Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Love Hate Affair

as some of you may, or may not know. i love takashi murakami.
there is nothing about the guy that i really hate.
i love him so much that i spent a fair amount of my weekly pay purchasing his limited edition coffee table book

i love him so much that i was contemplating hijacking off to new york just to visit his museum..

but i'm not so sure

but then again i suppose it might not exactly be his fault. it could just be LV's
yes i do own an LV speedy
it's not that i even hate LV
i have mixed feelings about them.

they have some amazing stuff and some err.. questionable items..

but if you think the LV+ Murakami Monogramouflage was bad

take a look at this:

LV + Commes Des Garcons

now can anyone answer this question for me: which handle is supposed to be used?

*pictures from : nitrolicious *click*




Friday, July 25, 2008


it's days like these that make me so tired and frustrated. and i only end up miserable
i honestly cannot be bothered anymore. too flipped

am i supposed to apologize a thousand times before i'm forgiven?
does that mean all the good things i've done for you before this are all forgotten.

you are who you are. whatever that is, is what you decide

but what you are to me is no longer what it was.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just too damn free

i was damn free at work

and MissTina or should i call her SailorTina now? - needed some cheering up
me being a good friend and wanting to polish my photo-shopping skills did this..

yea.. i warned her didn't i!!

plus i created team-mates for her to kick ass with
i know it is not a great piece of photoshop work.. but i laughed so much and did it with a mouse my hand couldn't stop shaking!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Random bits

on a brighter note on a gloomy day..

the launching piece for projectSLY

after repeatedly trying to photograph this piece, the outcome still does not do it any justice
the pearls are not white they are cream coloured!!

but out of the entire collection this will be the only piece not for sale
sorry loves but i made it especially for JaneJane for her birthday

everything will be released as soon as i get my arse and my "photographer" outta lazy gear

and as promised..

pictures from Jacques Reymond
i only have 2 pictures outta the 10 course meal unfortunately..

the squid ink pasta with blue craband my favourite dish of the night:
the beef with crunchy keropok bits..

that's all i have to show for a $220 /head dinner
sorry to disappoint but i was too busy enjoying my meal and getting drunk..

and just coz he hasn't made an appearance in a long time:

it's because he has continuously put up with a crazy mum
and he accompanied me on my weekend "rehab"

so i think he really deserves a post for always being there for me to cuddle..


Pictures paint a thousand words..

i think it's finally time

and when i saw this pic on stickgirl *click*
pictures really do paint a thousand words
i just couldn't have said it better..

it's just that old saying..
if it's meant to be yours then it will
if not then just let go and move on

all i can say is
that it's time huh??
i'm moving on now..
i think you'll understand


as always..

Friday, July 04, 2008


yea basically putting this place up for construction again..
this, project sly and 3-Ds are all going under the knife
chop chop design juices are [flowing.....]

and about project sly yes, it's finally being released after shelving the project for nearly a year now.. crap.

when there is nothing to do then boredom starts to get to you..

JaneJane's birthday tonight..

the socialite part of me is back in town!!

kiss kiss.. the party's just begining

new word in my vocab : skadooshhh =p you know you get me..

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Lee: you know you're an ELK?
me: ELK ??? like moose? an elk??
Lee: yea.. know those cute little like fairies thingys that you like..
it means Exaggerated Like Fuck!!
me: omg.. you mean ELF is it??
Lee: oooo yeaaa!! ELF!! YEA ELF!!!!!!

my god..
either my retardedness is rubbing off or he's getting smarter!!!

A=a does not connect

i was reading this on kinkybluefairy's blog *click click*
and i can't help but laugh about it
coz it's exactly what people say about me too!!

take for example, this is what happened last friday:

ml: hey i finally found someone who dislikes you.

me: ok, who??

ml: my ex. she thinks you're a snob

me: hahahahahhaa.. ok whatever.

am i suppose to layan every single person i meet even when i have a bad day??
hello!! please note my crazy hours and lack of a lunch time = me being hungry and grumpy at the end of the day.
fine i have a tiulei/sombong/ call it whatever you want face
plus the memory of a gold fish that alcohol has already severely impaired.. yes i don't remember names. i even forgot names of people i didn't meet after 6 months!! shit sorry gavin.. i really didn't mean to!!!

so there you have it
i can remember faces.. a is someone b is someone
but names.. that's another story altogether..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Loving this moment

welcome to the nights of drunken debauchery and love baby..
it's the end of exams. end of the semester..
let's all drink to that and the nights of happiness to come

@Wah wah lounge with TheKuuuu

in case anyone is wondering.. yes he is pimping off my LV speedy
it's not his!!! IT'S MINEEEE!!!

then at Se7en-

my fav miss vanity was there.. and matthew :)

Sabby.. love you long time too!!
i think i heard that line a couple of times that night.. felt like i was getting picked up by girls at the end of it.. lols
i love this pic heaps tho!!

French martinis!!
this is not how you're supposed to pose with your drinks

Let missTina show you how:

see the poise! see the grace..
Damn something i don't possess :p

this is my fav bartender in all of se7en!!
at the end of the night.. this is what he said:
you know you are creating a trend!! everyone has been ordering what you are ordering!!
and in case anyone is wondering what that would be, they are whipped pussy shots and french martinis.. nicee..
and i tipped him so much that at the end of the night not only did he refuse to take anymore tips, he even bought me and MissT drinks instead..

awww.. such a schweetie..

look him up at the mambo room in 7!!
this pic i have no idea what is happening..
Rachell looks like she's in love with my boobs..
can someone explain this picture to me!!!???

i love the love..
no more exams
and more love


ps: i don't have pics from jacques reymond yet.. will post them up when i get my hands on them!!