Saturday, April 28, 2007

BLACK & WHITE @ i.n.c.

the night started out so-s0.. couldn't sell as many tickets as i would have liked since no one really wanted to go to this event..

last minute TessaBabe needed a bottle-girl..
so ended up working for 2 hours which a few people found funny
weird thing is so many guys tried picking me up and buying me drinks
so i have to say for those who are single and available this could be a potential job to meet guys

anyway pictures:

that is AlkyIcky's finger and DavidBoss's peace sign..
they love ruining pictures as you can see..

joy.. one of the bottle girls i was working with..
bottle girls for the night
can consider them my sifu in the bottle-girl job.. lolz..
joy n chloe
rick.. thanks for buying me drinks even though i wanted to pay you kept arguing with me!!
stop it!! let me pay!!!

although it might seem like i am partying WAA-AAY too much for my own good
1) it's my job
2) i do study when i'm not working during the day time..
so there!!
off to supper now.. ta!
just came back from a 3 hour supper with TessaBabe
spending time with her talking is not only pretty relaxing it also makes me think
about what i really want and to just stop running from my problems and try to solve them

so this is my conclusion to things:

to my bear.
stop saying that you want to be with me if you're not going to be there to catch me at the end of the day
stop saying that you love me if you're not going to give me all your love
i don't want to be the second choice that you have and that you just fall back on for convenience's sake
you can't erase the hurt that you've caused so i just need time to heal. and i honestly haven't forgiven you
and when i think about it i still feel hurt
so please stop with all the promises if you can't fulfil any of them.
don't raise my hopes up just so you can crush them
just please know that i've been hurt enough before you go any further.

heart* lyn

Thursday, April 26, 2007


since the first time was so good, we just needed to do it again.. =p
HimboChris AlkyIckyIggy
Shelly + Jo ( the old crew that dissapeared for a while is coming back eh??)
AlkyIcky with SlutMonkeyIanok sharing some love.. lolz

PimpingRick Jo give my godson some hugs!!
prettyShelly* sorry boys.. she's taken
ermm.. SlutMonkey giving me a wanna fight look??
i think the 3 means that Alky just had 3 shots
Chris who's tongue longer?? i know jo's is cooler just coz she has 2 piercings..
what's so funny?? i can't remember...

see.. haven't seen him in a long time.. still as skinny as ever..

this one also came out of dunno where.. DanielHC
Yeffy.. thanks so much for helping sell tickets!!
the girls..

there jo hope you're happy now that all the pics are up!!

haven't seen all these ppl in a long time!! i think they just decided to resurface.. lolz..

was meant to go to long room to see MissT, SooKit, DazedDarren and SeanDaMan!
but somehow that one tak jadi.. dunno what happened to that plan

OH!! and i got to see someone pissed drunk of his rocker for the very first time!!
that was like an amazing sight to behold coz all the while i've never thought it was humanly possible.. lolz.. you know who you are!!
heart* lyn

Monday, April 23, 2007

i thought that today was going to be a bLeH! kind of day
well i haven't been having too many good days lately. there seems to be a lot more bad ones than good ones.

i had an 11 am class, which i still think is still a bit early. and although class was most definitely BOH-RING! at least RenaK was there! and THANK GOD!
she reminded me that i have to hand in an assignment this friday that i totally forgot..
geezuz i make a bad uni student..
THANK GOD FOR THE EXISTANCE OF RenaK and the fact that she is in MY CLASS!!

anyway for tomorrow night's event i got screwed..
basket-ness this is the second you've done it you know!!
if you're going to continuously do this it's going to be hard being your friend you know..
but never mind.. i STILL HAVE FRIENDS!!
i still managed to sell tickets today.. WOOT!!
thanks to slut-monkeyIan and Jo.
they helped me sell a few..

also thanks to slut-monkeyIan for accompanying me for a late lunch and coffee-sess that made things so much better today..

and to top things off i get to talk to CrystalKryst without having to make an appointment with her.. lolz.. busy busy woman..

o also i have to say this my HousieYan she's like the great wei!! honest!
she freaking spent the whole day cooking loh-mai-kai yesterday!!
and it tasted really good!! how freaking awesome is my housemate??!!

*heart* lyn

Sunday, April 22, 2007


as most of you might (or might not) recall i have never walked out of BLVD sober. not for the past 3 or 4 times that i've been there have a walked out of the place sober.
soOoOoo.. last night was a first..
i walked out of BLVD SOBER!

YAY!! 3 CheerS of gratitude to my representative MissT!
she got drunk on my behalf. and i have to say this girl super- power lah! hangover this morning still went to church. i never thought that she was so holy until today.
and to top it all i didn't even know she was drunk till this morning.. konon someone was "acting" sober!

anyway BLVD also produced the weirdest photo sess in all the clubbing days.
could say everyone was already tipsy/drunk/gone
and my honest opinion the only one that seem drunk was SeanDaMan..
see guys.. you should pace yourselves thru 2 bottle instead of guzzle like trucks!

presenting the usual cast and crew:

partners in crime

the chicas..

i think these 2 look a bit stonned but they blame it on the flash.. OH-KAY! if you insist..

if you guys realize there are a lot of photos with StrongManSing, HimboChris and VinceES.
they took my camera to cam-whore
male cam-whores..


by the way as all you guys might have realized i've started giving ppl nicknames on my blog:

MissT = Christina wong
HimboChris = Chris wong (her bro)
StrongManSing = Sing Theng
VinceES = Vincent ( coz es is sorta like ice-cream you know ice kacang es.. so i didn't know what nick to give him!)
TessaBabe = Tessa
SooKit = the pair Sook Li & Kit Ling
SeanDaMan = Sean Liew
AlkyIckyIggy = Ignatius Yee
MRnH3 = Ng Hao Ern
CoffeeTWoo = Terrence Woo
BFFngJJ = Ng Juan Jin
CrystalKrsyt = Krystle Yap
DazedDarren = Darren
M.I.A.Leon = Leon
FreakyFaizal = Faizal

i know that there are other people i have not added to the list. and it's just due to the fact that i haven't thought off a nick for you. so please don't get all offended and chuck shit at me!!
and well, to those who do read my blog and don't like your nicks pls inform! so i don't offend you or anything of that sort.. =)


alright i just need to post this shit up coz it's just bugging me
i know there is some shit going around.
all i can say is that i'm sorry about it and well i just don't care anymore.
i've decided that if you're not a close friend of mine then i'm just not going to care

and to that certain someone.. i don't know if you're reading this but i'm sorry that you always have to protect me and stuff and i'm sorry that i've troubled you so much
that's all i can say for now. i know i've said it a million times.. but i'll still say it another million times coz you're still doing what you do..

i'm now pretty sure that the ones that i really care about (you know who you guys are) most of you are pictured up there anyway.. as long as they don't talk shit behind my back. i'm going to survive and not care about anything else..

*heart* lyn