Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Little Chicky and The Devil

loads have been happening and i haven't blogged in ages

firstly i need to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
to my BestieJes (the Devil) and LittleMin (the Little Chicky)

i know that this is a bit late since their birthdays were last week
but in my defense i haven't really been online much
*relate missing com = lack of internet accessibility

also last friday at se7en we celebrated Halloween
and i tried dressing up as dita von teese
bear went for the first time dressed as superman..
and he looked more dressed up than me!!! ish..
pics are on facebook.. i'll post them up here later

and on saturday i celebrated and early 21st birthday..
yes.. yes.. it's still 2 weeks away but the thing is i'm going to hole myself up till exams are done
so no distractions please!

thanks to everyone who showed up for dinner at Shoya and drinks at golden monkey afterwards
and also thank you for the pressies!!
especially the beariness for the passion fruit birthday cake

much love to you all!!

ps: pictures soon.. most likely only after exams

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Do I Want??

i keep getting asked this question everytime i get older

what do i want??

honestly, there are so many damned things that i want..
but firstly, i need to replace all the stolen items (laptop, camera, wallet, my very nice LV bag)
therefore i need to save my already bankrupt-ass from getting bankrupter!

yes i could get a part time job but there is one thing in my way
back-to-back assignments every single week
and all that i have at the moment, if it's not used up to paying my rent, feeding me (food or alcohol wise) is going into starting my own business, which i have to admit is close to a complete stand still at the moment what with the lack of funds

there is a good long list of what i would like:

this includes a new digital camera to record all my god damn memories..
coz as i get older, i'm getting more forgetful so let me have a few pictures to remember those good times

i would also like (and this is in no particular order)
new ksubis
white koi ed hardy cap
and new shoes.. my so called new ones, which i bought 2 months ago have been over-used and over-worn

so tell you guys what, don't give me anything except a big huge money filled hong-bao
saves you all that hassle of having to think of what to get me
that way some of that money that you are kindly donating (i'm not being sacarstic ok!) is going back into your stomachs in some form of alcohol as a show of appreciation

i feel as if i'm begging here.. well i suppose technically i am..
HUGE LONG *sigh* the sorrows of poverty

and in case anyone is wondering,
no, i can't keep mooching of my boyfriend
the poor guy although he seems to put up with it, ain't exactly happy

he's definitely got no sugar daddy potential..

Friday, October 12, 2007

It Was The Chilli's Fault

chilliGeorge : hey your birthday right on the -- at xx
me: yea.. why you going to buy me present??
chilliGeorge: yea!! i heard you got boy already so i'll buy you a broom ok??
me: why a broom??
cG: so that you can use to do housework!! hahaha.. o i'll buy you detergent with that too!! so when you do laundry do mine with yours can??
me: =.=" hey don't so cheap can??
cG: but i don't want to spend more than AUD 0.50 on your present!!
ok ok i buy you bread from breadtop
me: but 50 cents cannot buy me anything from breadtop!!
cG: ok you wait till i take a few bites out of it then i pass it to you ok?
me: errr.... no comment...

by the way those who are invited to my bithday are getting the invites soon..
and if you're not invited.. you're just not..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Pimping (dot.. dot... dot.. )

it's not what you think it is
this bout of stress has lead to the one thing i hate.. pimples..
they've evaded my forehead and decided to stay and multiply at the same time

they're ugly and hurt as if a microscopic idiot has dug little holes on my head
i am turning 21 but my face still acts as if it was just turning into an adolescent

screw uni for the unnessecary stress that caused this traumatic breakout
at least i finally finished that essay on oscar wilde
my adoration for this man that changed society's outlook on culture has turned to mild dislike

worse thing is i have to help with the preparations for LittleBoyDian's birthday and also my own.. which is in fact not that far away..
i'm just too damned tired at the moment.. and i still have more assignments to do.. grr..

plus the little bugger who always calls me jie but is in fact older than me said this today

LittleBoiDian : you're my jie coz you look older than me and have more experience in life..


Friday, October 05, 2007

Press Play

and if anyone hasn't listened to timbaland's new collaboration with one republic : here it is

timbaland feat one republic

it's a crazy awesome song!


and frivolity is a state of mind where need for urgency does not exist

i wish i had that
sorry for lack of updates
i am utterly exhausted most days now

but tonight the bear took me on an ice cream run to cheer my spirits up
callipso = $1.90
my happiness.. priceless


This is for you BFFngJJ
i know you'll absolutely love it..

make sure you watch it! it's in celebration for our friendship

Thursday, October 04, 2007


no ring ring from the koo-koo-ka-chew
that would mean no 5 points kick-ass tonight

it would have been a good escape tho from work
i am so completely OCD & ADD mixed together
read 5 lines get up do something.. surf the net..
*urgh* distractions!!

i don't wanna read anymore about the trials of Oscar Wilde..
it's a bit too disturbing after a while
homosexuality, bisexuality, straight
after a while i'm starting to question what i really am!

at least the series have started..
anyone watch Grey's yet??
i absolutely love love love!!

ok yes.. i admit i am procrastinating..
when the smelly-yucky finally realizes he would most likely give me the evil stare..

might as well continue studying i suppose..
that way i won't feel so bad later..


ps: watch out for an upcoming surprise in about 2-3 weeks time..
if i don't procrastinate on that project that is..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007