Thursday, October 04, 2007


no ring ring from the koo-koo-ka-chew
that would mean no 5 points kick-ass tonight

it would have been a good escape tho from work
i am so completely OCD & ADD mixed together
read 5 lines get up do something.. surf the net..
*urgh* distractions!!

i don't wanna read anymore about the trials of Oscar Wilde..
it's a bit too disturbing after a while
homosexuality, bisexuality, straight
after a while i'm starting to question what i really am!

at least the series have started..
anyone watch Grey's yet??
i absolutely love love love!!

ok yes.. i admit i am procrastinating..
when the smelly-yucky finally realizes he would most likely give me the evil stare..

might as well continue studying i suppose..
that way i won't feel so bad later..


ps: watch out for an upcoming surprise in about 2-3 weeks time..
if i don't procrastinate on that project that is..

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