Thursday, January 25, 2007


haha.. i'm serious!! so this is the first item on the list to save toshiba
it's a mercedes cap

limited edition in silver, (instead of the normal black) and as you can see it's got kimi raikonen's signature sewn into it

and it still has the tags on it! shows that it's never been worn and still in really good condition!
(or else why would i even put it up for sale?)

anyway i'd like to start the bid at $50 first.. so to all my friends out there if you know anyone interested in this item pls spread the word... the price is still negotiable.. but pls give me a good price for it la.. k?? i really need to save toshiba!

ok hope this item sells! **cross my fingers**

and before i forget...

Dear tina...

hope this cheers you up a lil'.. coz i feel your pain with your wisdom tooth...

hugs + stars =) lyn

i wanna cry i tell you.. i got toshiba fixed but it was still running really slow.. so i sent to the toshiba-man to fix..
he said he will install a new hard drive and fan for me... and i thought the previous guys already fixed the fan.. but no.. *sob* paid $250 for nothing...
then i got toshiba back for 4 days and now spoilt again!!
i wanna *sob sob!!* so sad i tell you!!
so i am going to start selling stuff on this site to pay for a new lappie... hopefully ppl will spread the news for me... coz i know my site is not that popular.. but i need the money to buy/ fix toshiba!!
poor toshiba.. after 4 years give me so much headache!! **sobbsss**

anyway on a happier note...

a little older, a little wiser i suppose! hope you like the present i have install for you when i see you this saturday! =)

hearts + stars =) lyn

Sunday, January 14, 2007

i'm so sorry this came out late mr liew!
but since you are so bored and all alone in melbourne i hope this cheers you up! and puts a smile on your face =)

pictures from sean's birthday:
how many candles can you put on a cake before it burns?


anyway has anyone been wondering what the hell is wrong with new parents these days. i mean why are people naming their children with such weird ass names like tom cruise and katie holmes's baby : suri cruise?
what the hell if the poor kid were in malaysia ppl would be thinking hey suri rumah ah (maid in malay) her name? teased to death man that poor baby... thank god she lives in america. where they'd think it's cool and ignorant towards this little fact. plus i mean her parents are popular so she'll grow up just fine.
but seriously people if you're thinking of names for your kids why give them such weird ass names?
another example brad pitt and angelina jolie's baby... shihloh pitt
for god's sake i know they're into the whole adopt a baby from impoverished countries thing but shihloh if they haven't realized is an AMERICAN! so why not just give her a proper AMERICAN name? instead of something that sounds remotely african... true she might not get teased coz she has a super hot dad and a super hot mum that would most likely equal to her being hot and popular in school... like DUH! it's in the genes
but big wake up call : the baby is not BLACK or AFRICAN.. although i read somewhere she wasn't born in america..
so folks name your kids proper!
if not they'll get teased and beaten up in school.. have you ever thought about that?

heart + stars =) lyn

OMG! i haven't updated in like AGES!

not a single post since last year! that is sad.. but i have to say toshiba is finally back!! mah-baby is back!! woohoo..

well sorry folks i've been a bit busy (aka lazy) but as you can see new year = new changes

like the name for my blog. i dunno why it just sounded nice in my head so i just had to put it

well i haven't really been a party girl like i usually am in melbourne. clubbing in malaysia is just so expensive.. the drinks really blow a hole in your pocket. but that's not to say that i haven't been at all... here are some pics of my christmas party with jj and some of his manchestser friends at zouk

my best friend and brother.. muah muah love you jj!

plus i miss you already!! come back from manchester now!! now!! =.....(the boys : jj, alan and ceej

i have to say i absolutely love this girl although i just met her! she's fun, friendly and bubbly all wrapped into one and it's so hard to not like her. introducing junie!shuen and jj

had a really good time, but like i said ended up broke for a while

then there are some pics from going to sing-k with tina, vincent, iggy, sean, anthea, etc...

and also to my dear little brother.. jin


but it's not like i've been a busy party girl! ( i've been with my family for most of the time so i haven't really been out with friends. so to all those reading this i hope we can meet up soon!! i'll be here for another month so i'm just going to enjoy the time as much as i can..

and o before i forget, my new year's resolutions are as follows:

study more, party less, spend less, exercise more and eat healthier (well since i'm moving out to my new place that shouldn't be so hard.. i think..)

and i also promise to update my blog more often and be less lazy!

i'm not sure if this is a good thing or not but lately i think my bimbo side is slowy emerging. it could be that i am so free lately that my mind has turned to mush or i'm really really bored.

why do i say this? well...

1) i have always liked tinkerbell (the fairy not paris hilton's pooch) but lately i find that i want to collect tinkerbell merchandise but i also like collecting chip and dale stuff too!!

2) i actually don't mind singing along to the paris hilton song "nothing in this world"

3) i do think that blonde's have more fun but i will never ever not in my entire life dye my hair blonde

4) my vocab is de-graded to a bunch of duh's and eww's

5) and yes my boyfriend thinks i can be super bimbo esp when i find something that i like at the shopping mall that is pink, fluffy and uber-cute

6) i want to stick a whole load of pink swarvoski crystals on my phone, and camera, and laptop, and ipod... etc...

yes i am bored... i can't help it! and to emphasise my point this is in pink!

heart =) lyn