Friday, August 24, 2007


recently some people have been telling me that the government has been thinking of getting malaysian bloggers to register their blogs so that they will be constantly monitored. this is to ensure that they do not disgrace the malaysian image.

honestly, is the malaysian government runned by a bunch of jokers?
they cannot take criticism thrown at them as constructive criticism to help them improvise on the ways that they are currently running the country.

just look at that JB guy who posted that spin off on our national anthem up on youtube.
(search NEGARAKU on youtube to actually listen to it)
you think that he will actually sing something like that just to disgrace the country when it is completely untrue. sad to say most things that he is actually rapping about is completely and utterly true. and now the government is trying to sue him for defaming the national antheme.

makes one rethink their sense of patriotism actually..

the only thing that the government can be seen doing is trying to silence the voice that is stating the obvious to their faces. all the ministers seem to have their faces in the ground delusional to what is actually happening in the real world and sticking their bums in the air instead of taking action to improve matters.

i'm only writing this as a matter of opinion..
and i don't want to walk down the street and get laughed at just for being malaysian..
so don't sue me..

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