Monday, September 24, 2007


i hope that you had a fabulous 21st celebration.
will take you out sometime next week for celebrations alright?

that is after you come back from camping and WillieWonka finally comes out of his damned hole..

Willie if you're reading this don't make me dig you outta that damned hole for a celebration..
if you do i hope that damned shovel i'm using hits your head into the right position..


p.s : NH3 aka TeaPots sorry this is a bit late due to lack of access to a fringing laptop..


i just realized how my life has full and utter compliance to modern day gadgets..
i dunno how to deal cut off from the internet..
at least i still have my Nokia and DS.. and i have realized that nearly all my gadgets are in pink! hahaha.. nice..

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