..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why can't i have this??

i currently feel like a hormonal teen with my body out of whack and high on lust.

great.. just fuck-flying-fantastic..

and this is the object of my lust-filled fantasies.. OMG so hot can melt...
i'm currently a pool of melted butter sitting at my desktop at work. I'm putty at the sight of this guy..

why did God/Buddha/Jesus/Allah/almighty power (*take your pick*) make something so hot that i can't have?? WHHHYYYY????

life is so freaking unfair.

i finally have an answer to that "What do you look for in a BOYFRIEND?" question.

answer: i want Daniel Henney the way he was in the movie Seducing Mr Perfect!!

screw the whole i am looking for a guy who is sweet on the inside bla bla bla nonsense i've been spewing all these years. i want a hot boy. and believe me, i know how shallow that sounds at the moment.

if i promise to be good for an entire year will Santa please, pretty please *with a cherry on top* give me one Daniel Henney for Christmas this coming year?

a girl can dream right?


i might just end up watching Wolverine Origins a few hundred times just coz of this guy.. hurry up and release the movie already!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello there o9..

i hope everyone has had a fabulous new year.
i'm currently in the sunnier side up north back at home with the family. this coupled with the fact that i've been ronda-rondaing KL non-stop since i got back i haven't had time to update this blog.

and ever since i landed all i've been doing is eat. eat. eat.
* damn i've gained some weight. *
urghh... gym anyone?

i haven't made many resolutions this year, but as usual there are a few that are at the top of the list:
*in no particular order here*

~ to graduate
(it's been taking some time isn't it?)

~ get healthier
(not so fun stomach ulcer has been a huge wake up call)

~ stress and anger management

~ get a job to make more moo
(moo is a very important factor for shopping and self maintanence.. sigh)

~ to get rid of all the rubbish cycles in my life that has caused the stress and buckets after buckets of tears this year

~ to build up project-SLY

~ to spend more time with the family

~to love myself more

yes i'm hoping to stick to all of that this year. like i said earlier i'm not going to sacrifice more of myself. i shall have the damn cake and eat all of it!!
* ok that cake i'm talking about is going to be about the size of a cupcake.. preferably one of little cupcakes belgium choc with cream chesse icing.. mmmhmmm.. *

KL pics*

mummy dearest

left -> right = eldest -> youngest

the compulsory visit to lunatrying to balance spoons on our noses.. me = complete fail due to flat nose and non-existant bridge
my chicas..

i'll be back in melbourne in the next few days..
*urghh* back to the routine of working and slaving away for moo and a degree..
i'm so going to miss this