Tuesday, July 28, 2009

black and white

i've always been partial to black and white when it comes to my fashion choices.
they both seem to always be the dominating colours in my wardrobe.

and i have to say this would be my ideal outfit.

now, time to put in the effort into creating it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Halycon Daze

with me constantly going on hiatus from this place, i'm wondering if anyone still reads my blog anymore..

i wouldn't be surprised if there is none really..

anyway, i'm currently loving balmain
//the ripped jeans
//army jacket

but most of all their shoes! droolss...

how hot are they!!

*deep long sigh*

sometimes i really wish i had unlimited funds, especially with the fashion tastes i tend to rack up. it's an insatiable love i just can't seem to fulfill.

so these shoes are going onto the list

along with :
//chanel 2.55 in black ( i'm happy with the normal size, not even the jumbo!)
//chanel interlock CC necklace in black
// balenciaga giant part-time in anthracite with silver hardware
// CC Skye double wrap woven bracelet
// and the boots

the top 5 on my list. there goes me dropping a good 10Gs?? geez.. which bank do i have to rob?

anyway, on a lighter note

*while listening to kasabian's fire*
i love this song at the mo

i babysat DocBoss's grand-daughter on friday night
in between being bombed by various questions that i swear 6 y.o's aren't meant to ask me about sex and constantly wondering, who in the right mind allowed me to be anywhere near kids, i felt like i was being pranked. by someone in the upper echelons. G R E A T... just great..

i swear, being emotionally black-mailed by a 6 y.o for 4 hours ain't all that fun..
must be something really wrong with me if i chose to spend my friday nights that way

other than that i've been cooking up a storm.
i really should take more pics for food porn...

2 nights ago : pistachio and garlic stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto and served with asparagus

tonight: 6 hour slow braised lamb shanks with mash

and for dessert: custard apple tarts <- tastes good but didn't look so good.. i made my custard a tad too watery and it didn't set!! crap

oh and i've also made kirsch liqueuer cherries which are being set right now. if all turns out well i'm making black forest cake sometime this week.

i'm getting domesticated aren't i??
this is what happens when i get sick and can't go out...

xoxo Lyn

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pull the trigger.. let everything fade to black...

waking up to
//gastric pains
//the beeping sounds of you

extreme tulan-ness with my body at the moment
urgh.. puki at this rate like can x__x
it's just one of those days when i've had enough of my own skin

Saturday, July 04, 2009

and the disturbed sleep in disturbia

i probably might be, could possibly be the only one that writes posts and not publish them
mostly because i don't want everyone that has ever, or will ever, read my blog to be traumatized for life by yours truly.

i am not the brightest
nor the cheeriest person alive

but i could possibly be the craziest...

and at this moment in time,
i wish i could puke all over someone
then laugh to sleep about it.

i'm just not able to keep food down at all at the moment...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


i've been waiting for ages for this movie to come out...
and finally it's here and in english too!!!

~coco avant chanel

another film that i can't wait to watch is this:

~ the september issue: