Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Do I Want??

i keep getting asked this question everytime i get older

what do i want??

honestly, there are so many damned things that i want..
but firstly, i need to replace all the stolen items (laptop, camera, wallet, my very nice LV bag)
therefore i need to save my already bankrupt-ass from getting bankrupter!

yes i could get a part time job but there is one thing in my way
back-to-back assignments every single week
and all that i have at the moment, if it's not used up to paying my rent, feeding me (food or alcohol wise) is going into starting my own business, which i have to admit is close to a complete stand still at the moment what with the lack of funds

there is a good long list of what i would like:

this includes a new digital camera to record all my god damn memories..
coz as i get older, i'm getting more forgetful so let me have a few pictures to remember those good times

i would also like (and this is in no particular order)
new ksubis
white koi ed hardy cap
and new shoes.. my so called new ones, which i bought 2 months ago have been over-used and over-worn

so tell you guys what, don't give me anything except a big huge money filled hong-bao
saves you all that hassle of having to think of what to get me
that way some of that money that you are kindly donating (i'm not being sacarstic ok!) is going back into your stomachs in some form of alcohol as a show of appreciation

i feel as if i'm begging here.. well i suppose technically i am..
HUGE LONG *sigh* the sorrows of poverty

and in case anyone is wondering,
no, i can't keep mooching of my boyfriend
the poor guy although he seems to put up with it, ain't exactly happy

he's definitely got no sugar daddy potential..

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