Friday, August 10, 2007


when you expect the best
and the worst happens

when you expect for hope
to have it all come crashing down

when you expect happiness
and all you get is dissapointment

when you expect perfection
and all you get is nothing

yes true i wish for something more.. is that wrong?
and when in the end this wasn't what i wanted then i have the right to feel upset don't i?

how long will i take to accept reality and get over it?
i really don't know

either way i guess i have to thank you for all the memories..


cure? shopping
i bought 2 tops on my first good day in a long time to make myself feel better.. they were on sale.. i really couldn't help it..

it's only a temporary cure.. i got a better one.. i'm going to ed hardy tomoro..

i was bored.. so my nail colour at the moment : black
then really smart me realised i had to do hand-wash laundry and now they're looking a bit chipped.. grr...


also met up with DazedDarren, ShivMeister, NH3teapot and damien today for coffee.. i got burned by them so bad.. damn it.. at least they all had a good laugh on my behalf! no pics tho.. from coffee -> dinner @ rich maha -> hush..

first good day and i'm already up around town..
luckily MrsYap isn't here or else will kena for going out so much just after i recovered

bad news tho i still can't find that pair of boots!! that elusive pair of perfect boots.. damn it!! i think i'm just going to ed hardy then.. not bothered looking anymore..

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