Monday, September 22, 2008


i've kept such a low-profile for the last several months that it's amazing that there are still rumors circulating about me. i will be the first to admit that over the past few years i've done things i'm not proud of and i've been called different things. but this one tops the cake.

because i choose to be a better person and achieve more in life i don't owe anyone any apologies. this accusation is so ridiculous that those who know me will never believe it. and those who know the truth can't help but laugh at it.
if you have a shitty life don't go around spreading rumors that aren't true because you are just too damn free. i can't help but laugh because it is just too damn childish.

thanks des + shaun for being a shoulder of comfort. to a for telling me the truth. and to ku for the hugs. not forgetting to s for all the extra bits of alcohol coz honestly that's the only way he knows how to make me smile..
thanks to everyone for your words of comfort + support. just to let you all know i'm ok and don't worry about me.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missing Home

did i ever tell you how much orchids remind me of home?

i think i'm just feeling a little bit nostalgic, because i bought these:

Hello Gorgeous..

i finally got my purchases from asos:

i love this brown jacket
it looks slightly formal and i can wear to to work
and it's not a long heavy trench-coat so i can wear it in summer too!!

also, i decided to cook this on monday night:

pan fried tuna
brocollini, asparagus, mushroom,bean salad
creamy potatoes
cooked in butter, cream and cheese
absolutely fattening i know but it also tastes so good!!


if i tried to cook these for my sister i think she would try to kill me in my sleep. lil' fella doesn't take any dairy products..
i'd be happy to share the recipe if anyone wants to try it.

xoxo lyn

My Weekend Sunshine

it's on days like these that i thank the upper echelons i have you guys to count on..

i couldn't help but feel down n out last saturday. so R+A took me out to:for some Little Creatures

happy colours ~
*this is R's fav t-shit by the way..
and in his words :
"HK Disneyland robbed me in bright day-light and all i got at the end of the day is this t-shirt"and while laying on the grass and watching ferris wheels spin round n round..

we had ice cream, and watched our shadows grow long..
and even tried to look for the elusive 4 leaf clover..
*without any success tho

and at the end of the day..
thank you for bringing me to all your can eat steamboat

thank you for surrounding me with all your positive energy + love+ support
it's exactly the pick me up i need.
you guys are the best

xoxo lyn

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting Healthy!

i spent the whole of last sunday with my head stuck in the orifices of caroma. what a spectacularly charming way to say i got acquainted with my toilet bowl and emptied my guts out. i had to do a double take and make sure that my insides weren't flushed down.

being sick means i've lost about 4kgs. and look like a walking stick figure. i suppose for those who are attempting to lose weight, they'll be starring daggers at me thinking :
bitch what the f** are you complaining about?

but for me i'm getting my arse round to getting healthy.

the first round was this superbly healthy dinner i cooked last night:
Fettucine with homemade tomato sauce + pan fried scallops
and rocket salad + garlic prawns + avocado crab


and today for lunch i didn't grab mcDs

i got g'rlled
after all it was their motto that sold me :

also, even though i've been this sick i think that i've been a damn champion coz i still got 2 of my essays done in time and handed in. so i've cleared my way for a good round of doing what-ever-it-is i feel like this weekend.

i'm promising myself not to shop anymore because the past couple of weeks this is what i've bought:
(MissVanity this is specially up for you since you asked!)

a new set of Dior..
I only wanted to get my moisturizer and i ended up with this!! but the eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous!!

can everyone see my new toy??
canonIXUS in pink!! i love it!!
that's what's contributing to all the new pictures!!

also the black top i'm wearing on the inside and this:

mauve sweater

are both from American Apparel
i love their clothes! they're so comfy and easy to match with anything! but their shipping is dreadful! i still haven't gotten my pants yet! and it's been 3 weeks already!!

also for study music:
KatyPerry. The album is quiet good with it's catchy tunes. if you love "I Kissed a Girl" i really recommend this album!

there are more clothes to come from asos. but they still haven't arrived yet.. i can't wait!!
don't you just love getting parcels in the mail??
so more pics later on!


ps: to G~ Hey i just read your comment!! sorry! yes i know i'm terrible at such things
i got them from this place called EbonyM on Toorak Rd South Yarra.
Helpful tip: there's this online website that does sell them too! and they usually have good sale prices if you know your size already *click*
hope that's helpful for you!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Knit much?

i think that when i'm sick a weird side of me emerges

this is just one of them..

i knitted..the results of my sick time..
a skinny white scarf. because it's getting warmer and it doesn't make sense to wear a thick-heavy-chunky one out anymore..

i was so immersed in the mood that i knitted not one but 2 scarves.
the other one for this fella..
in black..

OMG!! what aunty attitude.. i know

ok back to work now..


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Getting time off

I've been sick for a week... thus the lack of updates

it's so depressing when you're sick. can't go breathe properly, can't go out, can't do anything that you wanna do..
this is the main reason i didn't attend Merdeka night at CQ.
yea aunty was sick at home not partying ok!!

so you find all the pick me ups you can:

fresh strawberries + earl grey in my shinji katoh mug!!

that mug is damn cute ok!! i'll take a better picture of it next time!!

and for company..

my son + watching gossip girl.

yes, i finally found time to watch gossip girl!!
haha the only benefits from being sick is that i get to watch all the tv i want!

still in recovery but already back at work now tho.. sigh