Thursday, March 29, 2007


so everyone please come support one last time!

i know that it's a sad thing but you still had fantastic drunk memories from the place right??
so come support the last night! (that's tomoro night: 30th march)

guestlist : lyn
free champagne and beer until 12

i feel so sad*

heart* lyn

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Have you ever felt,
That you were running a race

A race that you try very hard to win,
That you WANT to win very much

But there is someone there,
Who is always going to be better than you

And that person makes you feel
Like you're never going to be good enough

So in the end you'll never win
You'll only ever end up second

then what would you do after that?

haha today i managed to make some really yummy bah-kut-teh.
how yummy was it one may ask? it had about 3 kilos of meat in it and now it's all gone thanks to hung, py, peter, mike, kim, darren and leon.

proof that i am originally from klang. no denying it. i make awesome bkt!
haha.. other than that i'm still obssesed with the WII!!
stupid leon, called it y.. how can wii = y?? huh? huh?? leon you tell me!!

i think i have entered domesticated mode. i mean i have cleaned the whole entire house, nearly finished upholstering the sofa and cooked! wow.. never imagined myself doing any of these things before, but i have to say they give me quiet a work out. coz i've been eating A LOT and i still look ok.. i think i look ok.. as in not FAT! and if i can still fit into my bettinas i'm a happy lyn!

heart* lyn

p.s: jj glad that you like it. erm i think you better go to the original shop and ask them if it is possible to adjust the size and for god's sake please don't ruin it with perfume or shit like that. hugs*

Sunday, March 25, 2007

who wants to go fishing?

usually when you hear about break-ups what is the most common thing that you say...

~don't worry there's still plenty of fish in the sea..~

but it's not like you'll like the taste of every single type of fish out there.
tuna can never taste like salmon. don't try fooling yourself into thinking that it does.

and like fishing, i think you have to be lucky. very lucky. fishing can take for hours sometimes and you don't catch anything. then that sucks doesn't it?
and if you catch a fish you don't like throw it back in the sea. that's what i think.

someone has to come up with a better line...

btw. if you read tina's blog you'll know her bro n pfei have tried to embarass her by printing out pages from her blog and reading them out loud. they did the same to me but for some reason i think it's quiet flattering.. someone actually reads my blog. haha.. sigh* they're saying that i have a thick face...

heart* lyn
just another night at beach..

pictures, pictures
coz pictures always convey what words cannot..

darren.. and his usual red shirt.. i dunno how many pics i have of darren wearing this shirt.. i think we need to contribute to his wardrobe and get him another polo..
the girls.. and an extra..
mark has cool tats.. =p
alfie + me
i have no idea how this happened.. but sharon said something along the lines of pls dun take a pic of me drunk.. explains the hand.. but not the so-chai andy at the back... i think he was drunk

faizal burnt his jeans with his cigg.. i dunno how the boy manages to do funny things like that
darren trying to impress on the dance floor..
sean.. was actually pretty drunk...
my partner in crime.. thank god she came high and liquoured up.. haha
this is iggy's new pose.. dun ask me why.. it's not like he's going to throw up..

vicky + tina+ me

before leaving.. another pic..

o and thanks so much to iggy and sharon for taking care of me.. although i wasn't drunk i just wasn't feeling very well at beach. so hugs* to the both of you.. =)

anyway on thursday i had a kinda dinner party and a few ppl turned up (cK, tina, vince, chris and pfei) and they said the food was pretty right now i'm thinking of having a house-warming, so anyone reading this pls tell me what you think and whether it's a good idea and would you all come to my place and eat food i cook?i think i cook alright, as in it tastes pretty good to me.. but you can be the judge of that..

and if anyone wants to visit, my housemate hung just bought a nintendo wii.. it's actually pretty addictive, so if you wanna try it out you're more than welcome, with prior notice that is..

heart* lyn

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


that life was a box of chocolates

could it really be that simple?

i really wish..

can't you see that i am not angry at you for something that you did..

it's what you didn't do.. what you didn't say... that's what hurts the most..

maybe it's just coz i have expectations...

why couldn't it all be as easy as lying on a beach somewhere.. just relaxing...

*i wish*...

Monday, March 19, 2007

just shoot me..

i woke up grumpy.. i hate days like these
it's too god dam sunny
the birds are too chiruppy
the whole world is too high on E
everything is just too bright, filled with rainbows.. bla bla..

in fact although the work load is pilling up
i just really want, need... retail theraphy..
mummy if you're reading this now, i've been good..
pls pls pls gimme more $$ for retail theraphy so i won't be such a bish to others..
so that ppl won't hate me...
err.. so i look good when i go to tutes and lectures??
sigh* that's a bit far out.. i know...

god damn it.. i really just hate days like these.. urgh...

just shoot me...

Sunday, March 18, 2007


it's been 6 months of ups downs, highs and lows
drama fuelled moments (mostly my drama) and flying tempers (sorta like house of flying daggers) and cuddling moments
it's in a short, a roller-coaster
a very emotional fuelled roller-coaster
happy 6 months baby.. somehow we made it
thank you for the present..
i absolutely heart* it =)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


i bet everyone's now thinking that whoa.. lyn's being really good and studying really hard..
well, actually this is how croft institute looks like

it's a bar designed to look like a laboratory..

i admit it has a pretty cool atmosphere, although it is located in one of the dodgiest alleys i have ever walked into.. my partners in crime all thought i was going to sell their asses before they saw the bar.. damn i feel like they have no trust in me!
o well then let me introduce you to my partners in crime..

the most interesting thing is that the toilets are named department of female/male hygiene

and there are surgical beds in the bathrooms! but no pictures tho.. which pervert takes pictures of those?? huh? huh? ewwww to you!!

anyway the only dissapointing bit about this place is

a) you have to pay a $8 entry coz it's a friday and

b) the drinks are not served in test tubes and beakers as i was led to believe

but the drinks were still pretty nice tho..

anyway.. it was an ok night.. but i'm still wondering what would have happened if i went to beach... hmm.. being good i think.. but for how long??

heart =) lyn

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i wanted to post this up yesterday but for some reason my wireless connection wasn't working properly.. =(

so today i get to post up all the pictures from last night's dinner at ying thai.. and a chill-out with alky sess @ yatch bar (but no pics from yatch bar tho..)

haha i got the cake for him and he looks happy with it.. everyone was saying that is was a good choice coz it was seriously good cake.. =)

now everyone take a good look at the old man

another group picture..
i just needed to put this up.. if you look carefull, faizal is actually wearing my stars earing.. and yea he's keeping it now.. hahaha!!

so now i have to get a new pair of stars earings to go with my hearts necklaces.. **sigh**

these days i feel like i'm so busy with uni! although my assignments are only due in a months time i'm already stressed!!

the people in my tutes make me so super stressed it's not funny!! stuck in absolute geek-dom at the moment

ok i'm off to study now.. i'm being totally serious.. tata!!

heart =) lyn

Monday, March 12, 2007


dragged the bf to the last day of moomba to see the fireworks and maybe for the first time try to get lucky and win a stupid stuffed toy..
no luck with the toy (unlike tina) having 0% skill with such carnival games (i swear they're rigged)
but got to see one of the most awesome firework shows ever!
(the best being the new year's eve one in disneyland - it had tinkerbell in it!!)

so although it was a freezing night i can't complain.. had a front row seat to watch pretty fireworks... N-I-C-E!
only thing was although i did bring the trusty ixus.. i freaking forgot to load the sd card into it
therefore no pictures

i know.. stupid me.. >_<

heart =) lyn

ps: tina, thank god you weren't there to see me fountain.. it was embarrasing enough
and about the ribena-vodka day you pick a day k? and i'll be there!

ok ok i just read tina's blog and she's demanding for the pictures from last week's club session @ beach

so here they are..

ck bastardized my picture.. major basket-ness

me and wyn's effort in trying to look gangsta.. not really working is it??
is anyone even afraid of that look?? sigh** don't think so...
ok.. well not a lot i know.. wasn't really bothered with cam-whoring tho.. wonder why..
and to anyone who has been wondering i still have a g-list @ beach so pls pls pls help loads go under it!!
anyway it's been a good week..
went to boulevard last night and well turned my stomach inside out thanks to a certain tai lo who loves buying champagne, and as well as making me feel so much better about some things..
you just gotta love iggy.. his lovableness is to the extreme
but no pics tho coz i didn't bring trusty canon
don't really wanna show pics of me making fountains you know..
and thanks to paul for draging my ass home.. even though his ass was also not-that-sober
and friday night was good with tina, vince, pfei and elaine @ lin control
good company good wine.. what more can one ask for
and i also finally met mic mic!! after like 6 months or so of not seeing her..
see.. it's been an awesome week
with me being good and attending all my classes too!! haha
hearts =) lyn

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


getting up early in the morning to attend early morning lectures
(i still consider 10am lectures too early, but 11 am ones alright)

i hate waiting in ques for more than 10 minutes

i hate people staring at me when i walk in late for my tutorials. as if i am some kinda alien that walked into their class

i hate not having any chocolate around me
(there are so many easter eggs in my room now, but i still want more!!)

i hate not being able to get onto the internet

i hate shifting
(but i think my new place looks quite nice now.. so you guys are officially welcomed to visit now..)

that's all the things that i hate for now. although some might say that hate is a strong word.. alright then.. dislike.. better?

anyway.. pyee is a really nice housemate.. she cooks for me whenever i have late tutorials and stuff. this semester although i have 2 days off i have 2 late days where i can only come back at around 6pm.. bummer..
truthfully i like cooking so much better! it's great that i don't have to deal with anymore crappy college food.
major bonus this year. can't imagine how good that feels!

i seriously wished it was a holiday already even though i have only been to 2 weeks worth of uni. somewhere on a beach lazing around sounds fantastic. i really desperately want to go to bali by the end of this year. save save save $$$..
sometimes i wish i had unlimited $$ who doesn't?? ahh all the shopping sprees!

tata for now

heart =) lyn

Thursday, March 01, 2007


you know there are boyfriends that you can take out shopping and they'll help you out and tell you what looks good on you
there are boyfriends whom introduce to your friends and they get along really well and that is fantastic
there are those who can also help choose matching shoes to go with your outfit
and even some who do a facial with you..

but i think i hit the jackpot

mine plucks my eyebrows for me!

i'm totally serious
because of him i have fantastic looking plucked eyebrows.. he amazes me...

heart =) lyn

currently listening : 30 secounds to mars > from yesterday